İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

television program   (televizyon program)

TV Club is Widener's student-run television program.

() was a Soviet and Russian comedy television program.

Storylines were produced on the "NXT" television program.

radio program   (Radyo programı)

In the radio program, he played Agent Kelly, SS-11.)

He also hosts a weekly radio program in Los Angeles.

She conducted a local radio program Radio WEBB.

training program   (Eğitim programı)

The training program was expanded to three years in 1951.

His training program is known as Marinovich Training Systems.

's young instructors' training program.

program called   (program denir)

The 10pm1am block featured a program called "Shockwaves".

She has a program called "Magia de la Cancion" (Songs Majic).

From 1995 to 1997, she hosted her own program called "Véro Show".

football program   (futbol programı)

The football program was eliminated in January 2012.

The Rose–Hulman football program was started in 1882.

The series ended in 2020 when UMC cut its football program.

short program

In the short program, Orser placed first and Boitano second.

He went on to finish third in the short program and fourth overall.

Ten teams may compete, with five eliminated after the short program.

education program

The school includes a special education program.

The city has a 6-year primary education program.

news program

Newswatch is the only local news program in the area.

The most watched main news program is TV Nova.

A month later, the daily news program "DC Daily" was announced.

program director

Also fired was program director John Cook.

1953 found him as program director at WMBM and then at WFEC.

Kobylt became program director of WOND.

school program   (okul programı)

The primary school program lasts for five years.

The school offers a full college-bound high school program.

research program

SDI remained a research program and was never deployed.

Navy research program for transonic and supersonic flight.

He traveled to Nova Scotia for a research program in 1949.

degree program

Its online social work degree program has been ranked No.

Pikes Peak Community College offers a two-year degree program.

1992 saw the creation of a Doctor of Missiology degree program.

computer program

The computer program was written on paper for reference.

Dorothy was a super computer program made to serve humans.

Musink Musink is a scorewriting computer program for Windows.

music program

The music program was written by Christopher Strachey.

Today (2014) Sputnik is a standard music program again.

Highland High School has an instrumental music program.

development program   (gelişim Programı)

She also became a member of Toyota's driver development program.

It follows that what we today would call economic development program.

In 1999, Merck started a drug development program on DPP-4 inhibitors.

basketball program   (basketbol programı)

He also reinstated the men's basketball program.

There is also a Men's basketball program in St. James Town.

The girls' basketball program won the California state Div.

graduate program

While there he started the graduate program for engineering.

The graduate program opened in 1979.

He also attended a graduate program at Loyola Marymount University.

space program

Sagan was associated with the U.S. space program from its inception.

He is most remembered for his coverage of the American space program.

It is dedicated to the advancement of the United States space program.

program began

In August 2005, the program began podcasting for free.

The Advanced Technology Bomber (ATB) program began in 1979.

In November of that year the early childhood program began.

new program

The new program was known as a "tosser/scanner".

This new program offers students many benefits.

Chu received NT$300,000 per show for his new program .

program history

The team's ten wins were the most in program history.

This win also gave USF their best start in program history (7–0).

† Co–championship There have been six head coaches in program history.

educational program

Spinifex State College offers and educational program for years 7–12.

Certificates are awarded by an educational program or academic institution.

During March 2012, it conducted a 10-day educational program in Miami, Florida.

nuclear program   (nükleer program)

He was chief of the agency during the Kargil War and Operation Shakti, India's nuclear program.

In August, during the ASEAN Regional Forum 2018, North Korea's nuclear program was the critical agenda item.

There was no mention specifically of the Vela incident or of Israeli cooperation in South Africa's nuclear program.

pilot program

The pilot program will test 50 meters from the start.

The SBP began as a pilot program in 1966 and became permanent in 1975.

One such pilot program is operating on Stuart Island in Washington State.

exchange program

The school has an exchange program with Chicago-Kent.

The Fujiyoshida Student exchange program has become an annual event.

Both of them were headed to Cambridge for a school exchange program.

program designed

This is a program designed to assist Pharmacists in consulting patients.

Cognitive Artificial Intelligence is a cloud based AI program designed for offline education use.

Open Data Buffalo is an official City program designed to foster transparency, innovation, accountability, and efficiency.

athletic program

LIU shut down its athletic program shortly afterward.

The school is known for its successful athletic program.

The Hartley Hawks are known for their excellent athletic program.

state program   (devlet programı)

The "II state program of privatization of state property in the Republic of Azerbaijan" was adopted in 2001.

Financial policy of Azerbaijan is aimed at the implementation of the state program of economic development of the Republic.

This area was largely set aside and developed under a state program spearheaded by Hammond during his second term as governor.

first program

The first program is a comedy stage hypnosis show.

