executive producer   (製作責任者)

She was also an executive producer for the series.

He served as executive producer from 1984 to 1991.

Wilcox was executive producer of the TV movie "".

record producer   (レコードプロデューサー)

His sister is the record producer Nora Guthrie.

Dave Meegan Dave Meegan is a record producer.

2)" by American record producer BoogzDaBeast.

film producer   (映画プロデューサー)

Hoffman (1881–1944) was an American film producer.

He eventually turned into a film producer himself.

Peter Katz Peter Katz is an American film producer.

music producer   (音楽プロデューサー)

Her father, Michael McClain, is a music producer.

She is divorced from a music producer Johannes Lõhmus.

Pauszek started as a music producer in 1999.

television producer   (テレビプロデューサー)

His father, Savington, was a television producer.

He is the son of television producer Phil Alongi, Sr.

The Earl of Harewood is a film and television producer.

director and producer

Oleg Kozhukhov served as the game's director and producer.

Nick Stagliano Nick Stagliano is a film director and producer.

Her last film as a director and producer was "Salabega" in 1998.

largest producer

The region is Ghana's largest producer of cattle.

China is the largest producer of coal in the world.

Italy is the world's largest producer of artichokes.

producer and director

He became a British film producer and director.

Khan was a journalist, and a film producer and director.

Tom Hargis was the producer and director.

writer and producer

This allegedly annoyed writer and producer Max Martin.

She also works as a writer and producer for new bands.

She was a writer and producer on the Fox drama "Empire".

associate producer

Ian Durney will serve as an associate producer.

Morton is credited as an associate producer.

Pirie was credited as associate producer.

producer and writer

Murray Burnett was the producer and writer.

Lehr is also an executive producer and writer for the show.

Jace Richdale Jace Richdale is an American producer and writer.

songwriter and producer   (ソングライター兼プロデューサー)

The song was composed by the songwriter and producer Jeannie Lurie.

LeMel Humes LeMuel Nigel Humes is an American songwriter and producer.

During this period Gloss had met Nicky Graham, a songwriter and producer.

series producer

Iain Macleod is the current series producer.

They were all introduced by series producer Cameron Welsh.

From 2018, Grant Philpott was once again the series producer.

major producer   (主要生産者)

Another major producer of heavy water is India.

The major producer of farmed shrimp is China.

In the 19th century Taverham was a major producer of paper.

actor and producer

is an American gay pornographic film actor and producer.

Truong is also married to actor and producer Brian Yang.

Reza Sixo Safai Reza Sixo Safai () is an American director, actor and producer.

producer and songwriter   (プロデューサー兼ソングライター)

Dallas) is an American singer, producer and songwriter.

The pop music producer and songwriter Dr. Luke was born in Westerly.

It was produced by Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter DJ Camper.

supervising producer   (監督プロデューサー)

He became a supervising producer on "", "" and "".

The supervising producer is Jai Punjabi.

He became a supervising producer, and has written many episodes since then.

radio producer

Mende Brown was the brother of radio producer Himan Brown.

Emily Botein Emily Botein is an American public radio producer.

Komoda later became a radio producer for CBC Radio's "Brave New Waves".

musician and producer

Dónal Lunny is the brother of musician and producer Manus Lunny.

Later she worked with Ryan Potter, an Ottawa-based musician and producer.

The group was founded, and is led by musician and producer Erran Baron Cohen.

leading producer

It is the leading producer of pure tin in Europe.

Afghanistan is also the world's leading producer of opium.

Today Raymond Group is a leading producer of fabrics in India.

producer and screenwriter   (プロデューサー、脚本家)

Pratt married producer and screenwriter Donald P. Bellisario on June 30, 1984.

Craig Sweeny Craig Sweeny is an American television producer and screenwriter.

Lali Kiknavelidze Lali Kiknavelidze () is a Georgian film director, film producer and screenwriter.

screenwriter and producer   (脚本家、プロデューサー)

Pete McTighe Pete McTighe is a British screenwriter and producer.

Oleg Ryaskov Oleg Ryaskov is a director, screenwriter and producer.

