product line   (生産ライン)

The product line has sold 200 million units worldwide.

Coop also has a low-cost product line, "Prix garantie".

This product line consists of original Commodore products.

final product   (最終製品)

The final product was cast, then again melted with calamine.

17, and featured some drastic changes from the final product.

Sharma calls the book the final product of his "Islam Trilogy".

domestic product   (国産品)

Gross domestic product by sector of the economy.

External debt equals 39.9 percent of gross domestic product.

Bengal had the highest gross domestic product in British India.

product development   (製品開発)

This initiative is to boost product development in the country.

The Pyrex® Test Kitchen played a large role in product development.

Intunex received an innovation and product development fund from TEKES in 2010.

new product   (新製品)

The new product was reintroduced in January 2011.

These new product lines are not affiliated with Jones.

A new product was introduced: Hatuey beer.

gross domestic product   (国内総生産)

External debt equals 39.9 percent of gross domestic product.

Bengal had the highest gross domestic product in British India.

The state's gross domestic product (GDP) was $119 billion in 2015.

first product

It is the first product of the Chery Tiggo series.

Lubricants, Idemitsu's first product is a major area.

Its first product is the Brabham BT62.

product lines

These new product lines are not affiliated with Jones.

In Germany, the product range is 85,000 product lines.

Almost all product lines were discontinued.

finished product

Fantom was never sold as a finished product.

When he saw the finished product, he "couldn't believe it."

The finished product weighs between .

inner product   (内部製品)

The inner product allows defining distance and angles.

Equipped with this inner product, is in fact complete.

inner product, norm, topology, etc.)

product range

In Germany, the product range is 85,000 product lines.

Weltron's early product range is known for its Space Age design.

More cider apples are being planted to expand the product range.

product design

The data is then used in the product design process.

German designers became early leaders of modern product design.

M & Co. (design firm) M & Co. is a graphic and product design firm.

product or service

When two group members exchange a product or service, they assign that transaction a numerical value.

Thus, they will see the product or service advertised and likely pay attention to it as they are waiting.

Subjective claims convey emotional, subjective, impressions of intangible aspects of a product or service.

tensor product

The symbol formula_4 represents a tensor product.

One can try to be more clever in defining a tensor product.

In general, the tensor product of complete spaces is not complete again.

main product   (主要製品)

The main product is DDS-CAD Architect & Construction.

It's an agricultural town (its main product is rice).

The main product of reindeer herding is meat.

product placement   (製品の配置)

This type of product placement has since become more common.

KFC paid for product placement and also fed the cast and crew.

The unaired pilot episode does not contain the product placement.

end product

The end product of his labours was the "Enquiry".

The end product (DMT) is illegal in most countries.

Young agreed, and the end product was "Comes a Time".

software product

Formerly Baxon Solutions, Preqin Solutions is Preqin's software product.

Comprehensive help resources are available for each MetaTexis software product.

For some it is the "capability of a software product to conform to requirements."

commercial product   (市販品)

Cray turned the design into a commercial product in 2004.

Even so, within months VirusMD became a commercial product.

The dry variety is a commercial product purveyed in packets and jars.

product called

A similar product called a "korsi" is used in Iran.

Josiah Russell & Co. had a pre-war product called Club Tonic.

In September 2000, SoftQuad released a short-lived product called MarketAgility.

flagship product   (主力製品)

MCX's flagship product was CurrentC, a mobile payments platform.

The flagship product of Impartus is an automated lecture capture system.

Available on Boeing 757-200 aircraft, Business Class was Harmony's flagship product.

gene product

"NF1" was cloned in 1990 and its gene product neurofibromin was identified in 1992.

It comprises 18 exons and spans 45 kb, and the protein gene product contains 839 amino acids in mature form.

Unlike single gene disorders, diseases caused by aneuploidy are the result of improper gene dosage, not nonfunctional gene product.

dot product   (ドット積)

The angle can be calculated using the dot product.

The dot product takes two vectors and , and produces a real number .

The real part of gives the usual two-dimensional Euclidean dot product.

natural product

Dicerandrol C Dicerandrol C is a natural product.

The program found the natural product maximiscin.

