Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

not produce   (no producir)

General George Cadwalader did not produce Merryman.

(5) Groups I and III cannot produce viable cysts.

The majority of capsules will not produce seedlings.

used to produce   (solía producir)

Many printing techniques are used to produce posters.

This is sometimes used to produce chronograms.

The dams would be used to produce hydroelectric power.

produce more   (producir más)

These buildings can also be upgraded to produce more energy.

Mee offered to print her verses, encouraging her to produce more.

The failure of this album encouraged her to produce more products.

able to produce   (capaz de producir)

Cave fish and surface fish are able to produce fertile offspring.

Only Nathan Astle was able to produce a big score, finishing on 109.

Despite this, the group was able to produce a number of collaborative works.

continued to produce   (continuó produciendo)

They continued to produce his pieces until 1947.

Akai has continued to produce MPC models without Linn.

She continued to produce newspaper and book illustrations for many years.

order to produce   (para producir)

She finally signed a contract with Raks Müzik in order to produce four albums.

The following year, Head opened a new plant in Austria in order to produce more tennis rackets.

The fifths could be tempered more than in equal temperament, in order to produce better thirds.

did not produce   (no produjo)

General George Cadwalader did not produce Merryman.

However, this did not produce flavorful grapes.

However, they themselves did not produce many.

began to produce   (comenzó a producir)

Around 1996, he began to produce and write music.

He began to produce hits by collaborating with other artists.

The company now began to produce mostly rolled and sheet brass.

ability to produce   (capacidad de producir)

Some isolates do not show the ability to produce zoospores.

The Leyland plant also had the ability to produce four wheel drive vehicles.

Humans also lack the genetic ability to produce these sensory cells actively.

produce the film   (producir la película)

In 2013 he would produce the film "Aztec Warrior".

She is also set to executive produce the film.

It took several years to find funding to produce the film.

failed to produce   (no pudo producir)

Batasuna had failed to produce such a statement.

After Theophrastus, the Lyceum failed to produce any original work.

They failed to produce children.

designed to produce   (diseñado para producir)

These are designed to produce a controlled bond with masonry blocks.

The TMP plant is designed to produce up to 550 tons of pulp per day.

The turbines were designed to produce , which would propel the ship at .

produce new   (producir nuevo)

He continues to produce new strips for Sundays.

Moderately grazed plants produce new shoots regularly.

Interleaf did not produce new versions of Author/Editor.

does not produce   (no produce)

Questar does not produce their own optics.

Hyperchloremia (having too much chloride) usually does not produce symptoms.

This process does not produce any waste stream or sludge and is relatively cheap.

agricultural produce   (Productos agricolas)

They were common in markets for agricultural produce.

These reforms would include logistics and retail of agricultural produce.

Govt is also promoting a agricultural produce brand called Haryana Fresh.

produce a new   (producir un nuevo)

Joel Plaskett will produce a new version of the song.

Brandt Co., and began to produce a new truck with designation of AMO-2.

The decision to produce a new hymnbook was taken at the Methodist Conference of 2009.

fresh produce   (productos frescos)

Moricone is known for its fresh produce and olive oil.

This does not include fresh produce markets.

With its rich soil, St. Kitts and Nevis grow a wide variety of fresh produce.

required to produce   (requerido para producir)

Further processing may be required to produce fuels.

SOR is the ratio of unit of steam required to produce unit of Oil.

More force is required to produce a fracture in males than females.

produce their own   (producir sus propios)

Now, almost none of them produce their own frames.

Questar does not produce their own optics.

Most groups produce their own newsletters.

helped produce   (ayudó a producir)

Charles and Rosetta helped produce his newspapers.

Ricky Reed helped produce "REBORN YESTERDAY".

Mast helped produce "Feel the Love", "Fire" and "Reborn".

decided to produce   (decidió producir)

Kato and Tanaka decided to produce an indirect sequel.

In 1937 the LMS decided to produce a more modern diesel train for itself.

It was decided to produce the beer in Barbados, including the Banks DIH Shandy range.

produce large   (producir grandes)

They also produce large amounts of water as a byproduct.

Insulinomas can produce large amounts of insulin, causing hypoglycemia.