Silver, and the granddaughter of screenwriter and producer Sidney Buchman.

consulting producer

He is currently a consulting producer and occasional director.

Michael Cunningham would serve as consulting producer and Poul was also expected to direct.

Kelly Pancho and Kim Lessing are set as producers and Orli Auslander as a consulting producer.

composer and producer

Bohlen got his first job as a composer and producer in 1979.

Bohlen is now the most successful German composer and producer.

Norman Salant Norman Salant is a songwriter, saxophonist, composer and producer.

movie producer

He was also a movie producer for the Hong Kong movie studio Golden Harvest.

Additional victims, including a movie producer and a local TV anchorwoman, turn up.

Tatum Reed Tatum Reed is a former American pornographic actress and adult movie producer.

electronic music producer

is an orchestral compilation album by Canadian electronic music producer Deadmau5.

Audrey Napoleon Audrey Napoleon an American electronic music producer , DJ and entrepreneur.

Bruno has collaborated with electronic music producer Kill The Noise on his 2015 album "Occult Classic."

producer based

Horner is a film producer based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

It was produced by Soundz, a producer based in Milwaukee and Atlanta.

Schabak Modell Schabak is a die-cast toy producer based in Nuremberg, Germany.

theatrical producer

a theatrical producer?)

Napoli was married to Jeanne Napoli, a former night club singer and theatrical producer.

DeMille's father worked with David Belasco theatrical producer, impresario, and playwright.

independent producer

In 1931 independent producer Seymour Nebenzahl hired Lang to direct "M" for Nero-Film.

Two years later, he left Christ Church to become a studio musician and an independent producer.

He was for many years a producer for the BBC, and later worked for LWT and as an independent producer.

album with producer

They recorded the album with producer John Fields.

There he became a session musician and recorded his first album with producer Norbert Putnam.

The group recorded their eponymous debut album with producer Dallas Austin in a Miami studio.

hop producer

It includes a collaboration with hip hop producer and performer Pharrell Williams.

Foxmoor (born Michalis Mytakidis, , on August 21, 1967) is a Greek rapper and hip hop producer.

White Van Music White Van Music is the first studio album by American hip hop producer Jake One.

main producer   (メインプロデューサー)

Jimmy Robbins served as the main producer of the disc.

Egypt tried at this time to become the main producer of cotton for Europe.

The main industry is fishing, and it is also the main producer of Thailand's fish sauce.

senior producer

After that he worked as a senior producer in Pakistan Television.

He was the creator, writer and senior producer and shot almost the entire show in his own backyard.

Mike Burke (journalist) Mike Burke is an American journalist and senior producer of "Democracy Now!

became a producer

He became a producer and, later, a restaurant owner.

He later became a producer and director.

In 1997, Rosenberg became a producer in the BBC's Moscow Bureau.

worked with producer

Kay worked with producer Hannah Sharpe between 2004 and 2014 in running and developing the company.

The group have worked with producer Iain James, known for working with Professor Green and Wretch 32.

For "Secrets of the Day" (2008), The Killdares again worked with producer Ronan Chris Murphy and engineer Chris Bell.

hip hop producer

It includes a collaboration with hip hop producer and performer Pharrell Williams.

Foxmoor (born Michalis Mytakidis, , on August 21, 1967) is a Greek rapper and hip hop producer.

White Van Music White Van Music is the first studio album by American hip hop producer Jake One.

theatre producer

David Cecil (producer) David Cecil is a British theatre producer.

Failed as an actor, Bang earned fame as a theatre producer in Paris and in Copenhagen.

President of Elephant Eye Theatrical, Leavitt is a prominent theatre producer based out of Chicago.

producer best

Her father, Dumisani Dlamini, is a South African actor, composer and film producer best known for "Sarafina!".

Uzee Usman Uzee Usman Adeyemi (born November 11, 1986) is a Nigerian actor and film producer best known for his film "Oga Abuja".

John Farrelly (director) John Farrelly is an Irish writer, director, and producer best known for "The Sleep Experiment" and "Choice (Short Film)".

producer best known

Her father, Dumisani Dlamini, is a South African actor, composer and film producer best known for "Sarafina!".

