Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

products such   (productos tales)

It is also rich in craft products such as wood and leather furniture.

CT also transported products such as milk and produce from farm to town.

Shark liver oil is a popular product in cosmetic products such as lipstick.

products and services   (productos y servicios)

EmbroidMe offers promotional products and services such as monogramming.

Ayeyarwady Bank offers retail and commercial banking products and services.

It has the ability to provide specialty products and services all 50 states.

agricultural products   (Productos agrícolas)

Main agricultural products are coconut, areca and betel leaf.

The main agricultural products are crops and fodder for farming.

are the main agricultural products.

other products   (otros productos)

Bollywood is also used to advertise other products.

It has been licensed for other products as well.

spawning other products or line extensions.

dairy products   (productos lácteos)

Sheep and goats were kept mainly for dairy products.

Eating dairy products was a custom in medieval times.

Today, the process is mainly applied to dairy products.

food products   (productos alimenticios)

It includes petroleum, chemicals and food products.

Nchanga was discovered in food products in the United States.

The shops used to sell textiles, and today sell food products.

new products

It said that new products would be "coming soon".

Paul area that helps clients develop and launch new products.

These new products were marketed under the trade name Aqua-Flo.

products include

Other popular products include bagels and cookies.

The products include: Branch subsidiaries in France.

Agricultural products include sheep, grain and cotton.

consumer products   (productos de consumo)

Neotel launched their consumer products in 2008.

CDPD had very limited consumer products.

Based on the consumer products classification arise Unsought Goods.

products including

The city was very industrial and produced many products including wool and cotton cloth.

GS Yuasa also sells other products including power supplies, lamps and motorcycle batteries.

Miracle-Gro also makes a variety of products including hose feeders, soils, and weed controls.

petroleum products   (productos derivados del petróleo)

This strategy needed synthetic petroleum products.

Crude oil 270 km; petroleum products 14 km

This satisfies domestic demand for most petroleum products.

tobacco products   (productos de tabaco)

Nicotine is the addictive drug in tobacco products.

The legal age to purchase tobacco products varies with each province.

In addition, every retailer must place a sign near the tobacco products.

range of products

The range of products of the factory was ambitious.

Silicone resins represent a broad range of products.

There is one main shop in Nukunonu which sells a limited range of products.

software products

The term can apply to a large set of software products.

There are several software products under various license models available.

The main software products are MetaTexis for Word and the MetaTexis Server.

natural products

Others are simple derivatives of botanical natural products.

The company's marketing is largely based on natural products.

Many natural products in plants, e.g.

care products   (productos para el cuidado)

Aveeno Aveeno is a brand of skin care and hair care products.

She also has her own line of beauty care products called Nurse Jamie.

It is used in cosmetics and personal care products, including sunscreens.

forest products

Exports of forest products in 2003 totalled $25.7 million.

The place was famous for rice, hill produce, and forest products.

Natural resources include bauxite, forest products and paddy crops.

related products

Export of petroleum and related products amounted to $2.6 billion in the year 2000.

Equinor also operates a chain of service stations and other energy related products.

The company phased out gas exploration and related products and phased in data systems.

commercial products   (productos comerciales)

Carbide was provided as three commercial products and one free product.

Several commercial products were also released and targeted toward children or specialty markets.

While commercial products may require registration to ensure licensed use, free registerware do not.

important products

In sequence, the most important products have been: fur, wheat and beef, and oil and gas.

Vicinal amino-alcohols are important products in organic synthesis and recurring pharmacophores in drug discovery.

Amyl alcohol is used as a solvent and in esterfication, by which is produced amyl acetate and other important products.

products made

Morita was an advocate for all the products made by Sony.

The station also offered a mail-order catalog of products made in the Rocky Mountains.

Husbandry products made up the bulk of Chilean exports to the rest of the viceroyalty.

fission products   (productos de fisión)

He published extensively on the properties of fission products.

The isotope Cs is one of the long-lived fission products of uranium produced in nuclear reactors.

The fission products of Am can either directly propel the spaceship or they can heat a thrusting gas.

products sold

It was ranked in the top five products sold in 2012.

In a slow spiral of decline fewer new patterns were introduced and fewer products sold.

Between 1918 and 1933 the marketed value of fish products sold by these communities fell by 50%.

main products   (Productos principales)

Cereals, tomatoes, and beans are the main products of the village.

Cereals are the main products.

One of the main products of this subsidiary is light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

wood products

Main industries are wood products and the chemical industry.

However, wood products traffic was still generated at Nordmont.

It has over 110,000 cows and it exports wood products worldwide.

variety of products

A great variety of products (new and used) can be found at el Rastro.

