years prior   (数年前)

Cloud for two years prior to entering business.

He was in ill health for two years prior to his death.

They were second three consecutive years prior to 2013.

just prior   (直前)

The site began just prior to the 2004 baseball season.

He signed with the Buffalo Bills just prior to the 2014 season.

They were scheduled to play just prior to Devo's headlining set.

days prior   (日前)

Dunn had turned 34 nine days prior.

Women's estrogen levels often dip in the days prior to menstruation.

Zinck had been reported missing to police by an unknown party two days prior.

months prior   (数ヶ月前)

He was ill for four months prior to his death.

It is revealed that his wife, Sarah, died seven months prior.

He had previously collapsed during a game a few months prior.

year prior   (一年前)

He had suffered from hydrocephalus in the year prior to his death.

This marked the height of his career, just a year prior to his death.

The borough had the station demolished a year prior on August 6, 1965.

weeks prior   (数週間前)

The tour began four weeks prior to the release of "So Far, So Good...

In the weeks prior to Brazil, Honda also announced their 2013 driver lineup.

A few weeks prior to his death, he had taken 3 months leave from parliament.

week prior   (一週間前)

Lauren Barlow lost her voice the week prior to recording.

A week prior, Dr. Theoharis was arrested in Lansing, Michigan.

The single "You Matter" was released a week prior on their website.

no prior   (事前なし)

However, she had no prior history of mental illness.

no prior history of surgery).

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he had no prior knowledge of Butina.

immediately prior   (直前)

The catastrophic quake itself is covered immediately prior to the last chapter of the novel.

The Mica Bay Incident occurred immediately prior to the signing of the Robinson-Huron Treaty.

The helicopter was described to be autorotating at low altitudes immediately prior to its crash.

prior knowledge   (事前知識)

For one thing, humans often have little prior knowledge to work with.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he had no prior knowledge of Butina.

It allows the teacher to find out the students prior knowledge on a particular topic.

prior year   (前年)

This was a repeat of the prior year's final.

Canada repeated its fifth-place finish of the prior year.

Like the prior year, LSU went 0–2 in the CWS and was eliminated.

without prior   (事前なし)

South Korean law bars contacts with Communists without prior approval.

The album was made available for pre-order on May 14, 2018 without prior announcement.

Trains may be delayed or cancelled without prior warning due to bad weather or Mountain Rescue advice.

prior to joining   (参加する前)

Spoon was undefeated prior to joining Bellator.

She was known as a cosplayer prior to joining BNK48 in 2017.

He served in the British Army as a soldier prior to joining The Exploited.

day prior   (前日)

A music video was released a day prior before the official release.

A brown bear can eat of food and gain of fat a day prior to entering its den.

In some cases, his script changes were submitted to Miller only a day prior to filming the scene.

month prior   (前月)

She appeared on stage one month prior to her passing.

His death is recorded in the minutes of that lodge in the month prior to 6 January 1741/2.

Although many couples request RSVPs to be returned up to a month prior to the wedding day.

prior experience   (過去の経験)

Long's prior experience included hosting "Soul!

The animal automatically knows it without any prior experience.

Mr. Lopart would try to do something on his own without any prior experience.

released prior   (以前にリリースされた)

He was released prior to the 2016-17 season.

He was released prior to the start of the regular season.

The single was released prior to the album on June 14, 2004.

prior to becoming   (になる前)

He also owned a fitness center prior to becoming a wrestler.

She was employed as a registered nurse prior to becoming a legislator.

Whittaker was a brick layer prior to becoming a professional MMA fighter.

time prior   (時間前)

At some time prior to 1962, the unit again changed to 8-inch howitzer towed.

NOTE: These episode titles are subject to change at any time prior to broadcast.

It had accumulated a total of 18,850 hours of operating time prior to the accident flight.

existed prior   (以前に存在した)

The lists above should include all local authorities which existed prior to 1989.

All of these material objects "existed prior to and continue alongside mechanized industry.