Uzee Usman Uzee Usman Adeyemi (born November 11, 1986) is a Nigerian actor and film producer best known for his film "Oga Abuja".

John Farrelly (director) John Farrelly is an Irish writer, director, and producer best known for "The Sleep Experiment" and "Choice (Short Film)".

new producer

Season 5 featured a new producer and a new format.

"But a new producer came in and wanted to shake things up.

These were re-introduced by new producer Bill Podmore who joined the series in 1976.

producer and composer

The producer and composer was Burt Bacharach.

While his other activities as music producer and composer were also continuing.

Since April 2014 Nargiz has been cooperating with the producer and composer Maxim Fadeev.

served as producer

For these sessions, he also served as producer.

He served as producer for "Whatever It Takes" and "One Tree Hill".

Love co-wrote the track with Lawrence Rothman, who also served as producer.

producer and musician

She was married to LA producer and musician Jimmy Boyle.

Slow River Records was established by producer and musician George Howard in 1993.

Jez Coad Jez Coad (born London, England) is a British record producer and musician.

working with producer

In early 2012 the group began working with producer Bob Marlette.

In 2009, Tetrarch started working with producer Russ-T Cobb at Bang Studios in Atlanta.

In 1970 the group began working with producer Lloyd Daley, releasing the "Gold Digger" single.

actress and producer

Viola Davis Viola Davis (born August 11, 1965) is an American actress and producer.

Joan Iyiola Joan Iyiola is a British-Nigerian actress and producer based in London.

As main actress and producer, Lin received favorable comments from both critics and audiences.

producer and actor

The film featured his mentor Kashinath and a young producer and actor named Kumar Govind.

In 1992, he was with André Bonzel and Benoît Poelvoorde, director, producer and actor of the feature film "Man Bites Dog".

Chandrahasan Chandrahasan (born 6 March 1936  — 18 March 2017) was an Indian film producer and actor from Tamil Nadu, India.

rapper and producer   (ラッパーとプロデューサー)

In the military, he met fellow rapper and producer Enso Sinatra.

MC Fioti MC Fioti is a Brazilian funk carioca rapper and producer.

He co-produced this record with funk rapper and producer, Stefan Adamek.

producer and engineer

Aside from his own material Thomas is also a record producer and engineer for other artists.

The group was to be called "Detective" and Robinson was to serve as producer and engineer for the first album.

Their version was recorded on March 14, 1994 with producer and engineer Mark Schwarz at Vuber Studio in Chicago.

engineer and producer

IMF Magazine called TenDJiz "the very talented engineer and producer".

His father, Bernard ("Bernie") Drayton, was a prolific studio audio engineer and producer.

He is a published novelist and has a long career as a musician, sound engineer and producer.

oil producer

By 1976 Saudi Arabia had become the largest oil producer in the world.

, Equatorial Guinea is the third-largest oil producer in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Brunei is the third-largest oil producer in Southeast Asia, averaging about .

assistant producer

He spent the next six years at CBS, working first as a translator, then assistant producer, and then producer.

This, and the fact that assistant producer Pezé is tri-lingual and could conduct interviews in several languages, made the show notable.

He returned to the BBC soon after to work on various productions as a freelancer before landing the job of assistant producer of "Sportscene".

producer known

Amadou Ly Amadou Ly is a Senegalese-born actor, writer, producer known for his role in "", "The Tested" and "L'embrasement".

Rishi Kapoor Rishi Kapoor (born 4 September 1952) is an Indian actor, director and producer known for his work in Hindi cinema.

Claire Doherty Claire Doherty MBE is a creative director and arts producer known for her producing and writing on place and the arts.

former producer

According to former producer Roger Dobkowitz, he did extremely well.

Richard Attias, the former producer of the World Economic Forum in Davos, and the Clinton Global Initiative, will produce Doha GOALS in 2012.

A former producer for the hip-hop band Real Elements, he has since authored several collections of poems including the audio collection "People".