İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

financial problems   (finansal problemler)

It closed in 1974 because of financial problems.

However, the success was marred with financial problems.

However the club's serious financial problems caused unrest.

health problems   (sağlık sorunları)

Otto III suffered from chronic health problems.

Andersen suffered from various health problems.

These physical problems lead to mental health problems.

social problems   (sosyal problemler)

Concrete social problems and issues are addressed.

They discuss about social problems.

Like many other social problems, streetism can be effectively handled.

technical problems   (teknik problemler)

He had many technical problems with both cars.

From start Arnoro had many technical problems.

The technical problems were resolved by 1923.

many problems

The model had many problems, and was discontinued.

Major flooding in Davenport causes many problems.

The team had many problems, and did not do well.

economic problems

He died by cancer, suffering from economic problems.

Many aspects of the economic problems add to the problem.

In 2015, the club was dissolved, after economic problems.

problems such   (böyle sorunlar)

In Brazil, it has been used for various problems such as hemorrhoids and wounds.

Heavy infection can produce problems such as fibrosis in the liver, gall bladder and bile ducts.

Guam Public Schools have struggled with problems such as high dropout rates and poor test scores.

other problems   (diğer problemler)

There are also mappings from some problems to other problems.

The two historical rivals, however, have many other problems.

... Moulton says of the other problems that the District faces.

problems associated

He has problems associated with being a hopeless romantic.

The main problems associated with atomic compression are in the development stage.

Golem has experienced rapid urban development and the problems associated with it.

serious problems   (ciddi sorunlar)

In industrial processes, foams pose serious problems.

Corruption and impunity were serious problems.

This caused serious problems for tourists to access the tower.

problems caused   (sebep olunan sorunlar)

Engine problems caused most of the mishaps.

Bracing can also be used to correct problems caused by CMT.

However the club's serious financial problems caused unrest.

cause problems   (sorun çıkarmak)

Urban foxes can cause problems for local residents.

The clefts cause problems with facial muscle development.

This may cause problems with music and speech understanding.

solve problems   (sorunları çözmek)

Scientific methods enable individuals to solve problems.

Pixel has the innate ability to solve problems and figure things out.

The series demonstrates how to solve problems in real life with science.

environmental problems   (Çevre sorunları)

Armenia is trying to address its environmental problems.

Armenia is working on addressing its environmental problems.

He also lists twelve environmental problems facing humankind today.

due to problems

This failed however due to problems with the attitude control system.

The 2017 T in the Park was cancelled due to problems at the 2016 event.

She still swims daily, but does not compete due to problems with her back.

heart problems   (kalp sorunları)

During his final years, he suffered heart problems.

This is most often from heart problems or infections.

They can get leg and heart problems from an early age.

caused problems

This caused problems for users of the site.

The same issue caused problems for bus drivers for many years.

This has caused problems for fish such as the Rio Grande silvery minnow.

major problems   (ana problemler)

Water crises, foreign employment are the major problems.

Washington dealt with major problems.

If this happens, one is looking at major problems with their machinery.

mechanical problems   (mekanik problemler)

Both drivers retired from the race with mechanical problems.

Nearly half of the sorties were aborted due to mechanical problems.

The rover had experienced drill mechanical problems since December 2016.

personal problems

However, Rodriguez was also having personal problems.

Ward’s children by both of his wives had many personal problems.

She moves ahead in life despite facing insurmountable personal problems.

legal problems

When she learns of Ashade's family's legal problems, she imposes upon him further.

By 1984 they were using the name v. Spy v. Spy to avoid legal problems with "Mad" magazine.

problems during

With various problems during filming, Burton called it "Torture.

It has therefore eliminated spillage problems during ship loading of titanium ore.“

Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) had to deal with inner problems during March 2018.

injury problems

However, Bowie's leg injury problems recurred.

She struggled with injury problems through much of her career.

The 2005 and 2006 season, Borch was plagued with injury problems.

problems when   (problemler ne zaman)

Partners often face time budget problems when both are working full-time.

This causes problems when there are cities and contaminants in river basins.

He had to deal with a number of problems when he inherited the principality.

mental health problems   (Zihinsel sağlık sorunları)

These physical problems lead to mental health problems.