It is generally quite fertile and yields a plentiful variety of products.

Under the name of "Isher Enterprises," his tables offered a variety of products.

waste products   (productos de desecho)

The kidney actively secretes waste products into the urine.

The waste products with these types of fuel are carbon dioxide and water.

Enthusiasts have experimented with a large number of different waste products.

products through

A WMS monitors the progress of products through the warehouse.

Cybex markets their products through distributors in over 87 countries.

The Meskers marketed their products through catalogs displaying their designs.

financial products   (productos financieros)

The product is addressing the needs for more transparency on financial products.

In the case of many financial products, it may be unclear "where" the transaction occurs.

Goldenwest exists to provide financial products and services that members require to succeed.

other important products   (otros productos importantes)

Amyl alcohol is used as a solvent and in esterfication, by which is produced amyl acetate and other important products.

The principal food product is the water buffalo mozzarella; other important products include olive oil and "marzolina", a special cheese made by milk of goat.

animal products   (productos animales)

The USDA regulates canning of animal products.

Bell is a vegan who avoids the consumption or use of animal products.

This is often due to alleged health benefits of certain animal products.

industrial products

Antioxidants are frequently added to industrial products.

There is little industry in the country, and the local market for industrial products is small.

In 2001 B.F. Goodrich's engineered industrial products division bought Glacier Garlock Bearings.

products are sold

The products are sold locally and in Shkodër.

Its products are sold under the Alaska brand.

As of 2010, Luxgen products are sold in Taiwan and Oman.

products or services

Sales engineers advise customers on how best to use the products or services provided.

Bids can be in the form of an email to all of the bidders specifying products or services.

Sponsors of advertising are typically businesses wishing to promote their products or services.

different products

The company claims between 14% and 34% market share for different products.

By the end of the 2000s, Muji was selling more than 7,000 different products.

Based on their own developer platform, CTS offers a variety of different products.

meat products   (productos de carne)

Non-western cuisines also use preserved meat products.

Cured meat products include ham and bacon.

the guidelines for meat products).

oil products

They were added to oil products to boost the efficiency.

In 2014, Rosneft exported 47 thousand tons of oil products to Abkhazia.

Bucharest stored and distributed much of Ploiești's refined oil products.

products included

These products included suet, charqui and leather.

Early products included shaving products and stationery.

Other products included WriteNow on the Mac and NeXT platforms.

all products

The CD45 protein family consists of multiple members that are all products of a single complex gene.

The bank still focuses on retail banking and offers all products and services of a modern universal bank.

He oversees the manufacturing of all products in the vast compound that employs over 3 thousands workers.

various products

The name was applied to various products in the company's line-up from year to year.

The aldehyde can be converted to various products such as alcohols or acids (for e.g.

T-Mobile has used the term ""Hotspot"" to represent various products and technologies.

line of products

The campaign also launched their uplifting miracle worker line of products.

In 2014, WhiteWater acquired Wave Loch's FlowRider line of products and IP.

In 1978, ALK released the first standardized line of products for the treatment of allergies.

such products

On 20 September, export of such products was banned as well.

They propose mandatory labeling or a moratorium on such products.

The FTC has enforced false advertising claims against companies that sell such products.

beauty products

This was the origin of the beauty products company Coty, Inc..

The company sells Womenswear, footwear, accessories and beauty products.

All chemistic and beauty products have to be made with demineralized water for this reason.

chemical products

Glycine is an intermediate in the synthesis of a variety of chemical products.

IMRL's principal commodities included steel, coal, agricultural and chemical products.

Many other chemical products are generated by large-scale reduction, often via hydrogenation.

finished products

Doulton's first flambe finished products were exhibited at the St. Louis Exhibition in 1904.

Additional finished products produced at the facility are petroleum coke (carbon) and sulfur.

This ratio can be expressed for finished products at the end of the line and is referred to as Takt-Time.

products produced

13 million of 17 million oil products produced were produced in Azerbaijan.

Sinamay, piña, and jusi are examples of the products produced by the looms of Iloilo.

Despite this, there is limited export of products produced or processed industrially.

milk products   (productos lacteos)

Milk, milk products, and juice extracts are excluded.

Skim milk is milk with zero fat, while whole milk products contain fat.

"Kheer Pera" is a kind of sweet which is prepared from milk products and saffron.

similar products

The canning company was already producing similar products for adults.

Consoweld, in common with similar products had a wide variety of uses.

For a while, the Dendy's main competitors were similar products from China.

products containing

Household products containing ammonia (e.g.

People with high blood pressure are typically advised to avoid products containing it.

State law defines hemp-derived products containing less than 0.3% THC as "Cannabis Health and Beauty Aids".

products based

William H. Bradley designed a host of custom products based on the MK3870.

