Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

probably the most   (có lẽ là nhiều nhất)

This oscillator was probably the most successful.

Brouwer's theorem is probably the most important.

Pike is probably the most level-headed of the group.

probably not   (chắc là không)

The tribe is probably not a wholly homogeneous one.

It's probably not a great film, but it's all right.

It was probably not fully abandoned until the 19th Century.

most probably   (rất có thể)

Sarpir-maṇḍa was most probably the early form of ghee.

It was discovered by a, most probably new collector, Mr. W. Davis...

probably best   (có lẽ là tốt nhất)

He is probably best remembered for having initiated the Hague Peace Conference.

It is probably best known for hosting concerts, particularly in Hall 4 and Hall 3.

Thermal emissivity values probably best reflect the effectiveness of radiant barriers.

probably due   (có lẽ là do)

This is probably due to the mail being delivered via Cobram.

Sture died aged 40, probably due to a ruptured blood vessel in the brain.

He did not stand for election in 1695, probably due to his failing health.

probably because   (có lẽ vì)

It often contains fluid-filled cavities, probably because of its rapid growth.

Guitarist and singer Jimmy Love was lively on the stage, probably because of it.

Oxen are killed more often than cows, probably because they are given less protection.

probably built   (có lẽ được xây dựng)

Theoderich probably built Are Castle in Altenahr.

The church was probably built between 1150 and 1200.

The castle was probably built in the 10th century AD.

probably best known   (có lẽ được biết đến nhiều nhất)

It is probably best known for hosting concerts, particularly in Hall 4 and Hall 3.

Insh is probably best known as the location of the RSPB Insh Marshes Wildlife Reserve.

Out of these creative years Fredd Wayne developed the role for which he’s probably best known.

probably the first   (có lẽ là người đầu tiên)

It was probably the first published concurrent algorithm.

In 1933, Thomas visited London for probably the first time.

This was probably the first tracked SPAAG manufactured in series.

probably the best   (có lẽ là tốt nhất)

This was probably the best performance of their existence.

Of the two, the Visconti cards are probably the best known.

He's probably the best chef I know."

probably used   (có lẽ đã sử dụng)

The leafy branches were probably used for weddings.

The custom house was probably used as a guard room.

Medieval Europeans probably used a complete leather glove.

probably born   (có lẽ sinh ra)

Richard was probably born between 1115 and 1123.

George Fawdon was probably born in England about 1600.

Also probably born at Olveston Court was Maurice's 3rd.

probably never   (Có lẽ không bao giờ)

Hyde Park has probably never seen a greater crowd of people."

She never married Charity's father and probably never loved him.

It probably never got constructed.

probably more   (có lẽ nhiều hơn)

The truth is probably more political.

That was a hard song; probably more so on Matt's end just because it took so long.

Despite this, SRTM data indicates that the professional survey is probably more accurate.

probably derived   (có lẽ bắt nguồn)

Their use of the title probably derived from the ancient Persian title.

It was probably derived from a cognomen "Segulus", of uncertain meaning.

Movement 7 is probably derived from a secular dance-like movement in da capo form.

probably did   (có lẽ đã làm)

These probably did not number much more than 30.

He probably did spend several years abroad as Journeyman.

These coins probably did not principally move through trade.

probably made   (có lẽ đã làm)

The manuscript was probably made for a pagan noble.

During this time he was probably made "consul suffectus in absentia", around AD 241.

Some of Neroccio's paintings were probably made by his collaborators in his workshop.

probably written   (có lẽ được viết)

70 new songs are probably written by Leisentritt.

His first works were probably written in Prague.

The manuscript was probably written in Egypt.

probably named   (có lẽ được đặt tên)

It was probably named for Cobham, in Surrey, England.

She was probably named after her mother, who died in 1616.

The camp was probably named after Capt.

probably dates   (có lẽ là ngày)

The barony probably dates from an earlier period.

The building that exists today probably dates to the 9th century.

The apse, in Roman style, probably dates from the twelfth century.

probably died   (có lẽ đã chết)

And he probably died because he finally relaxed.

