right to privacy   (隐私权)

The government protects their right to privacy.

The right to privacy is a highly developed area of law in Europe.

Also, employees who work in religious-run institutions enjoy a right to privacy.

invasion of privacy   (侵犯隐私)

"Unlike libel or slander, truth is not a defense for invasion of privacy."

Nader sued the company for invasion of privacy and settled the case for $425,000.

Consumers in some of these countries may consider surveys an invasion of privacy.

privacy concerns   (隐私问题)

Wylie's revelations triggered government investigations on both sides of the Atlantic and raised wider privacy concerns.

Further there are privacy concerns, from invasive blood testing for compounds, under the 4th Amendment of the US constitution.

On the other hand, DMPs often times have to deal with privacy concerns due to the integration of third-party software with private data.

expectation of privacy   (对隐私的期望)

Its importance includes rulings on the lack of expectation of privacy in public areas.

Because of this, according to the courts, females have a higher expectation of privacy than males do.

In many cases, Fourth Amendment doctrine has held that, in so doing, users relinquish any expectation of privacy.

privacy rights

This went back to concerns about privacy rights.

Roe v Wade marked a major advancement for privacy rights.

Winter is also an outspoken advocate for technology and privacy rights.

privacy policy   (隐私政策)

As a result, any corporate privacy policy related to e-commerce activity may be subject to enforcement by the FTC.

Hammonds did not inform Smith of this second search, violating the Faculty of Arts and Sciences' email privacy policy.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences privacy policy requires members to be "notified at the earliest possible opportunity."

privacy laws

Customer privacy laws must be obeyed at all stages.

There are significant differences between the EU data protection and US data privacy laws.

There were significant differences between the EU data protection and equivalent U.S. data privacy laws.

privacy issues

Public Interest Registry often supports ICANN on policy and privacy issues on the internet.

The other cornerstone of mitigating risk was educating employees of emerging security and privacy issues.

However, local authorities concerned with Internet privacy issues may add rules and requisites on top of the original Internet email design.