Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

produced and directed   (producido y dirigido)

The film was produced and directed by Syed Kamal.

Both series were produced and directed by David Tyler

It was produced and directed by Kishore Sahu.

film produced   (película producida)

It is the final film produced by Franchise Pictures.

"Knock on Wood" was the first film produced by his firm.

It was the final film produced under the Gemini Studios banner.

album was produced   (se produjo el álbum)

The album was produced by the band and Mark Ingram.

The album was produced by his son Dante Kinnunen.

The album was produced by DJ Dmitry of Deee-lite.

written and produced

The song was written and produced by Scott Yahney.

It was written and produced by Tyler, the Creator.

All songs are written and produced by Morgan Page.

produced several

Barrett produced several of the Chantels' records.

At stud, Exhibitionnist produced several winners.

Kelly has hosted and produced several radio programs.

film was produced   (la película fue producida)

The film was produced by the US Army Signal Corps.

The film was produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc.

The film was produced by MGM Studios in Hollywood.

films produced

In 1998, there were two feature films produced.

There were 324 films produced during this period 1950 for 1965.

She acted in all the five films produced by Hind Pictures that year.

series produced

It was the first TV series produced by MGM.

Second series produced in colour.

The list of programmes and series produced by Knickerbockerglory include:

produced many

The school has produced many notable professionals:

The island has produced many world-class fencers.

She has produced many award-winning Broadway plays.

directed and produced

Written, directed and produced by Margarita Cadenas.

Litvak also directed and produced both films.

Hays also directed and produced for films and television.

locally produced   (producido localmente)

KPIX has a long-running, locally produced news magazine.

The remotely operated systems are locally produced as well.

Aspides sold to China resulted in the locally produced PL10.

executive produced   (ejecutivo producido)

Francis Ford Coppola executive produced the film.

It was curated and executive produced by Jason Bentley.

The series is executive produced by Soderbergh, Jacobs, and Araki.

produced a number   (producido un número)

The Komnenos dynasty produced a number of branches.

Wright has produced a number of cast recordings.

They also produced a number of local live shows.

produced during

The toxins are only produced during active growth.

There were 324 films produced during this period 1950 for 1965.

The semen produced during early puberty is also typically clear.

produced the first

William Grove produced the first fuel cell in 1839.

The writer Ōta Nanpo produced the first version in 1790.

In 1949 the plant produced the first dragline excavator.

first produced

They were first produced by Craig Ramsell in 1995.

Bosch first produced the Jetronic EFI system in 1967.

The original plastic Boomwhackers were first produced in 1995.

produced more

Still at , it produced more power across the range.

KBM produced more than 80% of all mortar types in USSR.

It likely produced more than 5,000 forgeries.

ever produced

Ultimately, however, no such film was ever produced.

Fewer than 6000 players were ever produced.

None of these "idols" were ever produced.

wrote and produced

He wrote and produced Shugasmakx's single "Trust It".

His bandmates wrote and produced material in his absence.

Walsh wrote and produced "That Darn Cat!"

company produced   (empresa producida)

The company produced their first work in 1983.

The company produced "Business First" in 1998.

An unknown company produced a clone called the RX-8800.

song was produced

The song was produced by S-X and written by Dappy.

The song was produced by Key Wane and Young Chop.

This song was produced by Stock Aitken Waterman.

series was produced

The series was produced in St. John's, Newfoundland.

The series was produced by Hats Off Productions.

The series was produced by Manish Goswami.

album produced

This album produced five chart singles for Berry.

This was the first album produced by Gilbert O'Sullivan.

The album produced Top-5 rap single hits.

produced a series

He also produced a series of etchings of birds.

STUG also produced a series of newsletters.

Sauter produced a series of portraits for the Schott family.

designed and produced

The 3M8 missile was designed and produced by NPO Novator.

The car has been designed and produced by domestic experts.

Garrett designed and produced oil coolers for the Douglas DB-7.

event produced   (evento producido)

This event produced a mostly submarine debris avalanche that traveled 16 km distance, and triggered a large tsunami.

Slammiversary XVI Slammiversary XVI was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by Impact Wrestling.

Ultimate Jeopardy Ultimate Jeopardy was a professional wrestling event produced by Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

not produced

Selenium is not produced directly by nuclear fusion.

Caesium, however, is not produced from the above reaction.

Once in China, mail was imported but was not produced widely.

produced and distributed

It was produced and distributed by Metro Pictures.

It was produced and distributed by Universal Pictures.

produced between

28 episodes were produced between 2011 and 2014.

Thus far, ten series have been produced between 2010 and 2018.

