İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

high priority   (yüksek öncelik)

A similarly high priority is given to transport policy.

Extending BART here has been established as a high priority.

Creating a younger version of Speedy was not a high priority.

top priority   (en öncelikli)

The top priority for the Soviets was to eliminate the pocket.

The creditors are the assignee's top priority, not shareholders.

His top priority is quality control.

first priority   (İlk öncelik)

Thorn's first priority, however, is the president.

For Zervas the first priority was EAM/ELAS.

Clemenceau realized his first priority was to restore civilian morale.

highest priority   (en yüksek öncelik)

The highest priority task ready to run is always given control of the CPU.

In 1937 Adler began to appear in films, although they were never his highest priority.

Each player plays a card, and the player with the highest priority card takes all four cards.

given priority   (öncelik verildi)

Other nations felt that they should have been given priority but Nepal had favoured France.

Filipino citizens were only allowed to visit the island as tourists with locals given priority.

There was speculation in the news media that commercial concerns were given priority over public health.

higher priority   (daha yüksek öncelik)

For the back atom, only the group of higher priority need be considered.

Lower priority tasks can be preempted by higher priority tasks at any time.

Alkenes with the higher priority groups on opposite sides are designated "E".

low priority

However, the label's management changes quickly made Ashanti a low priority.

Colonial administration by France throughout the history of Acadia was of low priority.

It had a surprisingly small navy, for seamanship was a low priority among the Spanish elites.

priority areas

It also sets out to concentrate public expenditure on government priority areas.

The NNI refers to the sub-domain of nanotechnology as one of its five "priority areas."

Protection and promotion of human rights along with zero tolerance against corruption and irregularity are key priority areas of Nepal Police.

main priority   (Ana öncelik)

Counting the days on a ship was not the main priority, however.

He said at the time that Beautiful Sin became his new main priority.

The Bank's main priority has been to keep inflation at a moderate level.

give priority   (öncelik vermek)

They may tend to give priority to work over personal relationships.

They all give priority to the Qur'an and the Hadith (the practice of Muhammad).

Uruguay has a sanctioned law requiring that the state give priority to Free Software.