A loss in trust can be the beginning of oncoming mental health problems.

An individual's suicide often leads to mental health problems of loved ones.

problems related

This is for several reasons, including problems related to the Y2K bug.

This solution works and will all but eliminate most problems related to lag.

Residents of Sanford's buildings complained about multiple problems related to shoddy maintenance.

engine problems

Throughout 1941, engine problems plagued the boats of the 4th Flotilla.

She withdrew from the event before the start due to apparent engine problems.

Ivan Baldwin would become the last-place finisher due to engine problems on the fourth lap.

several problems   (Birkaç sorun)

Although the model is neat, it raises several problems.

China's rapid economic growth presented several problems.

But, there were several problems about this new "super-conference".

no problems

On inspection, the engines showed no problems and no appreciable wear.

This happens when choice opportunities arrive and no problems are attached to them.

In the beginning no problems occurred as the movement started spreading in the region.

problems faced

The problems faced are to be expected, being poor infrastructure and a lack of funds.

One of the major problems faced by the refugees is that most of these stranded people are children.

This story deals with the problems faced by Femi while the family is waiting to hear if asylum is to be granted.

problems due

He had been bedridden for a year with spinal column problems due to diabetes.

Many individuals have financial, social or work-related problems due to the illness.

In the early 1990s, the line was facing problems due to poor maintenance and overcrowding.

problems facing   (karşılaşılan sorunlar)

He also lists twelve environmental problems facing humankind today.

If you have a great idea or you are looking for a technical solution for common problems facing society.

The case is often raised as an example of police corruption and the problems facing Thailand's justice system.

medical problems   (tıbbi sorunlar)

AVMs can cause intense pain and lead to serious medical problems.

On March 9, 1892, he was put to bed for a series of medical problems.

Liam was 5 at the time and has adhd, asthma and other medical problems.

political problems

…This imitation can lead me to become sensitive to social and political problems."

Weber argued that Germany's political problems were essentially a problem of leadership.

City with metro system: Yerevan Most of the cross-border lines are currently closed due to political problems.

structural problems   (yapısal sorunlar)

It was built, but structural problems appeared, and it was eventually demolished in 1993.

Part of the Teall family plot, the gravesite has some structural problems and issues of disrepair.

Combined with the major structural problems and expensive operation, this led to closure on 21 March 1963.

having problems

But Patsy was not the only one having problems at the session.

In 2000, school began having problems with the State of Alabama.

As their plan doesn't work out the couple starts having problems.

number of problems   (sorun sayısı)

He brings an endless number of problems to BONZZO.

A number of problems are known to be EXPTIME-complete.

Critics point out a number of problems with this theory.

various problems

However, many experienced various problems.

With various problems during filming, Burton called it "Torture.

The product encountered various problems in its short lifecycle.

such problems   (bu tür problemler)

Associating forces with vectors avoids such problems.

All such problems for nontrivial properties are NP-hard.

A number of techniques have been developed to prevent such problems.

psychological problems   (psikolojik problemler)

Miles had deep psychological problems and Cooper took him under his wing.

Their absence, according to the Creator, can cause psychological problems.

These passions, according to Galen, caused the psychological problems that people experienced.

problems within

This led to a proliferation of damp problems within the development.

However she refused the offer citing internal problems within the party.

Issues in education policy also address problems within higher education.

solving problems   (sorunları çözmek)

From an early age, he showed a great fascination towards invention and solving problems.

However, IQ measures intelligence as the ability of solving problems, but not wisdom per se.

Dijkstra tried to build a group of computer scientists who could collaborate on solving problems.

same problems

The Mk XII derived from it suffered from the same problems.

Numerous companies face the same problems and thus joined the association.

Paleveria suffers from many of the same problems that America did at the time.

similar problems

Some alternative hypotheses have similar problems.

Yassihöyük-1 encountered similar problems.

Ligatures pose similar problems.

problems between

Soon, commercial rivalry created problems between Carthage and Utica.

But as Miles previously left Jai in Phuket, this creates problems between them.

The marriage ended in 1967 due to Alatriste's infidelities and business problems between the couple.

solve the problems

He always has an idea of his own to solve the problems he faces.

