prisoners of war   (捕虜)

She then carried French prisoners of war to France.

It was also used to house Italian prisoners of war.

Altogether, some 2,500 men became prisoners of war.

political prisoners   (政治犯)

ETA considers its prisoners political prisoners.

For a time it was used as a prison for political prisoners.

The plea was signed by 8 former political prisoners of USSR.

other prisoners   (他の囚人)

Jews and other prisoners were forced to work on the project.

On 17 January 1945 Braun was marched away westward with other prisoners.

Some had to pay bribes to other prisoners to avoid being brutalized and harassed.

number of prisoners   (囚人の数)

A number of prisoners died from abuse or have "disappeared" without trace.

This has a significant impact on the number of prisoners released on parole.

The number of prisoners in an Arbeitskommando was usually between 100 and 300.

fellow prisoners   (仲間の囚人)

Both Gerhardsen and Lange were fellow prisoners from Sachsenhausen.

His fellow prisoners spoke with admiration of his deportment in Dachau.

It was during his time in prison that he tended to his fellow prisoners.

many prisoners

King Edward I was merciless, as many prisoners were punished.

He has represented many prisoners held without charge or trial.

He rallied men of several units, led them forward, and captured many prisoners.

female prisoners   (女性囚人)

The prison holds 694 male prisoners and 61 female prisoners.

This includes the harassment and sexual abuse of female prisoners.

The female prisoners are liberated and the warriors return triumphant.

former prisoners

20: Calapine and the former prisoners discuss the new status quo.

The former prisoners try to help.

Most were outcasts, mainly poor and uneducated and many being former prisoners.

all prisoners

Worf beams all prisoners back to the moon.

The prison offered workshops, training and education to all prisoners.

The court did not state that all prisoners should be given voting rights.

prisoners held

He has represented many prisoners held without charge or trial.

A percentage of the prisoners held at the meadow were butchered by the rebels and locals.

It was introduced to Japan during World War I by German prisoners held at the Bandō prisoner-of-war camp.

prisoners were taken

During the day, more than 1,000 Italian prisoners were taken.

Around 182 Soviet prisoners were taken.

A total of 158 prisoners were taken and a number of machine guns captured.

prisoners taken

Fewer than 5,000 of the prisoners taken at Stalingrad survived captivity.

After May 1940, they were joined by French prisoners taken during the Battle of France.

On 16 February 1940, the British destroyer managed to free prisoners taken by the from the .

male prisoners

The prison holds 694 male prisoners and 61 female prisoners.

It is a prison holding male prisoners with maximum security classification.

The six male prisoners were executed by firing squad at the Fort de Seclin on 7 June 1944.

prisoners were released

Most of the other surviving prisoners were released.

The prisoners were released at Boston and sent back to St. John.

In November 1782, the prisoners were released and sailed for Boston.

prisoners of conscience

At least 18 prisoners of conscience remained in detention at the end of the year.

Amnesty International declared both Ferrer brothers to be prisoners of conscience.

Amnesty International described the three as prisoners of conscience and urged their release.

treatment of prisoners   (囚人の扱い)

His works had significant influence on the treatment of prisoners and of patients with mental disorders.

These improvements include training for guards, improving of medical facilities, and better treatment of prisoners.

A 38-page report by Amnesty International said that the HSU was violating the international standards of treatment of prisoners.

prisoners died

At least three prisoners died in police custody in 2011.

As a result, 8,296 Australian prisoners died in captivity.

More than 60 prisoners died in the 2013 Uribana prison riot.

prisoners during

He also defended Republican prisoners during the Irish Civil War.

Matsuyama figures in the novel because the city housed a camp for Russian prisoners during the war.

Dufriche-Desgenettes administered the sacraments to prisoners during the Spanish war and contracted typhoid fever.

became prisoners

Altogether, some 2,500 men became prisoners of war.

The royal family became prisoners.

The crew became prisoners of war, initially held in Padang, but were soon moved onto Belawan.