This resulted in a generally more Russianised Ukrainian than had existed prior to the Soviet Union.

prior to entering   (入る前に)

She was a model prior to entering the movie industry.

Cloud for two years prior to entering business.

Shannon had a boyfriend, Jim, prior to entering the house.

prior art   (従来技術)

In "Flook" the implementation was conceded to be conventional and no departure from the prior art.

Clark then examined the prosecution history and prior art of both sets of patents involved in the case.

The prior art, however, is predominantly a long history of failure to solve the problem by heat treatment.

hours prior   (数時間前)

The winner of the race, Amini Fonua, broke the Pacific Games record he set six hours prior.

If the patient chooses to have the sedation, they can’t eat or drink 4–6 hours prior to the procedure.

Joe DiMaggio took Marilyn Monroe on a stroll at the park in the hours prior to their marriage at City Hall.

place prior   (優先する)

The act does not also apply to adoptions that took place prior to the date of enactment.

The summer transfer window began on 1 July 2018, although a few transfers took place prior to that date.

The winter transfer window opened on 1 January 2009, although a few transfers took place prior to that date.

several years prior   (数年前)

The site was first claimed and posted by David Thompson several years prior.

There had long been speculation about the eventual partnership for several years prior.

As an administrative district of the NWT it had ceased to function several years prior to division.

period prior   (期間前)

For the period prior to Augustine's arrival in 597, Bede drew on earlier writers, including Solinus.

For a period prior to her marriage, she lived in New York City as worked as a buyer for a fashion company.

Marnell had released a full video part in Almost's "5-Incher" during the six-month period prior to his death.

prior to release   (リリース前)

The album reached 203,000 pre-orders prior to release.

A teaser video was released onto YouTube prior to release on June 7, 2013.

Not all programmers decide to replace the assets in their software prior to release, though.

prior years   (前の年)

Episodes from prior years are still shown on various PBS stations in the US.

Next, the amounts allocated to prior years after 1986 are excluded from current year taxable income.

In 2013, Sammartino accepted an invitation for induction into the Hall of Fame, after having declined several times in prior years.

made prior   (前に作られた)

The diagnosis can also be made prior to birth via ultrasound.

He was made prior there in 1969 and served as such until 1976.

Several prototypes were made prior to the creation of the company.

team prior   (チーム優先)

He left the team prior to the end of his contract to join the Williams Formula One.

It was home to the Redskins college football team prior to the Yager Stadium opening in 1983.

Hogan joined the Tipperary intermediate team prior to the start of the 2016 Munster Championship.

few days prior   (数日前)

This all came out after Dolan threatened to ban a fan from the arena for yelling at him to "sell the team" a few days prior.

The show was cancelled by Talkradio on 3 June 2019 following an allegedly anti-Semitic tweet Galloway made a few days prior.

A few days prior to the elections, a radical Islamic leader called on Muslims to vote for former Prime Minister Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta.

built prior   (前に建てられた)

It was built prior to 1754 by and first operated by a Jerseyman named Decartaret.

It was built prior to 1791 on a land grant given to William Armstrong in the 1780s.

This is untrue as the fort with its current design was built prior to the evolution of the star fort design.

decades prior   (数十年前)

For decades prior to 2018, the MPD wore light blue shirts.

For two decades prior to the impeachment, Parliament had dealt with the Indian issue.

Nearly all of the buildings are of log construction and date from the two decades prior to the turn of the century.

prior to moving   (引っ越す前)

Gilead Baptist Church in Fort Worth prior to moving to Chicago.

He lived for a while in the Jordan household prior to moving to Chicago.

Musician Matt Chicoine (aka Recloose) lived in Titahi Bay prior to moving to Auckland.

area prior   (前のエリア)

To view the population data for each specific area prior to 1890 see:

This is the only name known to have been used to describe the area prior to European settlement.

Soon after, they were forced to leave because of rising tensions in the area prior to the American Revolution.

few months prior   (数か月前)

He had previously collapsed during a game a few months prior.

This map was reprinted in US News & World Report a few months prior to the 2004 election.