Mary Walcott Harwood probably died before 1752.

Estrete held office from 1487 until 1491, when he probably died.

probably around   (có lẽ xung quanh)

We'll be done probably around mid-September or so."

The growth rate of young sharks is probably around per year.

He died probably around 1257.

probably originated   (có lẽ có nguồn gốc)

The term probably originated from iron workers from Mount Riga in Salisbury.

They probably originated in the Black Sea area and introduced the domestic horse.

Jaws probably originated in the pharyngeal arches supporting the gills of jawless fish.

probably only   (có lẽ chỉ)

The nucleus of 322P/SOHO is probably only in diameter.

It probably only made bricks in any quantity.

Clark is probably only known today for his Clark Foot Warmers.

probably the only   (có lẽ là duy nhất)

It is probably the only surviving image of the emperor.

This was probably the only Corsair captured by the Germans.

Edava may be probably the only village in Kerala with two railway stations.

probably most   (có lẽ là hầu hết)

It is probably most closely related to the bridled quail-dove.

The cathedral is probably most famous for its association with Joan of Arc.

This technique was probably most successfully used in his monumental “Horse”, 2005.

probably did not   (có lẽ đã không)

These probably did not number much more than 30.

These coins probably did not principally move through trade.

The Gestapo probably did not realise Cammaerts' significance.

probably during   (có lẽ trong)

Triangular towers were added later, probably during the middle Byzantine period.

The ancient city was founded by Chalkidian settlers probably during the 8th century BC.

It was most probably during this period that Babak changed his name from al-Hasan to Babak.

probably came   (có lẽ đã đến)

The technique of making it probably came from China.

The gold is very fine, and probably came from Ireland.

Bormida probably came into existence in the medieval period.

probably first   (có lẽ là đầu tiên)

African wildcats were probably first domesticated in the Near East.

This large country house was probably first constructed in the early sixteenth century.

According to Barbara West, it was probably first written down about the 3rd-century BCE.

name probably   (tên có lẽ)

The name probably derives from the Gallo-Roman deity Borvo.

The souk got its name probably from its special architecture.

His name probably derives from a village in the Isle of Thanet.

probably related   (có lẽ liên quan)

The term is probably related to bole, meaning a tree trunk.

The latter was revealed to be a 20th-century feature, probably related to nearby mining activity.

They seem to be attracted to loose sediments, probably related to the uncovering of food, and often congregate in pits.

probably feed   (có lẽ là thức ăn)

The larvae probably feed on lichens among ants.

The larvae probably feed on tree lichens.

The larvae probably feed on lichens.

probably caused   (có thể gây ra)

Extinction was probably caused by the climatic and physical disruption of the Early Pleistocene Glaciations.

This was probably caused by the Punic Wars, which had a profound impact on the economy of the Tyrrhenian coast.

A new epidemic arrived in 1419–20, which probably caused the death of Janus' second wife, Charlotte on 15 January 1422.

probably took   (có lẽ đã lấy)

The appointment probably took place no earlier than the mid-1370s.

"Karlodinium" and "Karenia" probably took up different heterokontophytes.

The community probably took its name from the local Beaver Baptist Church.

larvae probably   (ấu trùng có lẽ)

The larvae probably feed on lichens among ants.

The larvae probably feed on tree lichens.

The larvae probably feed on lichens.

more probably   (có lẽ nhiều hơn)

"Haaretz" asserts that many thousands more probably illegally pirated it.

The book may have been the "Testament of Solomon" but was more probably a different work.

It could have been the praenomen of the woman's father, but was more probably his surname.

probably based   (có lẽ dựa)

It was probably based on some foreign works.

The name Genua is probably based on Genoa, a city in Italy.

Its constitution was probably based on the Boeotian League.

larvae probably feed   (ấu trùng có thể ăn)

The larvae probably feed on lichens among ants.

The larvae probably feed on tree lichens.

