İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

processes such   (süreçler böyle)

Due to natural processes such as flooding, these forests were buried underneath soil.

Ecological processes such as the loss of natural pollinators also threaten this species.

These change only over periods of millions of years due to processes such as plate tectonics.

biological processes   (biyolojik süreçler)

Crystals can also be formed by biological processes, see above.

Like all biological processes, DNMT1 based hemimethylation correction is not perfect.

Natural selection is known to be one of the most important biological processes behind evolution.

business processes   (iş süreçleri)

Good management can contribute to efficiency of business processes.

Implementing ERP typically requires changes in existing business processes.

It is designed to be able to handle business processes that require reasoning.

manufacturing processes

In electronics manufacturing processes, vacuum grease is often used to prevent corrosion.

Industrial Revolution Factory Industrial process Taxonomy of manufacturing processes

The private sector apparel industry is one of the most dynamic manufacturing processes in Egypt.

cognitive processes   (bilişsel süreçler)

Social living is thought to have co-evolved with higher cognitive processes.

Kroll's research program examines the cognitive processes underlying bilingualism.

Higher cognitive processes have evolved in many closely and distantly related animals.

other processes   (diğer işlemler)

There are several representations of the VG process that relate it to other processes.

This produces a positive feedback for changes induced by other processes such as orbital cycles.

Paraldehyde is used in resin manufacture, as a preservative, MEP and in other processes as a solvent.

industrial processes

In industrial processes, foams pose serious problems.

Equipment for the main industrial processes for crystallization.

Hydrodynamic cavitation can also improve some industrial processes.

natural processes

Due to natural processes such as flooding, these forests were buried underneath soil.

Other natural processes are thought to produce only an insignificant amount of deuterium.

Through natural processes in the atmosphere, it is eventually oxidized to carbon dioxide and ozone.

cellular processes   (hücresel süreçler)

The APC gene is a tumor suppressor; its protein product is involved in many cellular processes.

These bacteria also secrete proteins that enable the AC-II to enter host cells, where the exogenous AC activity undermines normal cellular processes.

Knowledge of how the transcriptome changes during cellular processes allows for greater understanding of the exact mechanisms underlying these processes.

chemical processes

This results from a combination of physical and chemical processes.

Coal to chemical processes require substantial quantities of water.

The term originated with the industrial designing of chemical processes.

production processes

Böhm-Bawerk's theory equates capital intensity with the degree of roundaboutness of production processes.

They have been studied in the hope of developing commercially cost-effective biofuel production processes.

Coal of different qualities was required for mixing as the iron production processes became more sophisticated.

processes involved

As a material scientist, Hsiao has focused on understanding the fundamental processes involved in the crystallization of polymers.

He was a close friend of Charles Darwin, and contributed significantly to Darwin's thinking on the processes involved in evolution.

What follows is a chart displaying a fairly typical fugal outline, and an explanation of the processes involved in creating this structure.

physical processes

Devices operating on several physical processes have been used over the millennia.

Transport of particulate organic material in streams as a function of physical processes.

Noise can arise from environmental factors as well as from fundamental physical processes.

mental processes

Lastly, the unconscious includes mental processes we are unaware of.

Neither does this type of therapy deal with unconscious mental processes.

The main focus of cognitive psychologists is on the mental processes that affect behavior.

stochastic processes

repetitions at regular intervals), and Bq is only used for stochastic processes (i.e.

Many texts on stochastic processes do, indeed, assume a probability space but never state explicitly what it is.

The concept appears in ergodic theory—the study of stochastic processes and measure-preserving dynamical systems.

thought processes

Victim mentality depends on clear thought processes and attribution.

It is a solution concept based on how players think about other players' thought processes.

Such training also stimulates the thought processes and improves the self-concept of these patients.

different processes

Cell signaling involves many different processes and proteins.

Two different processes shaped the range into what it is today.

It entails 3 different processes.

processes including   (dahil süreçler)

Traditional methods of fabrication involve vacuum processes including co-evaporation and sputtering.

Other insolvency processes including liquidation and examinership are used to deal with corporate insolvency.

Nutrients are converted to cell material and energy for life processes including reproduction and growth of living cells.

physiological processes   (fizyolojik süreçler)

DGVMs commonly simulate a variety of plant and soil physiological processes.

Studies have implicated polydendrocytes in many cellular and physiological processes.

The field of biological vision studies and models the physiological processes behind visual perception in humans and other animals.

metabolic processes   (metabolik süreçler)

In this idea, the body's metabolic processes are overwhelmed by normal, everyday byproducts.

Movement of calcium ions in and out of the cytoplasm is a signaling activity for metabolic processes.

This may be due to the ability to damage the genome or to the disruption of cellular metabolic processes.

processes used

Both crushing and pressing are processes used in the production of wine.

Plant biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes used by plants.

Egyptian mummification processes used asphalt imported from the Dead Sea region.

social processes   (sosyal süreçler)

To study social processes requires researchers to describe the sequence of social interaction.

Couch's examinations of social processes and relationships are a constant diet for students in communication and sociology.

Another common notion is that guilt is assigned by social processes, such as a jury trial (i. e., that it is a strictly legal concept).

political processes

The Freedom Wars started and political processes were derailed during the turmoil.

RAMA is not a political organization but does participate in legislative and political processes.

Investment decisions are a function of both resources available and political processes, in regards to distribution of public funds.

processes within

The matrix is host to a wide variety of metabolites involved in processes within the matrix.

The launcher provides the ability to start processes within various batch processing systems (e.g.

Thermal cracking, stripping and power generation are some of the major processes within a refinery that use steam.