Their first program manager was a first-class jerk.

The first program was held in the spring of 2003.

academic program

The academic program at Thomas More College leads to a B.A.

She worked to strengthen the academic program at the school.

The career includes an academic program to obtain a degree in 5 years.

sports program

Ferré has served at Washburn, a NCAA Division II sports program, since February 1996.

is the ending theme for the Japan-based sports program, "Bowling Revolution P★League".

The district offers a wide variety of clubs, activities and an extensive sports program.

program provides

The program provides donations and affiliate marketing partnerships.

This Tech Prep program provides an opportunity for 13 hours of college credit.

The 12-week program provides assessment, treatment and support for defendants on bail.

program includes

The program includes the Misty and Prowler spacecraft.

IAP2 USA's program includes 29 criteria.

The program includes football, cricket, volleyball and handball.

breeding program   (yetiştirme programı)

A breeding program was created that used embryo transfer techniques.

CIMMYT operates a conventional breeding program to provide optimized strains.

The main conservation project undertaken by Khama Rhino Sanctuary is the rhino breeding program.

hockey program

Virden Collegiate has a male high school hockey program.

The University discontinued the varsity hockey program following that season.

Higgins left home to join the high school hockey program of Avon Old Farms in Connecticut.

baseball program

The closest active baseball program can be found in Virden.

He currently hosts the "ChangeUp" baseball program for DAZN.

He became the highest draft pick from Xavier's baseball program.

doctoral program

After which, another exam allows the candidate to pursue a doctoral program (PhD).

In 1965, she moved to New York City with her husband, where she enrolled in a sociology doctoral program.

Although he had no bachelor's degree, Ansbacher was admitted to the doctoral program at Columbia University.

grant program   (hibe programı)

The grant operates on a six-year grant program.

The funds were disbursed via a competitive grant program.

The grant program was expanded to $14.5 million in the 2008-09 budget.

program included

The program included 70 flights totaling 378 hours.

The program included both old and new works.

This six-month program included practical training, readings and discussion.

building program

The building program cost $1,386,745 and was completed by February 1976.

During the same period the LDS Church engaged in a massive building program.

Even during the final design stages there were struggles regarding the building program.

program requires

The program requires competitive admission and acceptance.

The program requires 70% of that subsidy to go to carriers who offer passenger service to the communities.

This program requires that manufacturers design and implement periodic assessments of their programs' effectiveness.

arts program

She also taught in the dance arts program at Carnegie Hall.

Alta High School has an award-winning performing arts program.

The performing arts, and visual arts program is called the SMART program.

program offers

This new program offers students many benefits.

Laurier's music program offers the only master's degree in Music Therapy.

The school's Confucius Classroom program offers 3 levels of Mandarin instruction.

scholarship program

The scholarship program was also stopped.

There are also guidelines for conduct of a scholarship program.

In 1949, he organized a scholarship program funded by the Ibesikpo community.

undergraduate program

In addition to the undergraduate program in economics, the school is home to an M.S.

In 1977, the school began a joint undergraduate program with Miami's College of Arts & Sciences.

With 11,179 students in the undergraduate program, it has long been one of the largest universities in Japan.

program aired   (program yayınlandı)

The program aired each week during the NFL season.

The 7-hour program aired from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

In 2007 the program aired a special about Jesus.

primary school program   (ilkokul programı)

The primary school program lasts for five years.

The primary school program lasts for five years and includes both a standard school and a special school.

outreach program   (sosyal yardım programı)

FFL established a college outreach program in 1996.

The Playhouse also had an education and outreach program.

It is a cost-free community outreach program aimed at young men without fathers.

program during   (sırasında program)

In 1994 he became the program manager for the Sea Launch program during initial development.

The railroad participated in the Day out with Thomas program during the 2003 to 2009 seasons.

Fulton was the project pilot for the FAA/NASA Controlled Impact Demonstration program during 1984.

affairs program

In June 2012, Briggs was featured on the ABC indigenous affairs program "Message Stick".

In 2014, Goddard joined "A Current Affair", the Nine Network's nightly current affairs program.

He also served as moderator of a local public affairs program on the station, "KNBC News Conference".

weapons program

He also dismantled South Africa's nuclear weapons program.

Also criticized was the entire idea of a modern American chemical weapons program.

They also agreed to pursue the six-party talks over North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

residency program   (ikamet programı)

Sazmanab was the first residency program in Tehran.

The artist residency program is the core of the foundation.

The medical residency program had 28 programs and 504 physicians.

program consists

The conference program consists of KDE e.V.

The Air Force program consists of three phases, Aerospace Medicine Primary 101, 201, and 202.