It was produced between 1931 and 1941.

television series produced

It was the first animated television series produced by BET since "Hey Monie!".

W'z W'z is a 2019 anime television series produced by Frontier Works and animated by GoHands.

The Lost Saucer The Lost Saucer is an ABC network television series produced by Sid and Marty Krofft.

originally produced

The play was originally produced in Germany.

They originally produced Philadelphia brand cream cheese.

ITV's coverage was originally produced by Mach 1 Productions from 1997–1999.

produced using

They were produced using the technology of the time, i.e.

A bottle is produced using about of wheat and spring water.

Budweiser is produced using barley malt, rice, water, hops and yeast.

produced the album

Benjamin also produced the album from that concert.

Manilow produced the album and also performed on it.

Cale and Lewis Merenstein produced the album.

produced the film   (producido la película)

Cameron also produced the film with David Ellison.

He produced the film "The Kid" for Lionsgate Films.

Francis Ford Coppola executive produced the film.

produced numerous

He has produced numerous CDs/DVDs and piano books.

All that touring produced numerous songs.

The club has produced numerous All Blacks, the most recent being Rieko Ioane.

later produced

Ashley later produced some TV movies for Conrad.

Key Tronic later produced a similar product.

AMD later produced the Am286 under the same arrangement.

telenovela produced

Fabiola (TV series) Fabiola is a Venezuelan telenovela produced by Venevisión in 1989.

Pobres Rico Pobres Rico is a 2012 Colombian telenovela produced and aired by RCN Televisión.

O Cravo e a Rosa O Cravo e a Rosa () is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo.

produced only   (producido solo)

McElroy's 18 of 29 produced only 120 yards.

Elwro produced only 42 Odra 1003 mainframes between 1963 and 1965.

Curium metal was produced only in 1951 by reduction of CmF with barium.

marriage produced

This marriage produced one son and two daughters.

The marriage produced six children: George W. (b.

This marriage produced a third son, Ian Snow Carpenter.

produced through

This type was produced through 1807.

It can be produced through the reaction of ReO and HS in 4N HCl.

Coal tar is produced through thermal destruction (pyrolysis) of coal.

show was produced   (espectáculo fue producido)

The show was produced by CBC Toronto in Studio 40.

This show was produced by Atlantis Productions.

The morning show was produced by Woody Fraser.

never produced

The journal was never produced before Poe's death.

Grandmont never produced any writers of importance.

However, the U.S. never produced Ghadiya's body.

episodes were produced

Ten episodes were produced but only seven aired.

28 episodes were produced between 2011 and 2014.

A total of 15 episodes were produced and aired.

produced no

The storm, however, produced no poleward outflow.

They produced no copper and eventually closed.

Maria Theresa and Henri produced no children.

only produced   (solo producido)

The toxins are only produced during active growth.

Mechanical TV usually only produced small images.

And they only produced what they required for living.

then produced

Richard Feynman then produced a universal quantum simulator.

In 1954 he then produced the BBC radio series "The Starlings".

Sound from speakers is then produced by a conversion to analog form.

created and produced

The pilot was created and produced by Carol Mendelsohn.

Both series were created and produced by Carl Kleinschmitt.

The series was created and produced by Sid & Marty Krofft and Si Rose.

show produced   (espectáculo producido)

The show produced 140 episodes.

After nine years, the show produced a female winner, since Elli Erl in Season 2.

Rotten (TV series) Rotten is an American television show produced by Zero Point Zero.

produced and released

It was produced and released by Columbia Pictures.

It was produced and released by the Universal Pictures.

"Stuber" was produced and released by 20th Century Fox.

produced his first

In 2006, he produced his first Hindi film "Utthaan".

In 1974 he produced his first record as singer.

He produced his first film, "Morocco Nights", in 1934.

previously produced   (previamente producido)

ACP previously produced two other journals.

He had previously produced two similar paintings of in 1755.

This was a stark contrast to the 300-plus page catalog previously produced.

produced the song

He also produced the song which was released in 1978.

He co-wrote and produced the song "Diamonds" in this album.

Riva produced the song, and wrote it with Cristian Sorin Ochiu.

engine produced

In the Aura, the engine produced and of torque.

The new engine produced 136 bhp (101 kW) @ 11,000 rpm.

The same 1991 cc engine produced in the B20.

recorded and produced

Over the last twenty years he has recorded and produced over ten albums.

Tracks 1-3: written, recorded and produced by The Crystal Method and Filter.

Five tracks from this EP was recorded and produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys..

video was produced

A music video was produced for "Reduced to Paste".