The larvae probably feed on lichens.

probably no   (có lẽ là không)

There was probably no page number on the notarized page when it was notarized.

Krishnamurthy works for a pharma company that manufactures a few medicines that probably no one buys.

Cousins said, "That injury is something that I got over and am probably no chance of getting a relapse...

probably influenced   (có lẽ bị ảnh hưởng)

In 1573, her husband also converted to Calvinism, probably influenced by her relatives.

The cursive forms were probably influenced by Roman cursive, brought to Iberia from North Africa.

The theory of motion presented by Avicenna was probably influenced by the 6th-century Alexandrian scholar John Philoponus.

probably formed   (có lẽ hình thành)

These instrumental cultures probably formed vocal traditions.

The similar nomen "Scandilius" was probably formed in the same manner.

These diamonds probably formed in kimberlite magma and sampled the volatiles.

probably derives   (có lẽ xuất phát)

The name probably derives from the Gallo-Roman deity Borvo.

His name probably derives from a village in the Isle of Thanet.

The name Lucignano probably derives from the Roman family of the consul Licinio.

probably originally   (có lẽ ban đầu)

Now the seat of municipal government, it was probably originally built as a Norman castle.

Maine probably originally got the term from Massachusetts, as Maine was once part of Massachusetts.

It was probably originally conceived before 1896 - a bronze cast made after 1967 is in the Brooklyn Museum.

probably intended   (có lẽ dự định)

Dvořák probably intended to create another movement, but it was unfinished, only eight bars are preserved.

This amount was equal to de Vere's livery fees and was probably intended to be used as such, but the money vanished without a trace.

This variation was probably intended as a security measure, but ultimately allowed the Polish Clock Method and British Banburismus attacks.

probably destroyed   (có lẽ đã bị phá hủy)

The medieval cathedral was probably destroyed in the troubles of the 16th century.

Seven aircraft were claimed destroyed, one probably destroyed and seven were damaged.

The smaller fragments were probably destroyed before they even reached the cloud layer.

probably composed   (có lẽ sáng tác)

Henryson's version was probably composed sometime around the 1480s.

It was probably composed for use at Mass sending off the guards for duty.

is an anti-slavery ballad written by Stephen Foster, probably composed in 1852.

probably still   (có lẽ vẫn còn)

Other wedging stones are probably still buried.

He'd probably still be alive and part of the peace process."

"If I had sat still, I'd probably still be measuring cosmic rays, the subject of my thesis at Princeton.

probably refers   (có lẽ đề cập đến)

The name here probably refers to deer calving.

The fort probably refers to that established by the Romans.

(Paul F. O'Rourke argues that "'m't" probably refers instead to a menstruating woman.)

probably founded   (có lẽ thành lập)

It was probably founded before the Norman Conquest.

The town was probably founded in Roman times.

Zoagli was probably founded by the Tigulli Ligurian tribe.

probably lived   (có lẽ đã sống)

Therefore, as a young woman, she probably lived along the Narmada River, near the Vindhyas.

Habul's parents probably lived in Bikrampur in what is now Bangladesh before moving to Calcutta.

The Bructeri lived between the Ems and Lippe, so the Chamavi also probably lived west of the Ems.

probably dating   (có lẽ đang hẹn hò)

The first parish, San Michele, is probably dating back to the 10th century.

Quartz veins were mined for gold, probably dating back to the Old Kingdom Period.

The composition is similar to Verrocchio's "Madonna of the Milk", probably dating to a year or two earlier.

name is probably   (tên có lẽ)

Her name is probably Persian in origin.

Although the Kuhn, Loeb name is probably gone forever, the firm's legacy is not.

Its name is probably a play on Gondwanaland or perhaps a play on the expression "How on earth ...?"

probably best remembered   (có lẽ nhớ nhất)

He is probably best remembered for having initiated the Hague Peace Conference.

Simons is probably best remembered for nearly winning the U.S. Open in 1971 as an amateur.

But, the accomplishments that he is probably best remembered for came as Dean of the College of Medicine.

probably comes   (có lẽ đến)

It probably comes from north-eastern Peloponnesus.