The College Station High School Cougar Band & Guard program consists of over 210 students in grades 9–12.

summer program

In the summer of 1959, she taught dance at a summer program held at Utah State University.

In 1944 he founded the Meadowmount School of Music, a summer program in Westport, New York.

Michigan State University, based in Michigan, the United States, has a summer program in Mayen.

program was funded

This successful program was funded by public donations.

the program was funded at a rate of $115 million annually.

The program was funded from 2006 to 2009.

program started

Development of the program started in 1992.

The program started with 13 shows in 2008.

Cagle had 4,300 hours of flying time by the time the program started.

morning program

There she served as a reporter for the morning program "Good Morning America".

He also was host of "The Musical Clock" morning program on KYA in San Francisco.

Froggie had his own morning program on WFFT Super 55 Fox, entitled "Froggie's Pad".

program lasts   (program sürüyor)

The primary school program lasts for five years.

The primary school program lasts for five years and includes both a standard school and a special school.

software program

The software program analyzes incident data to detect "suspicious" behavior.

FEFF (software) FEFF is a software program used in x-ray absorption spectroscopy.

The review recommended that a single generic software program should be used instead.

program through

Students grades 1-5 are admitted to the program through an application process.

In 1983, voters approved the expansion of the educational program through grade 12.

It was awarded to the theatre program through the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education.

soccer program

Director of coaching for Teamboca boys soccer program (2002–present)

Ellis headed the Illinois women's soccer program for two years, 1997–1999.

The club selected Taylor Kemp from the Maryland Terrapins men's soccer program.

reform program   (reform programı)

The land reform program implemented under Ordinance 57 was unpopular in the countryside.

Árbenz himself, a landowner through his wife, gave up of his own land in the land reform program.

AMGL had organized a series of actions to demand that the government implement an agrarian reform program.

program provided

The program provided no direct services, instead taking a "hands-off" approach.

This program provided for approximately 40 new families to move in to the Start community.

This program provided micro loans to artisans in more deprived peripheral regions of the country.

test program   (Test programı)

In September, the beta test program was postponed indefinitely.

The test program concluded in 2007.

The test program could now resume.

certification program   (sertifika Programı)

Applying for the CMP certification program is a two-step process.

It offers a certification program to become a Certified Professional Pet Sitter.

The RegPM ("Registered Project Manager") is AIPM's project management certification program.

program was established

Its engineering program was established in 1847.

A pre-med program was established at the Extension School in 1980.

The program was established in 1983 at the Sonmiani space facility.

rehabilitation program   (rehabilitasyon programı)

A major reconstruction and rehabilitation program was launched.

Under Insull, the CSS&SB embarked on a major rehabilitation program.

His record was expunged after he completed a rehabilitation program.

weekly program

The weekly program airs every Sunday Morning on AM 950 KTNF.

It also gives ESPNU the rights to produce a weekly program devoted to Big East sports.

In January 2007, she launched a weekly program on CP24, which became quite popular as a vodcast.

program broadcast

On 1 January 1960, the first program broadcast on Guangdong TV was "Who is the Uncle".

", an independent global news program broadcast daily on radio, television, and the Internet.

Altas Horas Altas Horas is a Brazilian television program broadcast by Rede Globo since 2000.

program manager

Their first program manager was a first-class jerk.

Show’s program manager, Hazel Abonita described the story as "intimate".

He worked as program manager at the Ministry of International Relations.

program hosted

Weekdays begin with a news and interview program hosted by Ross Kaminsky.

Johnson is the founder of the Banneker Institute, a summer program hosted at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

In September 2019, Kashuv was hired by BlazeTV as the digital director of "The Rubin Report", a program hosted by YouTuber Dave Rubin.

national program   (ulusal program)

In 2002, the Doordarshan network subtitled their national program Chitrahaar.

Canada's national program has grown to be one of the most successful programs.

The pilot became a national program for preserving older, inner city neighborhoods.

program aimed

It is a cost-free community outreach program aimed at young men without fathers.

In 1997, the Mexican government started a new program aimed at relieving extreme poverty in the country.

TC also has a new program aimed at helping offenders learn to manage money, become debt free, and to save and spend wisely.

studies program

Students at Hunter College also demanded a Black studies program.

Yeoju University has begun to develop an international studies program.

She was an affiliate faculty of the Goucher environmental studies program.

program is designed

When a program is designed, it relies upon the API.

The recreational program is designed around tier level and staff input.

The Young Stars program is designed for fathers and their sons aged 6–10 years.

program based   (programa dayalı)

Political parties determine their program based on their platform and the input of members.

At the high school level, Angola represented Findlay Prep, a basketball program based in Henderson, Nevada.

