Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

years in prison   (năm tù)

Ntakirutimana was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Burton spent 14 years in prison from 1992 to 2006.

She was convicted and served three years in prison.

released from prison   (ra tù)

Zappola was released from prison on March 3, 2014.

Partin was released from prison on August 1, 1995.

On April 13, 2006, Perna was released from prison.

prison sentence   (án tù)

Woodcock received a 21 year prison sentence.

Looting carries a fifteen-year prison sentence in Syria.

After her prison sentence, she moved back to Port Byron.

months in prison   (tháng tù)

She was arrested and sentenced to 27 months in prison.

He was convicted and sentenced to six months in prison.

He was found guilty and sentenced to 13 months in prison.

life in prison   (cuộc sống trong tù)

If convicted, Cadden and Chin faced life in prison.

She was sentenced to 27 years to life in prison.

He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

release from prison   (ra tù)

On his release from prison, Billy moved to the village.

Speer's release from prison was a worldwide media event.

It was the first release after Grimm's release from prison.

federal prison   (nhà tù liên bang)

For this, Gilbert spent 6 months in federal prison.

MacDonald has been in federal prison since 1982.

Monserrate served 21 months in federal prison.

sent to prison   (tống vào tù)

They even hurt more than getting sent to prison.

Marcello refuses to name Simone and is sent to prison.

In 1996, he was convicted of fraud and sent to prison.

prison camp   (trại tù)

He was executed during World War II in a Soviet prison camp.

Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp."

The title of the book comes from a conceit of the prison camp.

prison term   (tù)

In the end Schröder received a four year prison term.

He was sentenced to a single prison term of 32 years.

Adam Skelos was sentenced to a four-year prison term.

prison system   (hệ thống nhà tù)

Violence and overcrowding are problems in Venezuela's prison system.

He entered the prison system at age 19, and never left, spending 17 years at Alcatraz.

The food served at Alcatraz was reportedly the best in the United States prison system.

prison sentences   (án tù)

The others received prison sentences of up to fifty years.

Eighteen of them received prison sentences of up to two years.

All four were given prison sentences.

state prison   (nhà tù tiểu bang)

Today the property is still part of the state prison.

He was sentenced to 10 years in state prison.

He is held prisoner in the infamous Moscow state prison Lubjanka.

time in prison   (thời gian trong tù)

Rawls served time in prison twice while in Oklahoma.

Londoño however avoided spending time in prison.

He also later spent time in prison for drug possession .

died in prison   (chết trong tù)

The leaders were never released and died in prison.

He later died in prison sometime in October 1685.

Anthony Melendez died in prison on January 13, 2017.

sentenced to prison   (bị kết án tù)

Both men were convicted and sentenced to prison.

All were convicted and sentenced to prison.

In court Mitchell is sentenced to prison.

prison cell   (phòng giam)

The Wolf is depicted as a prisoner in his prison cell.

He then kills Marius and sets the prison cell on fire.

3 (15): Robert wakes up to find himself in a prison cell.

year in prison   (năm tù)

Lashkova was sentenced to a year in prison.

Patrick was sentenced to one year in prison and fined $5,000.

The companies were fined and Hohensee was sentenced to a year in prison in 1957.

security prison   (nhà tù an ninh)

MCI Concord is a level 4, medium level security prison.

Paremoremo is home to New Zealand's only maximum security prison.

It is a maximum security prison facility with a capacity for 1600 inmates.

prison guards   (Cai ngục)

Soon after, they are seized by the Mokra prison guards.

Violent conflict often occurs between the player, inmates and prison guards.

After the prison guards went on strike, inmates were left with little supervision.

prison population   (nhà tù)

At one time the prison population numbered almost 6,000.

There has been a rapid increase in the prison population since the 1980s.

In 2015, the prison population estimated approximately 2.2 million people.

prison terms   (án tù)

Three of his accomplices also received prison terms.

Such crimes are punishable by prison terms and heavy fines.

All three were sentenced to prison terms.

prison camps   (trại tù)

About 56,000 soldiers died in prison camps during the War.

The traumatic hardships of the prison camps increased support for communism in Finland.

The accounts of young Union prisoners at Confederate prison camps are especially harrowing.

prison guard   (người canh gác nhà tù)

He received an additional year of imprisonment for assaulting a prison guard.

Whilst the doctor and her prison guard was not looking, Anna makes her escape.

During the melée a prison guard was shot and killed, and another was seriously injured.

military prison   (nhà tù quân đội)

During the 18th century the fort was used as a military prison.

Abuses at the Kassa Island military prison in 2009 reportedly included castration.