Two approaches have been attempted to solve the problems cited above.

The military arrested Ialá on the charge of being "unable to solve the problems".

own problems

UCLA had its own problems hanging onto the ball.

Irene identifies with the others in the building as her own problems.

A psychiatrist with his own problems treats the patients at Roosevelt Hospital.

significant problems   (önemli problemler)

Banisar noted: "...There are still significant problems.

These flights revealed two significant problems: stability and engine vibration.

There remain significant problems in the translation of the title of this officer.

respiratory problems   (solunum problemleri)

He died on 16 September 2012, aged 84, from respiratory problems.

She died on 16 March 2011 in Cantabria, due to respiratory problems, aged 85.

Many protests have happened about it as it has given many people respiratory problems.

more problems

Meanwhile, at home, there were more problems.

Earnhardt then retook the lead five laps later after more problems with lap traffic.

Informally, these theorems say that given more time, a Turing machine can solve more problems.

traffic problems

An additional bridge to relieve the traffic problems has been a subject of debate for many years.

This will allow traffic to bypass Newtownards town centre and will help ease traffic problems in the area.

It was announced that the campsite would open on 10 July 2008 to avoid a repeat of the previous year's traffic problems.

back problems   (sırt problemleri)

Early in the day, Johnston appeared to be having back problems.

Shin splints, knee injuries, and back problems are not uncommon.

Initially a runner, Narender had to give up athletics due to chronic back problems.

problems including

Most of the cars had problems including the dreaded rust issue.

Despite health problems including diabetes and a heart attack, Bhandit continued to work.

Less common are cardiac problems including cardiomyopathy and cardiac arrhythmia disorders.

internal problems

This and internal problems led to an acrimonious split in 1986.

SK Gaming benched Lincoln "fnx" Lau following internal problems.

However she refused the offer citing internal problems within the party.

optimization problems   (optimizasyon problemleri)

Definite quadratic forms lend themselves readily to optimization problems.

Shape optimization problems are usually solved numerically, by using iterative methods.

The goal of marine energy management is to These are two separated optimization problems.

causing problems   (sorunlara neden olmak)

The deteriorating weather was also causing problems.

In the fall of 2011, the Sanofi Pasteur plant flooded causing problems with mold.

Kutner has trouble with a patient who insists her breast implants are causing problems.

problems arose

Problems and Change Already problems arose.

In 1986 an attempt was made to return as Laser Hot Hits, but the same problems arose.

In 1888, problems arose when the Annual Cattle Show was scheduled earlier than usual.

main problems   (ana sorunlar)

The main problems to be solved were:

The main problems associated with atomic compression are in the development stage.

The main problems associated with atomic compression are in the developmental stage.

behavioral problems   (davranış problemleri)

One of these programs, Gateway, is designed for students with behavioral problems.

In addition to academic and behavioral problems, children with inadequate diets are more prone to illnesses.

Severe behavioral problems, such as agitation or combativeness, may be managed with short-term antipsychotics or benzodiazepines.

logistical problems   (lojistik problemler)

Manufacturers also point out that even if they were to attempt to comply, there are logistical problems.

By this point, ports like Cherbourg were too far away from the front line, causing the Allies great logistical problems.

However, due to logistical problems and a lack of funding, the group abandoned the project shortly after opening the temple.

family problems   (aile problemleri)

He was said to be dealing with personal family problems.

Vijay (Nagarjuna) is an unemployed guy suffering from family problems.

She provokes Alejandro's sympathy, telling him about her family problems.

numerous problems

Dark energy, though speculative, solves numerous problems.

He had numerous problems with money.

Writers pointed out numerous problems with Luckenbach's affidavit and with the story of the bribery.

kidney problems

People with liver or kidney problems may need lower doses.

It is also used to prevent kidney problems in people with diabetes.

While usable in those with kidney problems, the dose may need to be decreased.

marital problems   (evlilik sorunları)

Widdén's comic songs often dealt with marital problems.

Speed has revealed that he is having marital problems with his wife Connie (Ellen Drew).

The album was shelved just as alcoholism and marital problems overcame all three Wilson brothers.

practical problems

For practical problems with finite samples, other estimators may be preferable.