Melicopicine is an example of a natural product.

youth product

A youth product of Juventus F.C., Konko was loaned to F.C.

Born in Pietà, Mifsud is a youth product of Sliema Wanderers.

Born in Valencia, Valencian Community, Gavilán was a Valencia CF youth product.

cross product   (クロス積)

The cross product is not defined in four dimensions.

By the definition of the cross product, the formula_41 vector is perpendicular to both formula_34 and formula_43.

This is a phenomenon similar to the 3-dimensional cross product, and the connection is reflected in the notation for the curl.

product portfolio   (製品ポートフォリオ)

Thus AMD completed its dual-core product portfolio for each market segment.

The product portfolio of TDW encompasses all sorts of conventional warheads.

NX Nastran is now part of Siemens PLM Software's Simcenter product portfolio.

product quality

The rents and the product quality were strictly regulated.

She advised her team at SPANX to focus on product quality over profit margins.

The advantages are larger capacity, reduced fuelwood consumption, and better product quality.

consumer product

This format is not to be confused with Kodak Picture CD, which is a consumer product in CD-ROM format.

Although WinPad was never released as a consumer product, Alpha builds were released showcasing many interface elements.

All profits from the sale of consumer product and production services return to the Corporation to reinvest in programme-making.

direct product

CDRH also conducts limited amounts of direct product testing.

The direct product is also commutative up to isomorphism, i.e.

The direct product can be abstracted to an arbitrary category.

product manager

She served as executive editor and senior product manager for the new website.

The product manager chooses Nanna as the best and rewards her with a €500 Synsam gift card.

He subsequently got a technical-writing job with a local technology company, becoming a product manager at Emulex.

food product

This seal is extremely important to the safe preservation of the food product.

Tofu is made of soybeans and is another popular food product that supplies protein.

Adulteration is a legal term meaning that a food product fails to meet the legal standards.

agricultural product

The main agricultural product of the village is grape.

major product   (主要製品)

CHAM's major product is the widely used PHOENICS CFD code.

The Company's first major product was an oil cooler for military aircraft.

Their first major product was "Pong", one of the first successful arcade games.

national product   (国産品)

Industry accounted for 60 percent of the gross national product in 1913.

The gross national product per capita grew roughly 1.76% per year from 1870 to 1913.

The informal economy is thus not included in that government's gross national product (GNP).

product offerings

Initial product offerings included flyers, bookmarks and brochures.

MSN Mobile product offerings originate from two mobile-focused groups within Microsoft's online services division.

M&M Food Market has since launched a mobile app that allows Real Reward members to see their exclusive product offerings.

product name

Linusorb product name according to Shim et al.

Autocrypt is also a product name used by Penta Security for securing auto communications.

The locomotives have been given TOPS class 68, Stadler's product name for the design is "UKLight".

product liability

Rocca practiced business law and product liability law.

The consequences of failure are dealt with by the law of product liability.

It has been used, for example, to describe a tort for strict liability arising out of product liability, although this is typically simply called a 'tort'.

waste product   (廃棄物)

This metabolic reaction produces ethanol as a waste product.

Ammonium ions are a toxic waste product of metabolism in animals.

Brackish water is also the primary waste product of the salinity gradient power process.

primary product   (一次製品)

AntWorks’ primary product is ANTstein.

In North America Brooke Bond's primary product was Red Rose Tea.

However, the primary product of glycogen breakdown is glucose-1-phosphate.

product categories

The brand is actively seeking additional product categories for its business.

The product categories included electric bikes, smartphone fans, and smartwatches.

This implies that there are certain product categories more aligned to generic brands.

product space

Consider the set which is defined in the product space formula_6.

Every finite-dimensional inner product space is also a Hilbert space.

The complex absolute value is a special case of the norm in an inner product space.

similar product

A similar product called a "korsi" is used in Iran.

Key Tronic later produced a similar product.

No similar product exists".

product made

This product made American Airlines the first U.S. carrier to offer a four-cabin aircraft.

A durable product in a fashionable color, it became the most popular product made by Anchor Hocking.

It is not to be confused with jadite, a green jade shade of vaseline glass product made in the early 20th century.