This consist had only been introduced a few months prior, with a DERM usually being rostered.

prior approval   (事前承認)

South Korean law bars contacts with Communists without prior approval.

The last activity involves large scale destruction of forest, for which prior approval of the Centre is necessary.

The settlement plan received prior approval from the official committee of unsecured creditors in the bankruptcy case.

prior season   (前シーズン)

Like the prior season, Iowa went 3–1 in trophy games, and finished with eight wins.

The Indians opened Jacobs Field in 1994 with the aim of improving on the prior season's sixth-place finish.

held prior   (前に開催)

Zeman took lead in January 2013 after debates held prior to voting.

Qualifying is held prior to each race, but is difficult because only one lap is given.

He wanted to end the controversy related to where the wake would be held prior to burial.

few years prior   (数年前)

Ragnhild's will is known from 1513, and she is regarded to have died a few years prior.

A few years prior in 1907, she was a founding member of Essanay Film Manufacturing Company.

This manifesto mostly restates the ideas described in Leo Tremblay's first book published a few years prior.

prior work   (前の仕事)

While fewer in number, the positive reviews provided higher praise than for the band's prior work.

The soundtrack is notable for having been composed by Neil Voss, known for his prior work on Tetrisphere and The New Tetris.

The relationship between "The Diothas" and "Looking Backward" is complicated by another prior work, "The Great Romance" (1881).

used prior   (以前に使用)

It is a metabolite of etretinate, which was used prior to the introduction of acitretin.

6 weeks later, the French entry's postcard was filmed there, to be used prior to their song.

This process is analogous to the Type II Basic and Type I Advanced certifications used prior to 2006.

occurred prior   (前に発生した)

The first burials occurred prior to the cemetery's official opening.

Adler postulates that the visit must have occurred prior to Saladin's capture of Jerusalem in 1187.

There were several tests that occurred prior to the first spraying affiliated with Operation LAC that proved the concept of large-area coverage.

season prior   (シーズン前)

He would have an awful season prior to this event and used it to springboard a comeback.

On November 21, 2019, the show was renewed for a second season prior to the first season's debut.

The 2012 Red Sox' .426 winning percentage was the lowest for a team in a season prior to a World Series championship.

prior to taking   (服用前)

Gjonaj also lectured at the University of Tirana prior to taking public office.

(It is possible that law enforcement may be required to obtain a search warrant prior to taking this sample.)

Immediately prior to taking up his post, he was United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations.

sometime prior   (いつか前に)

Mir village was founded sometime prior to 1345.

He may have served as suffect consul sometime prior to AD 275.

The fanlight was removed by the military sometime prior to 2016.

prior to making   (作る前に)

Bilcock and Copping left Hexagon prior to making "Eliza Fraser".

In 1894 he converted to Islam prior to making a pilgrimage to Mecca.

The Justice Minister spoke with Zunera by telephone to tell her the news prior to making her official announcement.

minutes prior   (数分前)

The typical dose is 1.5 mg/kg IV given three minutes prior to intubation.

The doors open 30 minutes prior to show start due to guests coming in and taking their seats.

The IRA gave telephone warnings 50 minutes prior from a phone operator in Portadown, Northern Ireland.

prior to leaving   (出発する前に)

John Simon produced and arranged "Don't Go Away" prior to leaving to produce Janis Joplin.

Then, an alternate entrance to Crystal Springs Country Club appears prior to leaving Hardyston Twp.

He appeared twice in the following season, 2016–17, prior to leaving the club on loan in July 2017.

decade prior   (10年前)

Major fundraising was conducted for nearly a decade prior to the opening of the museum.

This effectively allowed CP to reacquire the same lines it had sold only a decade prior.

Throughout the decade prior to the club's formation, combined parish teams were entered in various competitions.

prior to publication   (公開前)

20th Century Fox bought the film rights prior to publication.

Dickens removed many of these references prior to publication.

During the papacy of Pius XII, all articles were reviewed prior to publication by the Secretariat of State.