His prime time program, ‘'Ayutha Ezhuthu'‘, a news debate program based on current affairs broadcast on Thanthi TV.

athletics program

The athletics program at Southview is known as the Cougars.

The school athletics program is currently a member of the Southwestern Conference.

Forty percent of students participate in the athletics program, including varsity, junior varsity, and intramural sports.

special program

The special program of Nowruz kolah Ghermezi continues to in present day.

In July 2014, she served as a guest of a special program of World Cup of CCTV-5.

This new lawyer placed Jones in a special program that would only hold him for a year.

program was discontinued   (program durduruldu)

The boarding program was discontinued in 1993.

The men's program was discontinued in a 2004 university budget cut.

The football program was discontinued at the conclusion of the 2006 season.

program produced

Bands Reunited Bands Reunited was a television program produced by VH1 in 2004.

As pointed out in the main article on "Combat!," this is the only season of the program produced in color.

Who's the Keyman Who's the Keyman () is a Chinese variety program produced by Mango TV and Hunan Satellite TV.

ice hockey program

Stortini's sister Samantha played in the Brown Bears women's ice hockey program from 2007 to 2011.

Picard, also known as Captain Wild Flower, also participated for the Harvard Crimson women's ice hockey program.

USA Hockey also has junior ice hockey and senior ice hockey programs, and supports a disabled ice hockey program.

program offered

By 1998, the program offered an additional, and optional, third year.

The program offered a total of seven majors in the Sciences and Travel Industry Management.

The Electronics Engineering program offered was for an associate degree attainable in just 18 months.

construction program

A 936 km railroad construction program, the Trans-Gabon Railway, began in October 1974.

That year, Stosch's naval construction program called for a tender for the new torpedo boats.

Trujillo also carried out an important housing construction program and instituted a pension plan.

wrestling program

They also launches WSU, an all-women wrestling program.

Stallone appeared on the 1980s wrestling program "GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling".

The Administration and School Board denied a female student access to the wrestling program.

left the program

The result was that she left the program.

In 1996, she left the program but returned in 1998 and 1999.

In 2004, after 10 years on the show, Myrka Dellanos left the program.

program allows

The program allows students to complete their B.S.

The full-time bridge program allows students to achieve both degrees in five years.

The program allows users to create screenshots, annotate them and upload them to the cloud.

program ended

The broadcast of the program ended in June 2015.

The program ended with 35 episodes on December 21, 2012.

The program ended 10 months after debut in November 2018.

program known

He made this program known during his State of the Union address.

During his tenure, he implemented a low cost sanitary latrine program known as RCAP.

The church sponsors a low-interest educational loan program known as the Perpetual Education Fund.

program created

Learn and Serve America grew from Serve America, a program created under the National and Community Service Act of 1990.

The team competed under the name ‘Atlantis’, the National 7s program created by Emil, and finished their tour undefeated.

Graphmatica Graphmatica is a graphing program created by Keith Hertzer , a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

management program

He later completed an executive management program at Babson College.

However, in 1997, the area was dropped from the wildlife management program due to budget cuts.

A database can be used to record and access the vendor data within a contractor management program.

secondary school program   (ortaokul programı)

Those continuing move into the 3-year senior secondary school program.

program was created

The program was created and directed by Maurício Sherman.

Eight years later, in 1974, the Doctoral program was created.

A similar program was created for learning Italian in Australia.

each program

The tuition fee varies for each program.

In each program dealing with client, LBDNH uses the wraparound approach.

The marks for each program ran from 0.0 to 6.0, the latter being the highest.

enrollment program

The high school offers a dual enrollment program.

study program

He also founded a cultural study program in China.

She made key administrative decisions and devised the study program.

Multimedia, programming and IT security are covered in the study program.

school program lasts   (okul programı sürer)

The primary school program lasts for five years.

The primary school program lasts for five years and includes both a standard school and a special school.

program became

This program became known as Operation Bootstrap.

In 1960, the program became known simply as "El Show de Saume".

The program became the School of Library and Information Science in 2009.

program between

The extent of Iraq's BW program between 1998 when UNSCOM left Iraq and the U.S.

This cost the program between $150,000 and $300,000 and Ellison’s services as a creative consultant.

in 1981 (as part of the joint program between the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stanford Law School).

expansion program   (genişleme programı)

In 1992, Southeast embarked on another major expansion program.

"Ajax" was ordered as part of the French fleet expansion program from in 1926.

An expansion program added a 2.0 lakh ton clinker-grinding unit at Cherthala in Alappuzha district in August 2003.

nuclear weapons program

He also dismantled South Africa's nuclear weapons program.

They also agreed to pursue the six-party talks over North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

The North began building a nuclear reactor in 1963, and it began a nuclear weapons program in the 1980s.