The animals produce large quantities of antioxidants to neutralize the excess oxygen.

continues to produce   (continúa produciendo)

He continues to produce new strips for Sundays.

She continues to produce short films, although at a reduced rate.

Seria Well Number 2 was drilled on 19 August 1929, and, , continues to produce oil.

produce many   (producir muchos)

However, they themselves did not produce many.

Certain varieties of maize have been bred to produce many additional developed ears.

It was used to produce many advertising items and was made by Doulton from 1901 to 1939.

produce the same   (producir lo mismo)

It did not produce the same results as it had in the JSPC.

Another measurement done in this basis would produce the same result.

Note that 'rounded' and 'floored' produce the same MIDI pitch bend value.

unable to produce   (incapaz de producir)

Twenty counties (of 67) were unable to produce any surplus of corn.

Blink-182 cancelled as they were unable to produce their new album in time for their European tour.

Reiner was unable to produce the original cap, but did include a similar cap in the grandson's room.

produce up   (producir)

A single spawning can produce up to 100 young.

They produce up to 47 eggs when the conditions are favourable.

One ton of saleable slate could produce up to 30 tons of waste.

executive produce   (producto ejecutivo)

She is also set to executive produce the film.

Highmore will also executive produce Ehrin's drama pilot "Long Distance" for NBC.

It was also confirmed that Minkie Spiro would direct and executive produce the pilot.

started to produce   (comenzó a producir)

In 1953 Helsingin Energia started to produce district heating.

Around 1900, he also started to produce rods, tubes and sections.

Living organisms also started to produce skeletons and other forms of biomineralization.

produce such   (producir tal)

Batasuna had failed to produce such a statement.

There are very few manufacturers which produce such types of machines.

He was one of the earliest composers to produce such programmatic pieces.

produce enough   (producir suficiente)

It takes between 500 and 1,000 larvae to produce enough Gypchek to treat one acre.

Under normal conditions, the six turbines produce enough electricity to power approximately 36 computers.

If a large tree is unable to produce enough sugars to feed the roots, it will slowly die from starvation.

produce electricity   (produce electricidad)

The turbines then spin an electric generator to produce electricity.

Scientists have successfully engineered it to create a biofilm which produce electricity.

Fuel cells can produce electricity continuously for as long as fuel and oxygen are supplied.

needed to produce   (necesario para producir)

When an artery is blocked, cells lack oxygen, needed to produce ATP in mitochondria.

When you play you must let only the amount of air pass the lips that is needed to produce the tone—no more.

However, information from other views (and sometimes other perspectives) is needed to produce a work product.

write and produce   (escribir y producir)

Jarrad went on to write and produce songs for Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian.

Disney Asia whereby commissioned him to write and produce for "Mickey Safety House".

Murphy went onto write and produce a movie, "Valley of the Heart's Delight", regarding the 1933 case.

produce several   (producir varios)

During his time at university, Ashby helped to produce several local jazz festivals.

For exterior shots, Frankel had to produce several elaborate props with a circular saw.

Elephants produce several sounds, usually through the larynx, though some may be modified by the trunk.

produce different   (producir diferente)

Other species produce different types of pheromones.

and "Guitar Boogie," rotate to produce different arrays of sounds.

Tolerogenic DCs also produce different cytokines as mature DCs (e.g.

produce high   (producir alto)

Its purpose was to produce high purity uranium from uranium ores.

The blue crude is then refined to produce high efficiency E-diesel.

Carbon arc lamps operate at high power and produce high intensity white light.

produce the album   (producir el álbum)

At her label's request, Dieter Bohlen was chosen to produce the album.

Finally, Sony BMG agreed to produce the album in India without any changes.

In 2008, Jones teamed up with producer Neilson Hubbard to produce the album "Swallow the Sea".

expected to produce   (se espera que produzca)

The power station is expected to produce 5,920GWh of power annually.

Oyu Tolgoi is also expected to produce 330,000 ounces of gold annually.

Shah Deniz is expected to produce up to 296 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.

local produce   (producto local)

Transportation of local produce was by bullock carts.

A weekly farmers' market has been developed to exhibit local produce.

Gerber founded Fremont Canning Company in 1901 with his father to market local produce for the farmers.

continue to produce   (continuar produciendo)

Evan Goldstein of "The Chronicle" and Tran Huu Dung continue to produce the site.

