stage productions

He worked for Brock Pemberton stage productions.

Williams returned to work in stage productions.

He has directed and or produced over sixty stage productions.

theatre productions   (劇場制作)

He wrote libretti for the theatre productions.

It has hosted theatre productions from over 30 countries.

He has appeared in films, TV series and theatre productions.

television productions

He also appeared in two television productions.

Lottery fraud has featured in films and television productions.

In 2014, Gao has appeared in a number of television productions.

theatrical productions   (演劇作品)

The courtyard was also used to mount theatrical productions.

It is used for conventions, theatrical productions and concerts.

He has also created and directed music for theatrical productions.

productions such

The name "Sillabub" has since been used by other productions such as the Australian ones.

Following "Interface", she went on to star in television and film productions such as "Positive I.D.

Later she moved to the station Canal 13 to participate in successful productions such as "Brujas" and "".

film productions   (映画制作)

Lord Killanin is usually credited as Redmond Morris in film productions.

The game was inspired by the works of PKDick, W. Gibson, and T. Giliam's film productions.

His more notable film productions include "War of the Worlds", "", "John Carter" and "Avatar".

theater productions   (劇場制作)

Beer invests in and produces theater productions.

He also performed in various theater productions in the Chicago area.

She has also directed and written over 20 educational theater productions.

productions including

The showgrounds have also been used to film numerous television productions including commercials.

He also had guest roles as a doctor in seven other productions including the recurring role of Dr. Thompson in Father Murphy.

Mappin has also appeared in over 125 film and television productions including a supporting role in "Unforgiven" with Clint Eastwood.

productions include

Other productions include poplars and corn.

Recent productions include Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" and "On Thin Ice".

MCS's most recent theatrical productions include "James & The Giant Peach Jr." and "Clue".

other productions   (その他の作品)

Cast in other productions are listed below.

The play "Estado de ira" allowed her to be hired for several other productions.

The name "Sillabub" has since been used by other productions such as the Australian ones.

several productions

Jones also appeared in several productions of "Oliver!"

Newman has also appeared in several productions of "Gypsy" as Herbie.

From 1902–1907 he sang in several productions at the Bavarian State Opera.

musical productions

as well as many theatrical and musical productions across New Zealand.

He was highly involved in musical productions and programs at both schools.

He also starred in four German/Italian films as well as musical productions.

many productions

For Red Stitch he has appeared in many productions.

Nevertheless, many productions made the dance explicitly erotic.

In addition to singing, Kiatkamol has also acted in many productions.

new productions

His response was to plan a one-year season at the 750-seat Wyndham's Theatre, four major new productions presented by Donmar West End.

Markets were opened for finished film products, which through a market-tested formula managed to bring profits and finance new productions.

Three new productions were announced at the launch: "One Life" (2011), "Walking with Dinosaurs 3D" (2013) and "Enchanted Kingdom 3D " (2014).

original productions

She played leading roles in original productions of many plays in the 1860s.

The company had not performed these two works since the original productions in the 1890s.

Channel 9’s programming originally was based on newscasts, original productions and cartoons.

opera productions

She has directed over 100 theatre and opera productions, also venturing into television.

He took parts in college opera productions, notably "The Magic Flute", and won the Curtis Gold Medal.

There, his main studies were in lieder and accompanying, but he became involved in student opera productions as a répétiteur.

numerous productions

He left numerous productions, e.g.

He made his Broadway stage debut in 1948 and went on to appear in numerous productions on and off Broadway.

The piece quickly became internationally popular, with numerous productions and tours in English and other languages.

own productions

which Pinal was free to set up her own productions.

The name he gave to his own productions was "Ray Gun Theater".

(on hold) where he presents his own productions and personal musical ideas.

productions included

His productions included the Duke Ellington classic "Satin Doll".

His Caedmon productions included a vivid 1968 recording of John Dos Passos' "42nd Parallel".

Grimaldi's 1809–10 productions included "Don Juan", in which he appeared as Scaramouche, and "Castles in the Air", as Clown.

productions during

He designed over 100 productions during his career.

The Basement has also presented additional productions during Christmas, Valentine's Day, and the summer.

touring productions

He liked to joke that he made all his money in the provinces, with touring productions of his West End hits.

Throughout the 1980s she starred in numerous productions both on and off Broadway, and in national touring productions.

Beginning with "The Warrens of Virginia" (1907), Blanche spent the next decade alternating between stock and touring productions.

various productions

In his later years he seems to have been relegated to the chorus in various productions.

Sondheim, too, has added and removed songs that he judged to be problematic in various productions.

During the 1960s she also worked in set and costume design for various productions by controversial directory Alexandro Jodorowsky.

drama productions

The Royal Danish Theatre also stages opera in addition to its drama productions.

The theatre also serves as a multi-purpose venue for drama productions and other performances.

Liu began acting in Malaysia in a few Chinese drama productions produced by Singapore-based companies.

major productions   (メジャープロダクション)

Through community support, LHS puts on two major productions a year.

In the film and television industry, guild membership is generally a prerequisite for working on major productions in certain capacities.

Rome is the principal base of the dubbing industry, where major productions such as movies, drama, documentaries and some cartoons are dubbed.

international productions

There are both local and international productions.

Rinnekangas’ films are often international productions.

It subsequently has had many international productions.