Boomphones Boomphones is a producer of audio products based in Los Angeles, California.

The Graubundner Kantonalbank offers a range of products based at different parts of the market.

local products

They are usually made from local products.

This souk is specialized in selling local products of Sfax (cereals, almonds, olives, etc.).

Special local products such as native chicken, mushrooms, Miao embroidery are important to the economy.

pharmaceutical products   (productos farmaceuticos)

Key imports included machinery, pharmaceutical products, and vehicles.

Silvia continued working in the pharmaceutical products firm, in her advertising department.

Indian exports included garments and clothing, textile yarn, and medical and pharmaceutical products.

insurance products   (productos de seguros)

The company sells life insurance, among other insurance products.

Ryan focused on insurance brokering and added more upscale insurance products.

The joint venture would sell insurance products, including savings-oriented endowment insurance policies.

paper products

Traffic consists of pulp and paper products.

A car loaded with paper products reignited at about 3:15 p.m., but was quickly put out.

This would continue through the 20th century with paper products and other types of production.

many products

There are many products that are obtained from the processing of the crop.

Consequently, CE marking is now found on many products from these countries.

There are also many products from fried durian such as crackers with fried durian.

gene products

"gli1" and "gli2" transcription is activated by Shh, and their gene products act as transcriptional activators for their own expression and for targets downstream of Shh signaling.

Ranaviruses are large icosahedral DNA viruses measuring approximately 150 nm in diameter with a large single linear dsDNA genome of roughly 105 kbp which codes for around 100 gene products.

The presence of the gene does not guarantee it will be expressed at appropriate levels in the target tissue so methods that look for and measure the gene products (RNA and protein) are also used.

own products

All vendors must create or grow all their own products.

It enabled winemakers to sell their own products free of business tax.

Soon more than a dozen of own products was added to the brand assortment.

steel products

In production of steel and steel products per capita the country heads the Balkans.

Industries of Philadelphia and became known as Disston Precision Incorporated, maker of specialized flat steel products.

A strong iron and steel industry was also projected to reduce demand of foreign currency used towards the importation of steel products.

products company   (empresa de productos)

This was the origin of the beauty products company Coty, Inc..

It was bought by the multi-national French construction products company Saint-Gobain.

Owner Scott Smith founded the brewery after quitting his job with a consumer products company.

first products

Tintri shipped its first products in April 2011.

It was one of the first products of wireless web service.

Fenty Beauty's first products went on sale on September 8, 2017.

products as well   (productos también)

It has been licensed for other products as well.

The compound is an additive in rubber products as well as a common synthetic intermediate.

Original Menier posters and assorted products as well as reproductions are still much in demand today.

cleaning products

Many household cleaning products, including bleach, contain chlorine.

Turtle Wax has marketed its cleaning products for non-automotive applications, as well.

They use all natural cleaning products, LED lighting and recycle their cooking oil into biodiesel.

products available   (productos disponibles)

There are various products available, especially many rare foods both Thai and Chinese food.

There are products available from a number of vendors to help organize and guide the procedures involved.

It is an active ingredient in products available under trademarks Mesdicain, Mesocain, Mesokain and others.

products used

The design of most of the products used sealed cases (no ventilation) and linear power supplies.

The combination of products used to construct a rash guard differ slightly depending on the designer.

The front end programs produce the analysis products used by the back end programs to generate target code.

products manufactured

Many of the Micro MR-1 models were re-badged products manufactured by Marchon, Inc.

The products manufactured are according to IEC, ANSI, IS, BS and other international standards.

In 2011 eSys became the exclusive distributor of products manufactured by Transcend Incorporated.

selling products

Holiday and Edgeworth were Larus' best selling products.

PopSockets LLC started selling products in January 2014, via direct sales on its website.

In the traditional offline world of selling products there is something known as "minimum viable product."

blood products

They also allow for the quick delivery of certain set of blood products depending upon the institution.

These include blood and blood products, vaccines, allergenics, cell and tissue-based products, and gene therapy products.

As a result, it became a national centre for research on blood transfusion and the provision of blood products for clinical use.

farm products

Moremen crops and farm products were valued at $19,000 in 1870.

Livestock, dairy products, and wine and spirits are also important farm products.

sell products   (Vender productos)

and then sell products to towns and villages requiring them.

It serves users in Southeast Asia and Taiwan to buy and sell products online.

He formed a company to sell products related to his teachings called Eckhart Teachings.

personal care products   (productos de cuidado personal)

It is used in cosmetics and personal care products, including sunscreens.

Citric acid is used to soften water in soaps, personal care products and laundry detergents.

