Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

television programmes   (programas de television)

Since 2004 he has also been a frequent contributor to television programmes.

Predator" and television programmes such as "Cadfael" and "Roman Mysteries".

The track has been used during various television programmes around the world.

programmes such   (programas tales)

He has worked as presenter and juror on programmes such as "".

and also appeared in TV programmes such as "Face the Music" and "Parkinson".

Predator" and television programmes such as "Cadfael" and "Roman Mysteries".

degree programmes   (programas de grado)

The degree programmes are accredited by FIBAA and .

The faculty offers postgraduate degree programmes from M.A.

It currently offers 26 degree programmes.

training programmes   (programas de entrenamiento)

SRC also offers apprenticeship training programmes.

But some training programmes stretch for a month.

To date we have conducted 19 training programmes for 346 participants.

radio programmes   (programas de radio)

Members of can have access to past radio programmes as well.

As with television, British radio programmes also schedule Christmas specials.

She is also a regular contributor to Radio 3's "Nightwaves" and other radio programmes.

programmes including

During her time at Markíza she presented programmes including ' and '.

He scheduled new programmes including "This Is Your Life" and "What's My Line".

Notably the BBC used them and they could be seen in many programmes including their flagship sports programme Grandstand.

education programmes

The following curriculum-related education programmes are annually presented at the George Museum.

Several specialised education programmes have moved in and out of Kungsholmens gymnasium throughout its history.

A large number of external teaching staff are also involved in teaching and continuing education programmes of the Faculty.

news programmes

ANN is the broadcast supplier of news programmes and news exchange to all ANN-affiliated stations.

"Open Studio") is the brand for Italian TV channel of Mediaset network Italia 1's news programmes.

Johnston joined UTV in 1978, reporting for news programmes "Good Evening Ulster", "Six Tonight" and "UTV Live".

educational programmes

The youth wing was running educational programmes.

He appeared in children's anime and educational programmes.

The School offers educational programmes at BA and MA level.

programmes of study

The school offers GCSEs and BTECs as programmes of study.

The Arnewood School offers GCSEs and BTECs as programmes of study for pupils.

St Edmund's Catholic School offers GCSEs, BTECs and OCR Nationals as programmes of study for pupils.

research programmes

Lakatos found multiple, vying research programmes to coexist.

Hao took interdisciplinary research programmes later, he also sequenced DNA since 1997.

Philosopher of science Larry Laudan identified the stable to be not the research programmes, but rather "research traditions".

development programmes   (programas de desarrollo)

Preparation of development programmes and development projects for inclusion in district plan was the fourth step.

One of the main difficulties is the struggle to ensure that gender remains the key focus for development programmes.

Islamic Relief's development programmes aim to empower communities to emerge from poverty and become less vulnerable.

other programmes   (otros programas)

Programmes about Rhodesia were subjected to jamming, but other programmes were not affected.

On the left of the main temple is the Sabha Bedi where the Annual Prize giving ceremony and a few other programmes are held.

BBC Radio Cornwall has a news broadcast in Cornish, and sometimes has other programmes and features for learners and enthusiasts.

study programmes

All study programmes are offered in the international Bachelor/Master system.

Each school comprises 2 to 17 study programmes that add up to over 40 programmes all together.

The school educates around 735 students, of whom 95 are in age 16-19 study programmes, and employs 124 staff.

academic programmes

ACE delivers a suite of 5 academic programmes at Masters (MA) level.

The Graduation ceremony, for the academic programmes takes place each November.

The Academy offers academic programmes from diploma/foundation to master's degree level in six faculties:

postgraduate programmes

The postgraduate programmes have statutory tuition fees.

The intake of students to these postgraduate programmes is 15 each.

The university offers dozens of graduate and postgraduate programmes.

programmes include

These programmes include "Welcome to your weekend mix!

Other training programmes include short thematic courses, seminars and talks.

The ensemble's programmes include «Foi Por Mim», «As Árias de Luísa Todi» and «Sementes do Fado».