A music video was produced to promote the single.

car produced

It was the last ever car produced by the ATS team.

It is the first commercial car produced by Geely Automobiles.

Honda N-WGN The is a kei car produced by Honda for the Japanese market.

produced and broadcast

It was produced and broadcast by Televisa in 1985.

Each A-Channel station produced and broadcast its own "Big Breakfast".

There was a total of 44 episodes produced and broadcast over four seasons.

produced when   (producido cuando)

Deposit slips are produced when lodgements (deposits) are made to a bank account.

Methylphosphinic acid is produced when some binary chemical agent precursors are neutralized.

Dysprosium metal is produced when a molten mixture of DyCl in eutectic LiCl-KCl is electrolysed.

produced another   (producido otro)

In 1987 Izhar produced another song for Haza, "Im Nin'Alu".

The 1948 Sierra Pictures never produced another film after "Joan of Arc".

With the classic line-up, the band produced another demo, called "Insanity".

still produced   (todavía producido)

The HP 12c financial calculator is still produced.

Some of his designs are still produced to this day.

Most cloth was still produced in the workers' own homes.

produced before

The journal was never produced before Poe's death.

Four seasons were produced before the show ended in 2007.

44 units were produced before 1 January 1992, 14 of them left in Ukraine.

having produced

People Show continues to tour nationally, having produced 127 productions.

The order is famed for its intellectual tradition, having produced many leading theologians and philosophers.

Tolstoy is credited with having produced some of the earliest works of science fiction in the Russian language.

series is produced

The series is produced by 9X and Saibaba Telefilms.

The series is produced by Retort Productions.

The series is produced by Balaji Telefilms.

developed and produced

He developed and produced electronic church organs.

It was developed and produced by Textron Defense Systems.

Arena Electoral 2.0 as it is currently known was developed and produced under Fundación Ethos.

produced a large

Harunobu, Utamaro) produced a large number of works.

The province of France has produced a large number of preachers.

Christine produced a large number of vernacular works, in both prose and verse.

produced all

In 1887-1917 it was produced all in all 196 times.

This is Urban's only album to not be produced by Dann Huff, who has produced all his albums since.

From then on, Zappa produced all albums released by the Mothers of Invention and as a solo artist.

composed and produced

The game's score was composed and produced by Mark Watters.

The official soundtrack was composed and produced by Ben Prunty.

He composed and produced pieces for zarzuelas, reviews and comedies.

film is produced   (la pelicula es producida)

The film is produced by Drishyam Films and Reliance.

The film is produced by Suzann Toni and Andrew Vogel.

This film is produced by Fred Wolf Films.

independently produced   (producido independientemente)

The Albums that were produced by him are independently produced.

In October 2014, the band released their third independently produced album, MAN

Street-sold (unregulated) items are independently produced and sold to consumers.

produced its first

In 1920, Sparta produced its first self-built cycle.

In 1946, Getzen produced its first trombones.

BCP produced its first Spanish language production in 2015.

produced albums

The producer was Jim Lowe, who produced albums by Stereophonics and The Charlatans.

He also produced albums by Craig Ferguson, James Taylor Quartet, The Almighty, and The High.

Thereafter, they established a new studio called Polar Bear Studio, where Wong recorded and produced albums.

both produced

Jade-ite and Azur-ite were both produced by Anchor Hocking.

1" in 1989, both produced by Yesudas' label Tharangini Records.

There have also been two anime adaptations, both produced by Toei Animation.

produced a new

produced a new line on the teleprinter).

After a little more than a year, the National Assembly produced a new Constitution.

Lately, however, some wine growers have produced a new label "Monrubio", which is a red wine.

produced music

Scott has also written and produced music under the name J.S.

Egan has written and produced music for the production music house Audio Network.

He has also produced music for Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jay Jay Pistolet and Rae Morris.

produced a total   (producido un total)

Tucky Buzzard produced a total of five albums between 1969 and 1973.

Through nine intakes, the DSMA produced a total of 1525 medical officers.

Hurricane Isaac produced a total of 34 tornadoes, with the strongest being two EF2s in Mississippi and Arkansas.

produced and sold

The first MA50 was produced and sold in 1958.

He also produced and sold educational books.

It is produced and sold by FAW Toyota.

version was produced

The English version was produced by ADV Films.

A colorized version was produced in Korea.

A larger wheelbase version was produced as the Renault Grand Modus.

drama film produced   (drama producido)

Teman Tapi Menikah Teman Tapi Menikah is a 2018 Indonesian drama film produced by .

The Lifted Veil (film) The Lifted Veil is a 1917 American silent drama film produced by B.

