surgical procedure   (外科的処置)

The bile is collected from live bears via a surgical procedure.

During the latter half of the 1980s, PNS became an established surgical procedure.

It is a surgical procedure in which the foreskin is opened and separated from the glans.

criminal procedure   (刑事訴訟)

It is part of the criminal procedure in some jurisdictions using common law.

The first step in criminal procedure is for the defendant to be arrested by the police.

Legislation on this subject has included Act IV of 1978 on criminal code and Act I of 1973 on criminal procedure.

civil procedure   (民事訴訟)

Such an action did not exist in South African civil procedure.

Scots civil procedure Scots civil procedure governs the rules of civil procedure in Scotland.

standard procedure   (標準手順)

The standard procedure is typically performed in two stages.

Some publishers have stated that they grant these rights as a standard procedure.

The arrest of family members was standard procedure to deter others from attempting escape.

same procedure   (同じ手順)

Harvest in general follows the same procedure as in the other wheat species.

For their 2019 entry, ARD organised a national final with the same procedure.

As the advance continued, it carried out the same procedure at the Somme crossings on 30 August.

medical procedure   (医療処置)

Fear of surgery or other invasive medical procedure is known as tomophobia.

Jaw wiring Jaw wiring is a medical procedure to keep the jaw closed for a period of time.

It is rarely used as a therapeutic medical procedure, such as when cancer has developed in or spread to the clitoris.

parliamentary procedure   (議会の手続き)

Knowing his grasp of parliamentary procedure, Arthur James Balfour hired him to be a strategist in opposition.

"Aye" is also a common word in parliamentary procedure, where the phrase "the ayes have it" means that a motion has passed.

He supported Communist China and took a keen interest in Northern Ireland, the brewers' monopoly and parliamentary procedure.

procedure used   (使用した手順)

Another common procedure used to treat heart failure patients is an angioplasty.

The procedure used also depends upon which type of institutional act is being used.

Standard routine procedure used in the growth of most of μ-PD crystals is well developed.

rules of procedure   (手続規則)

Pursuant to its (classified) rules of procedure, its sessions are confidential.

The organisation of the courts and their rules of procedure are established in the Courts Act.

The rules of procedure of the European Commission set out the Commission's operation and organisation.

legal procedure   (法的手続き)

According to Nārada, the king is the highest venue of legal procedure.

Vyavahāra Vyavahāra () is an important concept of Hindu law denoting legal procedure.

Shari'a provides the legal principles upon which the law and legal procedure are based.