By August 27, 1862, Confederate prisoners of war were taken to the new military prison.

prison without   (nhà tù không có)

Clifford is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

If convicted, Gallon faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole.

That eliminated the possibility for a sentence of life in prison without parole.

prison reform   (cải tạo nhà tù)

The most extensive work of the club was in prison reform.

In 1884 he published a work, "Dr. Sevier", on prison reform.

Meredith is best remembered for his role in prison reform, of which he was an active exponent.

prison time   (thời gian tù)

He later served prison time for a drug charge.

After he failed his appeal, the circuit court increased the prison time to 73 days.

Same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Antigua and Barbuda and punishable by prison time.

prison inmates   (Tù nhân)

Forty percent of prison inmates are African-American.

Some of the celebrities interviewed are themselves former prison inmates.

Dalits comprise a slightly disproportionate number of India's prison inmates.

escaped from prison   (vượt ngục)

On 23 December 1946, she escaped from prison.

Soon afterwards, however, he was set free, or escaped from prison.

After they escaped from prison, they rejoined Poundcakes' teammates Letha and Titania.

maximum security prison   (nhà tù an ninh tối đa)

Paremoremo is home to New Zealand's only maximum security prison.

It is a maximum security prison facility with a capacity for 1600 inmates.

1 maximum security prison in Almoloya de Juárez, State of Mexico, via helicopter.

prison officers   (cán bộ trại giam)

Two prison officers were killed in the ensuing riots.

The prison officers found him at 2 am while they were on their night shift.

In January 2011, a disturbance at the prison left two prison officers injured.

prison officials   (cán bộ trại giam)

While prison officials wait outside he demands music be played.

Prison gangs are known to beat fellow inmates at the direction of prison officials.

Tired of dealing with the prison officials, Johns helps Riddick to elude the guards.

prison before   (tù trước)

She served nine days in prison before posting bail of 50 million won on 20 February.

Prisoners spend often a long time in prison before their sentence is finally carried out.

As a result, he spent 2 months in a military prison before finishing his military service in 1962.

escape from prison   (vượt ngục)

Meanwhile, Lambodar tries to escape from prison and gets admitted to a hospital.

Two convicts, one white, one black, escape from prison while handcuffed together.

Three criminals, Arjun, Kali and Shyam Singh, escape from prison and kill Karan Singh.

prison conditions   (điều kiện nhà tù)

The NHC also works on improving prison conditions and supporting probation services.

Her sister contracted Hepatitis C and father developed a heart condition due to bad prison conditions.

The U.S. State Department calls prison conditions in the country "harsh and sometimes life-threatening".

back to prison   (trở lại nhà tù)

The plan works and Maxine goes back to prison.

If they re-offend they can be sent back to prison for 21 years.

Following the incident, he was transferred back to prison Ancon I.

went to prison   (đi tù)

He went to prison for his pacifism during World War I.

Cunningham later went to prison for his dealings with the architect.

His seven-year reign as crime boss ended when he went to prison at age 33.

prison authorities   (chính quyền nhà tù)

This caused the prison authorities' attack on him.

The prison authorities reported that he died if pneumonia.

However, noted RTÉ, "the prison authorities refused to disclose what his reaction was", that being personal information.

prison ship   (tàu tù)

She became a prison ship in 1755, ended her career in 1760 and was broken up in 1761.

She saw service during the Napoleonic Wars, though is best known for her time spent as a prison ship.

She was recommissioned in March 1808 under Captain George Fowke, and was used as a prison ship at Chatham.

years of prison   (năm tù)

In October 2012, band members were sentenced to 7 years of prison, making it effective at that moment.

Even during his detention in jail (Kresty Jail in St.Petersburg) he was again convicted to 4 years of prison.

In May 2018, the Court of appeal of Paris gave him four years of prison (two of them in jail); he needn't return to prison.

days in prison   (ngày ở tù)

He served 30 days in prison and was fined $20,000.

He was released on bond after spending 90 days in prison.

On 3 April 2018, he was sentenced to 30 days in prison and fined $20,000.

prison during   (trong tù)

The state began to use the tunnels as a prison during the Revolutionary War.

Yatau had escaped from a juvenile prison during a work release program in California.

The scene is the chapel of a convent transformed into a prison during the revolution.

new prison   (nhà tù mới)

The tombstones were desecrated and used to build walls of a new prison.

Herbert W. Folz was the architect in charge of designing the new prison.

The real Gavin spends much of this time attempting to escape his new prison.

go to prison   (đi tù)

He realises that he will go to prison.

Cynthia made a choice to kill the murderer of her daughter and go to prison.