Its product-line includes stationery, disposable shavers, personal care products, and household detergents.

products are used

Bustec products are used or are selected to be used in various projects.

“Home” is a translation of the last word in the Company’s name “Jia” (家) – the place where most of Spring Home’s products are used.

Its products are used by an estimated 13,000 organisations in 40 countries for managing patient information and healthcare services.

number of products   (número de productos)

The lush, workable fur was made into a number of products, most notably hats.

A number of products remain available only in the region of its original manufacturer.

In complete combustion, the reactant burns in oxygen, and produces a limited number of products.

sell their products   (vender sus productos)

Every corporation uses music to sell their products.

They also sell their products at fair prices.

Females sell their products directly to consumers or wholesalers.

electronic products

Established in 1978, it also manufactures other electronic products.

They promoted the sale of a wide variety of Emerson branded consumer electronic products and accessories.

Foreign competition and the mass production of cheap new electronic products were taking over the market.

manufactured products

They traded natural and forest goods in exchange for manufactured products.

It was hoped this would improve the standard of manufactured products in the country.

Gusmer also provides some of its partners with manufactured products to their core markets.

cosmetic products   (productos cosméticos)

Shark liver oil is a popular product in cosmetic products such as lipstick.

Microdebris that come from cleaning and cosmetic products are also referred to as scrubbers.

The dermal systematic exposure of cinnamyl acetate via cosmetic products is estimated to be 0.0115 mg/kg body weight/day.

hygiene products   (productos de higiene)

Kits contain clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, sewing goods and more.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is used as a foaming agent in many oral hygiene products including many mouthwashes.

Linalool is used as a scent in 60% to 80% of perfumed hygiene products and cleaning agents including soaps, detergents, shampoos, and lotions.

end products

are also possible end products, depending on the specific gasification technology utilized.)

Heating sugars with proteins or fats can produce advanced glycation end products ("glycotoxins").

This helps with effective allocations of materials and energy economy, and it prevents the excess manufacture of end products.

important agricultural products

Other important agricultural products include potato, tomato, pepper, carrot ... etc.

The following table presents the 20 most important agricultural products in India, by economic value, in 2009.

household products   (productos domésticos)

Early in his career, Regan ran a household products business, Cadismark, which was sold to Hobson plc in 1991.

Finnish design spans clothing, engineering design, furniture, glass, lighting, textiles, and household products.

There have been more female voiceovers in recent years, but mainly for food, household products, and feminine-care products.

metal products

It is concerned in analysis of metal products.

It also produces various metal products that are inputs to civil industries.

Furthermore, it has a commercial center that produces footwear, foodstuffs, and metal products.

quality products

The area is mainly agricultural and a large variety of high quality products are produced.

Yongning County is an agricultural county, with abundant resources and high quality products.

It became known for high quality products that competed successfully with any imported articles.

products using

NXP invented the I²C interface over 30 years ago and has since supplied products using it.

Green technology innovation introduced new products using nanotechnology available for consumption.

In the License Agreement, LGE authorized Intel to make and sell microprocessor products using the patented inventions.

services and products

At Rovio, Fourgeaud was involved in the development of new services and products.

The bank offers many different services and products to its customers in California.

Magal Security Systems Magal Security Systems Ltd. is an international provider of physical security solutions, services and products.

s products

SNF’s products operate in a variety of markets.

The Y-Model helped users identify and classify processes and was originally the foundation of IDS Scheer’s products.

“Home” is a translation of the last word in the Company’s name “Jia” (家) – the place where most of Spring Home’s products are used.

s products

SNF’s products operate in a variety of markets.

The Y-Model helped users identify and classify processes and was originally the foundation of IDS Scheer’s products.

“Home” is a translation of the last word in the Company’s name “Jia” (家) – the place where most of Spring Home’s products are used.

medical products   (Productos médicos)

A range of such OTC medical products is now widely available.

Her work focuses on improving the quality of medical products and healthcare in the United States.

Company’s portfolio includes more than 250 names of medical products: vaccines, drops, powders, infusions and much more.

products are available   (productos disponibles)

Several MTA products are available as sealer.

In Luxembourg, Alnatura products are available at Cactus supermarkets.

Its futures and option products are available in BSE’s derivatives section.

branded products   (productos de marca)

To keep prices low, the firm imports branded products.

Generally they imitate more expensive branded products, competing on price.

Without the costs of marketing individual products, generic brands are priced lower than branded products.

decay products

Most of the atmospheric background is caused by radon and its decay products.

Purified comes into equilibrium with its decay products after about a half of year.

Cigarettes contain polonium-210, originating from the decay products of radon, which stick to tobacco leaves.