İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

most prolific   (en üretken)

Lakan Dula was the most prolific of Luzon's ancient rulers.

After W. G. Grace he was the most prolific amateur of his day.

Tsumeb belongs to the world's most prolific mineralogical sites.

prolific writer   (Üretken yazar)

Giese was a prolific writer, and correspondent.

He has been described as a prolific writer for his time.

He was a prolific writer, especially on Gandhi and Gandhism.

prolific author   (üretken yazar)

He was a prolific author of Esperanto works.

Not an exhaustive list, as Steinman was a prolific author.

He was a high court judge in colonial India and a prolific author.

prolific composer   (üretken besteci)

She is a prolific composer and teaches piano to youth and Opera.

Mayfield was a prolific composer.

Munier was a prolific composer.

prolific career   (üretken kariyer)

"Dynasty of Death" launched her prolific career.

Also in this year, Plachý died unexpectedly after a prolific career in music and theater.

He published his first song in 1909 starting a long prolific career as a composer and lyricist.

became a prolific   (üretken hale geldi)

Unusually, he was a director before he became a prolific actor.

Christine became a prolific writer.

Bullen went to sea in 1869 aged 12 and later became a prolific novelist.

prolific goalscorer   (üretken golcü)

A prolific goalscorer, he is Boca's all-time top scorer with 236 goals.

Dropping into non-league football in his mid-twenties Moore has been a prolific goalscorer at that level.

At Rangers he didn't break into the first-team squad, despite being a prolific goalscorer in the reserves.

more prolific   (daha üretken)

Since that goal he has become more prolific.

De Angelis was more prolific as a voice actor and dubber.

Replacing Charlie Buchan in the team, Halliday instantly became even more prolific South of the border as the North.

very prolific   (çok üretken)

As a writer and critic she has been very prolific.

Brazilian literature has been very prolific.

This species is very prolific.

prolific artist   (üretken sanatçı)

Steyn was a prolific artist.

Friedrich was a prolific artist who produced more than 500 attributed works.

Samson was not a prolific artist, producing only five films over an eight-year career.