Bosch sold the patent to Japanese companies that continue to produce injection systems based on D-Jetronic.

Today, the cuntuuje gardens continue to produce a significant quantity and variety of agricultural products.

produce a series   (producir una serie)

Flanagan to produce a series of watercolours and oils of the house.

Tolle partnered with her to produce a series of webinar sessions beginning in May 2008.

In 1906, J. P. Morgan provided Curtis with $75,000 to produce a series on Native Americans.

produce music   (producir música)

Bainbridge originally came to produce music from work as a DJ.

After, he had moved to Belgrade, where he began to produce music and MC.

In an interview, he stated that he didn't produce music, but did DJ and perform.

only produce   (solo producir)

Those that do not will only produce peripheral effects.

Females typically only produce one or two young per year.

Thus they only produce male offspring.

rights to produce   (derechos a producir)

It also gives ESPNU the rights to produce a weekly program devoted to Big East sports.

Asiapac Books acquired the rights to produce an illustrated version of the novel in 1995.

Star then purchased the rights to produce Star-Benz cars in Wolverhampton and began production at the Stewart Street Works.

produce the first   (producir el primero)

This was used to produce the first estimate of the speed of light.

The Wells light, with its pressure burner, was an attempt to produce the first really bright portable lighting.

On May 9, 2018, it was reported that Liz Friedlander would direct and executive produce the first two episodes.

produce another   (producir otro)

Plaintiffs produced 32 claims but failed to produce another 284 claims.

Alloying combines two types of metals to produce another metal with desired properties.

In fact, they originally planned to produce another movie as the first one of the company.

expensive to produce   (costoso de producir)

This invention gradually made books less expensive to produce, and more widely available.

Cinemas were cheaper than vaudeville, because live performances were more expensive to produce.

Cells made from newer materials tend to be less efficient than bulk silicon, but are less expensive to produce.

known to produce   (conocido por producir)

V518 Carinae is known to produce disk outbursts lasting several hundred days.

Saccharomyces yeast are known to produce these higher alcohols at temperatures above .

Another West African people known to produce powder glass beads are the Yoruba from Nigeria.

intended to produce   (destinado a producir)

They intended to produce ten films for RKO Pictures.

The machinery was intended to produce giving a speed of .

At first, the new consortium intended to produce one long-range and one short-range version.

produce only   (producir solo)

This condition tends to produce only mild abnormalitys.

It could produce only thread that was suitable for weft.

At a professional level, most matches produce only a few goals.

did produce   (produjo)

Despite this, Maudsley did produce some designs for the city council.

The FAU offense did produce good yardage, gaining 122 yards rushing and 230 yards passing.

As a broodmare, however, she did produce one very good horse in the form of the South African champion Kipling.

agreed to produce   (acordado producir)

The Government of Gordon Brown agreed to produce new rules.

Although initially hesitant, Shailendra Babu agreed to produce the film.

In 1971, Yomiuri Television agreed to produce a TV adaptation of the manga.

capacity to produce   (capacidad de producir)

It has the capacity to produce 5 million liters per year.

The Hyderabad plant has a capacity to produce 250 tons of UO per year and is expected to expanded to a 600 tons per year capacity.

One of the most studied species is "C. glutamicum", whose name refers to its capacity to produce glutamic acid in aerobic conditions.

produce a film   (producir una película)

Warner Bros. would produce a film version in 1947.

He produced Atkinson's first live album and was the first to produce a film of Rowan's live show.

Elton John and husband David Furnish tried to produce a film based on his life for almost two decades.

wanted to produce   (quería producir)

He himself wanted to produce plays and make movies.

Lee Noble wanted to produce cheaper cars, so Noble Automotive set out to build a relatively affordable, fast car.

Roth had read and enjoyed Lynch's "Ronnie Rocket" script, but did not think it was something he wanted to produce.

plans to produce   (planea producir)

IAI plans to produce conformal fuel tanks.

Tajikistan plans to produce 2,441 kg of gold by the end of the year 2012.

In June 2019, NXP announced plans to produce a line of Azure Sphere-certified chips.

produce both   (producir ambos)

Cavendish will produce both films along with Serkis.