The name Mayen probably comes from the name Megina.

The name probably comes from late Latin "soccus", meaning slipper.

probably   (- có lẽ)

This is of very late date – probably the second half of the 15th century.

In 2012 laboratory tests showed that the supposed bone fragments were composed of wood and glue fused together – probably hardboard.

Inspiration for Toby came from the Awdrys watching a J70 – probably 68221, one of three J70s built in 1914 (as GER 127) – at Great Yarmouth in 1951.

what was probably   (những gì có lẽ)

She dealt with several illnesses over the rest of her life, including what was probably breast cancer.

This partnership created plans for what was probably the first large wave piercing catamaran in the world.

In Britain, 400,000 people participated in what was probably the largest demonstration in British history.

probably the largest   (có lẽ là lớn nhất)

In its time it was probably the largest bird in Fiji.

They now hold probably the largest single body of his works.

The Berber revolt was probably the largest military setback in the reign of Caliph Hisham.

probably began   (có lẽ đã bắt đầu)

Phase 5 (Levels 3-6) probably began around AD 1200.

Phase 4 (Levels 7-10) probably began around AD 950.

Phase 6 (Level 2) probably began in AD 1400 or later.

probably designed   (có lẽ được thiết kế)

She was constructed, and probably designed, by Pierre-Alexandre Forfait.

It was built and probably designed by Edward Woodfall, a noted local architect and builder.

The more recent straight-edged windows over the porches are probably designed as gallery windows.

probably the same   (có lẽ giống nhau)

They are probably the same as the Arichi (Greek: ) of Ptolemy (v. 9.

It is probably the same place that was called Anamon in Roman records.

Barley is probably the same William Barley who opened a branch office in Oxford.

probably between   (có lẽ giữa)

Within the genus, the first evolutionary event arose probably between 12.41 and 15.39 million years ago.

He came to power some time between 27 March 1174 and 10 August 1174, most probably between April or May 1174.

Deposition occurred during the Mesoproterozoic era, much of it probably between about 1470 and 1400 Ma (million years) ago.

probably the oldest   (có lẽ là già nhất)

The "Laimgrube" (clay pit) is probably the oldest part of Mariahilf.

The mill is probably the oldest of its type in North Holland, dating to c. 1541.

The 11th century font, one of two in the cathedral, is probably the oldest item in the church.

probably inspired   (có lẽ được truyền cảm hứng)

As its name indicates, the Franzbrötchen was probably inspired by French pastries.

Milk is probably inspired by Caspar Milquetoast, a comic book character remarkably similar to him.

The map probably inspired the Greek historian Hecataeus of Miletus to draw a more accurate version.

probably occurred   (có lẽ đã xảy ra)

This probably occurred in the Miocene.

A number of burials of important persons of the culture probably occurred in these mounds.

Flysch deposits in the Southern Alps of Lombardy probably occurred in the Cretaceous or later.

probably already   (có lẽ đã)

The piece was probably already well known around 1800 in Frankfurt am Main.

The Indian fig cactus was probably already present in the Caribbean when the Spanish arrived, and was soon after brought to Europe.

Her first words on-screen as anchor were "Hi, I'm Andrea Thompson, and unless you've been living in a cave, you probably already know that."

probably added   (có lẽ đã thêm)

The belfry was probably added at this time and a bell cast in 1844 was installed.

The fifth floor of the central section was probably added after a fire in the early 1900s.

The characteristic feature is the limestone particles, which were probably added as temper.

probably through   (có lẽ thông qua)

It is probably through this effect that PXA induces programmed cell death in the form of apoptosis.

Crick had failed to gain a place at a Cambridge college, probably through failing their requirement for Latin.

A later and separate English reflex of "discus", probably through medieval Latin "desca", is "desk" (see OED s.v.

probably means   (có lẽ có nghĩa là)

The name of the village probably means "underwater".

"Glaschu" probably means "Green Hollow".

Its name probably means the place where people with the plague were living.