No one has determined the fraction of practical problems for which an algorithm yields good results rapidly.

During World War I, he worked on a top secret project to solve the practical problems of submarine detection by sonar.

problems forced

However, scheduling problems forced the development team to abandon many of these ideas.

He performed on recording sessions until 2005 when health problems forced him to retire.

Health problems forced the horse to be withdrawn from France's most prestigious race, the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.

reliability problems   (güvenilirlik sorunları)

Since opening, NSC-1 has had ongoing reliability problems.

Significant reliability problems affected the engines in early bikes.

It was quickly abandoned by MRD after engine reliability problems became evident.

potential problems   (potansiyel problemler)

Color codes do present some potential problems.

JDEM has recognized several potential problems of the SNAP project:

Much more work is needed here to define the extent of the potential problems.

all the problems

By the end of 1840, all the problems had been rectified.

Whether Kumar and Meena (Rambha) get united after solving out all the problems forms the crux of the story.

He made all the problems more realistic and relevant to what was being studied, not just to improve the general intelligence.

knee problems

He was also restricted by persistent knee problems.

Following the season, Klecko retired due to chronic knee problems.

Lubin continued to play for the Twentieth Century Fox team until 1955, when knee problems prompted him to retire.

control problems   (kontrol problemleri)

GEKKO is a topic in online forums where users are solving optimization and optimal control problems.

Doctors also stated that he had an inability to control his anxiety and had impulse control problems.

According to many critics, such an unusual division of labor caused serious command and control problems.

problems led

This and internal problems led to an acrimonious split in 1986.

Analysis of its problems led to recommendations for safer designs.

The problems led to the NCB stopping the last coal face working in January 1971 and closed the pit on 17 April.

complex problems

He ponders and solves one of the most complex problems of painting: shadows.

With appropriate treatment outcomes, even with complex problems, are generally good.

Sometimes it was necessary to resort to sending advertising to solve the most complex problems.

without problems

But the famous star is not without problems, either.

This arrangement wasn't without problems or controversy.

These coins were accepted without problems.

problems because   (sorunlar çünkü)

This has the potential for problems because Gene once stole Rob's girlfriend.

formula_3 will pose efficiency problems because the formula_5 will be close to nonstationary.

Both of them go to Swamy and tell him that he had many problems because of telling the truth.

physical problems

These physical problems lead to mental health problems.

Diagnosis is based on the distinctive cry and accompanying physical problems.

Hubbard claimed that these engrams are the cause of almost all psychological and physical problems.

new problems   (yeni sorunlar)

France emerged from World War II to face a series of new problems.

Then new problems surfaced.

"New technologies cannot solve problems of old technologies or just create new problems."

drug problems

Baseball has been taken to task for turning a blind eye to its drug problems.

Due to drug problems within the band, they were forced to cancel an Australian tour.

He recovered from his drug problems and started his own surf school on Oahu's North Shore.

causes problems

Changing software causes problems that require version control to solve.

This causes problems when there are cities and contaminants in river basins.

Writers continued to include Paul in the story, which causes problems for them.

problems encountered

Of special interest, this solves two common and vexing problems encountered in optical heterodyne detection.

All the problems encountered in the game, except in the "Cave Runner" exercise, will fall into the chosen subject.

In fact, one of the major problems encountered by Europeans was the determination of the Ngarrindjeri to rebuild their camps on land claimed for grazing.

problems include

Long-term problems include low investment and uncertain property rights.

The FRGC challenge problems include sufficient data to overcome this impediment.

Severe environmental problems include deforestation, soil erosion, overgrazing, and overfishing.

problems arise   (Sorunlar ortaya çıkıyor)

More problems arise and the love triangle intensifies.

However, problems arise when their dog, Cheddar, runs away.

Clearly, many health problems arise due to disordered eating.

problems arising   (ortaya çıkan sorunlar)

He has said that problems arising from conjugal life sometimes even lead to suicide or murder.

A standard Basque language was developed in the 1960s aiming to minimise problems arising from dialectic variation.

At the conference Hayashi said: "Many Asian cities are beset by problems arising from rapid urbanization and population growth."

emotional problems

For this reason, children of alcoholic parents can develop a number of emotional problems.