Interactions between organisms can produce both conflict and cooperation.

As per reports, her venture will produce both off-beat and mainstream movies.

farm produce   (Productos agricolas)

Prowse exported dried fish, canned lobsters and farm produce.

The biggest problem of farmers is the low price for their farm produce.

In return for essential supplies from Carl Christiansen, settlers bartered farm produce and lumber.

commissioned to produce   (encargado de producir)

He had been commissioned to produce four nature documentaries.

In 1880 Rodin was commissioned to produce "The Gates of Hell", for which he exhibited "Adam" at the 1881 Paris Salon.

Each issue of "The Vacuum" is centred on a topical theme, around which writers and artists are commissioned to produce articles and illustrations.

produce films   (producir películas)

The committee encourages filmmakers use environmentally friendly ways to produce films.

Emilie Blézat founded Sciapode in 2003 to produce films by "strong and ambitious filmmakers."

The success of "The Red Sense" led Transparent Pictures to produce films such as "Bokator" and "Annoyed".

possible to produce   (posible producir)

Finishing the series with an open ending possible to produce a second season.

In one day it was possible to produce 18–20 series (cabiddadas), that is 160 pieces.

The latter made it possible to produce wider dynamic range on the kantele than ever before.

produce less   (producir menos)

Vertical designs produce less power and are less common.

In general, the ideal buffer should have good conductivity, produce less heat and have a long life.

Anaerobic processes occur in the absence of oxygen and produce less cell mass than aerobic processes.

produce a more   (producir un más)

In 1937 the LMS decided to produce a more modern diesel train for itself.

The various scores were adjusted to produce a more balanced and interesting game.

Microphones were placed close to the instruments to produce a more biting and raw sound.

produce a single   (producir un solo)

Pisanello appears to have merged various elements from both medals to produce a single piece.

Crested Guinea fowl, a ground-dwelling fowl, produce a single type of alarm call for all predators it detects.

The hand-making process involves taking a lump of dough and repeatedly stretching it to produce a single very long noodle.

produce and distribute   (producir y distribuir)

He produce and distribute films under the banner of Galaxy Films.

He even started his own record company to produce and distribute recordings of his songs for local fans.

In 1912, he thought that a conglomerate of theaters throughout the nation could buy or produce and distribute its own films.

together to produce   (juntos para producir)

If the bullet strikes an unarmored target, it holds together to produce a wide wound channel.

Spurred by Evans, the quintet comes together to produce a charity album inspired by Whitney Houston.

Many currents came together to produce the revived Chicano political movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

produce and direct   (producir y dirigir)

GoHands and Shingo Suzuki are returning to produce and direct the anime, respectively.

Following Mkwawa she went to co-write, produce and direct a series called ‘The Team: Tanzania.

In 1983, Miller traveled to China to produce and direct "Death of a Salesman" at the People's Art Theatre in Beijing.

company to produce   (empresa para producir)

Boni began the Readex Microprint company to produce and license this technology.

He helped to create Carsey-Werner Moving Pictures, to position the company to produce feature films.

enough to produce   (suficiente para producir)

The language is not fast enough to produce more than a baritone buzz from repeated clicks.

Often, ordinary outside air can warm the pipes enough to produce dry, cool compressed air.

In early 2018, it was licensed to expand to (25 acres), enough to produce 75 metric tons of cannabis annually.

produce very   (producir muy)

However, severely grazed plants produce very few new shoots.

Small scale permineralization can produce very detailed fossils.

Coal is also used to produce very high temperatures through combustion.

produce all   (producir todo)

If a non-trivial integer solution is known, one may produce all other solutions in the following way.

By contrast, an animal embryo will very early produce all of the body parts that it will ever have in its life.

Knowles' intention was not to monopolize the spotlight, however, she did co-write and produce all of the album's 18 cuts.

necessary to produce   (necesario para producir)

Usually a large quantity of wood or straw is necessary to produce the ash.

No decision has been made on taking the final steps necessary to produce the full-scale version.

The six investors pooled USD $3,000 to purchase the equipment necessary to produce Meier's sculptures.

produce a number   (producir un número)

Bears produce a number of vocal and non-vocal sounds.

Despite this, the group was able to produce a number of collaborative works.

