İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

executive producers   (yönetici üreticiler)

and 6ix serving as executive producers for the album.

Melniker and Uslan became executive producers.

Cho Hyo-jin, one of the executive producers of "Busted!

producers such   (üreticiler böyle)

Coyle collaborated with producers such as Toby Gad, Guy Chambers and William Orbit.

As an engineer, Salogni worked with producers such as Danton Supple and David Wrench.

In the same era they also worked with other producers such as Linval Thompson ("Wailing").

record producers   (plak üreticileri)

Soul", record producers were keen to work with Carmel.

Most of the top rappers, MCs, DJs, record producers and music executives are men.

He visited American record producers offering the singles for an American release.

other producers   (diğer üreticiler)

Fishermen, craftsmen and other producers and retailers operated here.

For this reason, other producers like Univibe preferred incandescent lamps.

Therefore, other producers preferred incandescent lamps for their linearity.

music producers

She judged alongside music producers Tuấn Khanh and Hồ Hoài Anh.

film or music producers].

At age 17, Kahan began working with school friend music producers (Cwenga Matanzima).

film producers   (film yapımcıları)

Charles and David are both film producers and directors in their own right.

Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver are American screenwriters and film producers.

Llaca, however, declared that the film producers deliberately "used" her nude body to advertise the film.

producers decided

In 2016, producers decided to introduce a family for the character.

In 1999, "EastEnders" producers decided to reintroduce the character of Sam Mitchell.

Despite her lengthy and accomplished acting resume, the producers decided they wanted a much bigger catch.

largest producers   (en büyük üreticiler)

In 2017, one of the largest producers of shade grown tobacco, O.J.

Turkey and the United States are the largest producers of boron products.

Yuzana is one of Burma's largest producers of lahpet (pickled tea leaves), a national dish.

writers and producers

I wrote it with some great writers and producers.

Trends on the discussion boards have been known to influence the writers and producers of the show.

Throughout the remainder of the 1970s, several new Godzilla stories were submitted by various writers and producers.

producers including

The album was produced by a variety of producers including Donald XL Robertson and Myke Diesel.

Various producers including Cecil Hepworth of Walton Studios requested Phalke to produce films in England.

Melanie began recording on her debut solo album in 2002, working with numerous producers including Sony Music production team Xenomania.

independent producers

Savio continued writing original spec scripts and doing rewrites for independent producers.

This brought the Horsleys into the patents war, and they became the first independent producers."

First National's distribution of films by independent producers is credited with launching careers including that of Louis B. Mayer.

producers wanted

The main issue was whether the producers wanted to do a show with time travel.

Some of these producers wanted to make Chiantis that were 100% varietal Sangiovese.

Originally, the producers wanted Foreman to appear instead of Frazier, but he was unavailable.

primary producers   (birincil üreticiler)

In trophic systems photosynthetic organisms are the primary producers.

There are more species of primary producers and apex predators in the ocean than there are forage fish.

The hypothesis focused on the timing, as a function of climate, of the blooms of primary producers (i.e.

major producers   (büyük üreticiler)

The city is one of the major producers and exporters of flowers in Iran.

This was as a result of shifts in trade policy and restocking by major producers.

Other major producers are the Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Indonesia and Uzbekistan.

wine producers

As of 2018, the five largest wine producers are:

Since then Georgian wine producers have struggled to maintain output and break into new markets.

Unlike other wine producers, he did not believe that Baja's climate was too hot and dry to produce premium grapes.

songwriters and producers

The tracks were written by top songwriters and producers in the pop and R&B business.

This is that album, a compilation featuring all the singers together and apart with a large cast of songwriters and producers.

After writing "Speak Now" (2010) entirely solo, Swift opted to collaborate with different songwriters and producers for "Red".

television producers

This led television producers to begin the broadcast of local popular theatre productions.

This line of the plot is referenced in the theatrical version of film when one of the television producers mentions the Governor's ball to Svenning.

Public records filed with authorities indicate the group's treasurer, lawyer and television producers also have affiliations with Republican Party organizations.