Robert Bray's emotional problems and alcoholism brought about his departure from the series.

All of these things spoke of success, but Ray suffered strong emotional problems during this time.

because of problems   (problemler yüzünden)

Measuring the balance of trade can be problematic because of problems with recording and collecting data.

The 2005 edition of the Miesque Stakes had to be canceled because of problems with Hollywood Park's turf course.

The jettison proved difficult because of problems getting airtight seals, requiring a delay in discarding the LM.

further problems

Engelbart's house in Atherton, California burned down during this period, causing him and his family further problems.

According to the "New York Post", they did this to avoid further problems due to their schools' lack of accreditation.

The priest finds that it is "hell being God," as most of his characters, even when obeying, create further problems for him.

common problems

Generally it is very common problems in South East Madhya Pradesh.

If you have a great idea or you are looking for a technical solution for common problems facing society.

Newman's cognate sets suffered from common problems in comparative linguistics, such as comparing commonly borrowed forms (e.g.

related problems   (ilgili sorunlar)

Examples of related problems include consensus problems, Byzantine fault tolerance, and self-stabilisation.

gave a conceptually similar path-following version of the homotopy proof which extends to a wide variety of related problems.

The office also helps poor nations suffering from climate change related problems by helping them access satellite images for free.

supply problems   (tedarik problemleri)

Poor conditions and supply problems resulted in the deaths of some 2,500 troops.

They immediately encountered the first of the supply problems which were to plague the expedition.

Delayed by supply problems like all the Allied armies, First Army did not push beyond St Quentin until after 8 October.

created problems

The tunnel has created problems of its own.

Soon, commercial rivalry created problems between Carthage and Utica.

By contrast, the Italians had no such inhibitions, which created problems among Wehrmacht and SS officers.

problems continued

Unfortunately Jo's problems continued on Andy's release, when he started beating her.

Despite the change in leadership, the same problems continued to plague the 7th Infantry Division.

Major Wheeler-Nicholson remained for a year, but cash-flow problems continued, and he was forced out.

problems involving   (içeren sorunlar)

Some affected individuals also have problems involving the nervous system.

The number occurs naturally in connection with many problems involving asymptotics.

Alhazen solved problems involving congruences using what is now called Wilson's theorem.

mathematical problems

During this period, Wigner developed an interest in mathematical problems.

The series focuses on aiding students who struggle with mathematical problems.

In addition, the director approaches editing like "intricate mathematical problems".

security problems

In addition, there were a number of security problems with the implementation.

As an auditing tool, it can detect fraud, intrusions, and other security problems.

Members of the CCC have demonstrated and publicized a number of important information security problems.

all problems

The implication was that SAMO© was a drug that could solve all problems.

rest is a cat and mouse game between Anand and Rishi and how their love win all problems.

The engineer must devise solutions to all problems which could arise under the least-favorable conditions.

mental problems

Besides the physical injuries, many Coalition soldiers suffered from mental problems.

In addition to Haley's drinking problems, he was having serious mental problems, as well.

His family thinks that Sanjay has some mental problems, but the truth is that Sanjay is not imagining these things.

solutions to problems

Contracts have been awarded to XADS to provide new solutions to problems on the battlefield.

The shaman also enters supernatural realms or dimensions to obtain solutions to problems afflicting the community.

In the engineering design process, engineers apply mathematics and sciences such as physics to find novel solutions to problems or to improve existing solutions.

specific problems

Some rider requirements are attempts to avoid specific problems from previous shows.

In 1994 Nowotny helped coin the term “Mode 2” for a new mode of applied research focused on solving specific problems.

It involved multidisciplinary teams that worked together for short periods of time on specific problems in the real world.

engineering problems

The station launch was postponed by engineering problems.

He used evolution strategies to solve complex engineering problems.

This gives the efficiency advantages of staged combustion, while avoiding major engineering problems.

address the problems   (problemleri çözmek)

To address the problems, good governance and a change in the water use paradigm have been proposed.

These, however, did not address the problems identified with radar blackouts caused by high-altitude explosions.

To address the problems of bottlenecks, Gnutella developers implemented a tiered system of "ultrapeers" and "leaves".