İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

net profit   (net kazanç)

The studio's net profit was now over $14,000,000.00.

In 2008 Calvo had a net profit of two million Euros.

A&F's record net profit was $682,894 in 1947.

make a profit   (kar elde etmek)

The fur trade looked like a good opportunity to make a profit.

For the first time, the owners of the station began to make a profit.

These concessions used forced labour of the Africans to make a profit.

not for profit   (kâr için değil)

It is a not for profit group run by volunteers.

It is a government-owned, not for profit, insurer of last resort.

Superact Superact is a not for profit arts organization based in Taunton, Somerset.

non profit   (kar amacı gütmeyen)

Kelly is the co-founder of the non profit Baby2Baby.

It became an independent, non profit 501(c)3 organization in 2005.

In July 2017 Gaymerx officially incorporated as a 501c3 non profit.

made a profit   (kâr etti)

They made a profit of $940,000 from "Alvin Purple".

"Special Investigator" made a profit of $91,000.

The film was a big hit and made a profit of $898,000.

profit margins   (kar marjları)

Potin aimed to sell large volumes at reduced profit margins.

It measures the combined effects of profit margins and asset turnover.

Journals sell reprints at very high profit margins, often around 70%, .

profit organization

It is a non profit organization.

Adeyeye is the founder of Drugs for AIDS and AIDS patients,a not for profit organization in Nigeria.

Prathama Blood Center is non profit organization registered as Section–25 company and Charitable Trust.

profit margin   (kar marjı)

Manufacturers made 15% to 20% profit margin on an SUV, compared to 3% or less on a car.

In 1990, KCB ceased to operate Scottish Citylink services with the profit margin deemed insufficient.

The global top 50 chemical producers in 2013 had sales of US$980.5 billion with a profit margin of 10.3%.

making a profit   (kar yapmak)

The film ended up making a profit of $65,000.

Eventually it earned £1,500,000 in the UK and £1,000,000 overseas, making a profit to Hammer of £532,000.

Despite reservations by de Havilland, "Government Girl" was a moderate success, making a profit of $700,000.

turn a profit

Between the years 1919 and 1920, the studio did not turn a profit.

Stated differently, the reason for a business's existence is to turn a profit.

Failing to turn a profit despite a 2002 business plan change, Fathom closed in early 2003.

operating profit   (işletme karı)

The company's operating profit for 2018 was 215m DKK, and the capital expenditure was 129m DKK.

By the end of 2000 Azurix had an operating profit of less than $100 million and was $2 billion in debt.

Nissan's operating profit margin climbed to 11.1% in fiscal year 2003; it had been 1.4% in fiscal year 1999.

rate of profit   (kâr oranı)

Łaski also participated in discussions on the theory of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall.

For example, for term deposits, the banks substituted the phrases 'rate of interest' with 'expected rate of profit' and "kept the entire regime of interest-based deposits intact."

The idea is similar in concept to the tragedy of the commons and the Tendency of the rate of profit to fall, namely that they are all examples of an accumulation of individual changes leading to a collective disaster such that it negates those individual changes.

profit sharing

Wong was disappointed over the profit sharing of his ventures with Tan's.

The book also contained ideas on rational design in factories, and profit sharing.

He introduced profit sharing and worked actively to improve working conditions in his factories.