Miller did not go to prison because he was acquitted of murder during his trial.

within the prison   (trong nhà tù)

However, most conditions within the prison remained largely unchanged.

Rock and Hayes were the only two men to be executed within the prison walls.

The documentary offers different perspectives of experiences within the prison.

prison officer   (cai ngục)

In March 2018, The body of a male prison officer was found.

One was a prison officer and one was a Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) officer.

He suffered from heart problems and was found dead in his cell by a prison officer.

remained in prison   (vẫn ở trong tù)

Powell remained in prison for seven years.

Ferrer remained in prison until 2011.

Of the original eighty arrested, eighteen remained in prison by 2006.

prison break   (vượt ngục)

In prison, he meets Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson, who join Dillinger's gang after he masterminds a prison break.

Krenner arranges the prison break of a notorious safecracker, Joey Faust (Douglas Kennedy), to steal the materials he needs.

They sought to explore Riddick's character in a prison break setting, and took inspiration from films such as "Escape from Alcatraz".

long prison   (nhà tù dài)

A long prison sentence did not affect his inspiratory qualities.

Several of the men were convicted and sentenced to long prison terms.

Rena is a suicidal teenage girl whose father is serving a long prison sentence.

former prison   (nhà tù cũ)

Some of the celebrities interviewed are themselves former prison inmates.

HM Prison Armagh Armagh Prison in Armagh, Northern Ireland, is a former prison.

He created an art project on Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay’s former prison island, in 1996.

thrown into prison   (bị tống vào tù)

Muñoz was recalled to Spain and thrown into prison.

His main priority was to see Ray Gardner thrown into prison for raping Ruth.

Abu Muhammad was thrown into prison in Damascus along with al-Walid II's sons.

prison located   (nhà tù nằm)

HM Prison Glenochil HMP Glenochil is a prison located near Tullibody, Scotland.

Carandiru Penitentiary Carandiru Penitentiary was a prison located in São Paulo, Brazil.

HM Prison Lewes HM Prison Lewes is a local category B prison located in Lewes in East Sussex, England.

prison staff   (nhân viên trại giam)

Correspondence is largely monitored by the prison staff.

He played prison staff member Brawn in the 1990 film "Club Fed", and co-starred in the film "Neon City".

All of the mail that enters or leaves the facility is read and gone through by the prison staff and guards.

returned to prison   (trở lại nhà tù)

Parasite is then arrested and returned to prison.

After being returned to prison, he was again rapidly moved to a minimum-security prison in Kent.

Mlle Lange returned to prison, but her friends in high places helped her to evade the guillotine.

prison cells   (nhà tù)

The prison cells typically measured by and high.

In smaller prison cells one could keep seven prisoners and several dozens in bigger ones.

The factory is also suspected of using child labour and locked workplaces analogous to prison cells.

prison warden   (người cai ngục)

Seeing her in danger, Megamind pleads with the prison warden to set him free and apologizes for his actions.

David Morrissey plays prison warden Mike, who tries to keep Dean out of trouble but has difficulty watching him all the time.

Teodoreanu was not informed of this, and was shocked to encounter Botez, come to plead in his favor, in the prison warden's office.

prison hospital   (bệnh viện tù)

He spent the last years of his life in a prison hospital.

Moruś died on August 18, 2013 in the prison hospital of Czarne.

On 22 July, he was moved to a prison hospital on account of illness.

put in prison   (đưa vào nhà tù)

Baháʼu'lláh was put in prison.

He was put in prison at Upper Fort Garry and was released in February 1870.

They are put in prison.

prison for men   (nhà tù dành cho nam giới)

It was created in 1971 as a prison for men with the holding capacity of 207.

It is also home to a low security prison for men, the Cadell Training Centre.

Opened in 1878, it is the oldest running state prison for men in Massachusetts.

outside the prison   (bên ngoài nhà tù)

In April 2008, there was a "solidarity gathering" outside the prison.

In 1842, the French Canadians were allowed to work outside the prison.

prison life   (cuộc sống trong tù)

Under their payroll, Acosta makes prison life more difficult for Cardo.

Poovalli Induchoodan is sentenced to six years prison life for murdering his classmate.

The theater was a mainstay of prison life until its destruction by an unknown arsonist on 3 December 1975.

inside the prison   (trong nhà tù)

The nun agrees and they mate inside the prison secretly.

There are limited refreshment facilities available in the Visits Hall inside the prison.

Simonsen told the warden there was a disturbance inside the prison and that someone had been knifed.

held in prison   (bị giữ trong tù)

He breached a restraining order and was held in prison.

He was held in prison at Ludwigsburg from 1936 till 1938.

35 Jews most of them youth were held in prison and tortured.