Perched water tables produce a number of small freshwater springs on the cliff face.

attempt to produce   (intento de producir)

The Vibratosax represents another attempt to produce a low cost saxophone made of plastic.

The Wells light, with its pressure burner, was an attempt to produce the first really bright portable lighting.

Nielsen BookScan U.S. is perhaps the most aggressive attempt to produce a completely automatic and trusted set of bestseller lists.

likely to produce   (probable de producir)

An attempt to explain weight by breed is likely to produce a very good fit.

For example, the fermented bean product miso is less likely to produce as much intestinal gas.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is even less likely to produce strangelets, but searches are planned for the LHC detector.

shown to produce   (demostrado para producir)

(3) Temperature changes have also been shown to produce varying amounts of cysts.

From various experiments, the elephant larynx is shown to produce various and complex vibratory phenomena.

In humans, alcohol consumption has been shown to produce epigenetic changes that contribute to the increased craving of alcohol.

plants produce   (las plantas producen)

Moderately grazed plants produce new shoots regularly.

However, severely grazed plants produce very few new shoots.

Thermal power plants produce much of the country's electricity.

develop and produce   (desarrollar y producir)

Carbon Motors was formed to develop and produce the E7, the first purpose-built police car ever made.

Emerson spent heavily to develop and produce both an improved Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator and a pacemaker.

The company spent heavily to develop and produce both an improved implantable cardioverter-defibrillator and a pacemaker.

managed to produce   (logrado producir)

The event was not a pay-per-view event but managed to produce pay-per-view calibre matches.

The Ministry of Agriculture then managed to produce and cultivate a hybrid between basmati and local rice in 2017.

Tim managed to produce a script within a few weeks for a 15-minute short film intended for entry into film festivals.

produce other   (producir otro)

Prior to the coming to be of being, it cannot produce other beings.

The smokeries also produce other specialities including smoked salmon and bacon.

In parallel they produce other volatiles to attract parasites which attack these herbivores.

tend to produce   (tienden a producir)

Unsurprisingly, these trials tend to produce results that favour the manufacturer.

Natural malefics owning auspicious bhavas, when they act as yogakarakas, tend to produce good results.

Many varieties are suitable, but those developed specifically for baby corn tend to produce more ears per plant.

still produce   (todavía produce)

transitions can still produce radiation, albeit with much lower transitions rates.

As of 2011, RAFM still produce licensed C"all of Cthulhu" models sculpted by Bob Murch.

Before speciation is complete, two diverging populations may still produce viable offspring.

produce a variety   (producir una variedad)

Today, the Acoma produce a variety of goods for economic benefit.

This is in contrast to plants which produce a variety of toxins, but in reduced amounts.

Dolphins produce a variety of vocalizations, usually in the form of clicks and whistles.

planned to produce   (planeado para producir)

Nippon TV also planned to produce its own original content for the service.

In fact, they originally planned to produce another movie as the first one of the company.

Cavanagh had planned to produce a commercial version of the game for release later in 2018.

produce a large   (producir un gran)

Torrential rivers on the slopes of the mountains produce a large hydroelectric power potential and add their volume to the navigable rivers in the valleys.

"F. hepatica" is adapted to produce a large number of eggs, which increases its chances of survival, as many eggs are destroyed on release into the environment.

For instance, an envelope with powder in it that says, “You've just been exposed to anthrax.” Such hoaxes already showed to produce a large psychological impact on the population.

help produce   (ayuda a producir)

These help produce cool and foggy nights and mornings.

Later on, he would help produce "Malcolm X", directed by Spike Lee.

Members can volunteer at local canneries and farms to help produce food for the needy.

produce results   (producir resultados)

Unsurprisingly, these trials tend to produce results that favour the manufacturer.

Dean tried to disguise them as clouds but it did not produce results he had wished for, so they remained visible.

A third census, expected to take years to produce results, began on November 11, 2005, with a three-week interviewing phase.

contract to produce   (contrato para producir)

This awarded Hanley a contract to produce models for Chrysler.

Jack Morton Worldwide was given the contract to produce the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

One victim of this was Smith & Wesson, whose lucrative contract to produce Model 3 revolvers for the Spanish Army was quickly cancelled.