Second Wife (1930 film) Second Wife is a 1930 American drama film produced and released by RKO Pictures.

tracks produced

All tracks produced by Ugly God, expect where noted.

All tracks produced by The Czar-Keys & Esoteric

All tracks produced by Elof Loelv, except where noted.

commercially produced

Twaron was first commercially produced in 1986.

Some have been commercially produced, such as the Hectix.

However, it has not been commercially produced in modern times.

produced and mixed

Kevin Shirley produced and mixed the audio tracks.

The album was produced and mixed by Nick Raskulinecz.

It was recorded at The Stables Recording Studio and produced and mixed by Hume.

produced around   (producido alrededor)

The body produced around of downforce at .

VEB Plasticart produced around 40 different kits and a few games (e.g.

This magazine was produced around 1933 or 1934, and ran for the six issues of volume one.

program produced

Bands Reunited Bands Reunited was a television program produced by VH1 in 2004.

As pointed out in the main article on "Combat!," this is the only season of the program produced in color.

Who's the Keyman Who's the Keyman () is a Chinese variety program produced by Mango TV and Hunan Satellite TV.

initially produced

The blow-out initially produced 5000 m³ of mud flow per day.

It had 10.5:1 compression and initially produced 61.2 bhp at 11,000 rpm.

The play was initially produced on Broadway by The Group Theatre in 1937.

produced films

It produced films between 1929 and mid-1970s.

Sack produced films under all of his company's various names.

produced a report   (producido un informe)

BuddyTV's analysts compiled the results and produced a report within days for the advertiser.

They produced a report recommending maximum times for the cheque clearing which were introduced in UK from November 2007.

Quickly nicknamed the "Stoiber Group," it produced a report in July 2014 with several proposals on streamlining the regulatory process.

produced both

Litvak also directed and produced both films.

The group has produced both albums and DVDs.

He has produced both Argentine and American soap operas.

mainly produced

These workshops mainly produced sarcophagi for export.

It has mainly produced whisky for blends.

They mainly produced yarns for commercial knitting machines.

again produced

Clear colas were again produced during the Clear Craze of the early 1990s.

Released by United Artists, it was once again produced by Dino De Laurentiis.

The album was again produced by Erick Benzi, but it featured some of Anggun's compositions.

produced and starred

In 1985 he also produced and starred in "Eclipse".

She recently wrote, produced and starred in the film "New Life".

In 2016, Russert wrote, produced and starred in the short film, "Sllip".

produced a documentary

He also produced a documentary on Vladimir Lenin.

In 1972 the Government of Karnataka produced a documentary on his life.

BBC Three produced a documentary on Meechan's case which aired during the summer.

produced at least

She produced at least nine foals and four winners.

She produced at least two foals between 1932 and 1938:

She produced at least ten foals between 1930 and 1944:

often produced   (a menudo producido)

The Group often produced and signed work collectively.

Designs are now often produced with the aid of CAD software.

Organic methoxides are often produced by methylation of alkoxides.

songs produced

All songs produced by DJ Nelson, except where noted.

All songs produced by Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier.

All songs produced by Juliana Hatfield.

works produced

Original Canadian works produced by Roseneath Theatre:

She is especially prominent in works produced in Athens.

Playfulness would, however, be evident even in works produced by an older Dorfman.

wine produced

Alberta's AGLC ceased to export wine produced in BC.

The hectolitres of wine produced rose from 1,520,000 in 1838 to 550,000 in 1852.

The red wine produced from the grape is characteristically spicy with notes of plum.

products produced

13 million of 17 million oil products produced were produced in Azerbaijan.

Sinamay, piña, and jusi are examples of the products produced by the looms of Iloilo.

Despite this, there is limited export of products produced or processed industrially.

comedy film produced   (película de comedia producida)

Thenali Thenali is a 2000 Indian Tamil-language comedy film produced and directed by K. S. Ravikumar and written by Crazy Mohan.

Devanthakudu (1960 film) Devanthakudu () is a 1960 Indian Telugu-language fantasy comedy film produced and directed by C. Pullaiah.

Wine Country (film) Wine Country is a 2019 American comedy film produced and directed by Amy Poehler, in her feature directorial debut.

all produced

The hit singles were all produced by Joe Meek.

Whall, Robert Anning Bell and Wilhelmina Geddes all produced work there.

Saire has written three plays for BBC Radio 4, all produced by Eoin O'Callaghan:

films were produced

Most of these films were produced by Ross Hunter.

Two live-action films were produced in 1981 and 1997.

Hence, until 1939, just 16 films were produced.