İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

most prominent   (En belirgin)

He was also one of India's most prominent lawyers.

The most prominent suburban group is in Bridgeview.

The scales are most prominent on the body whorl.

more prominent   (Daha belirgin)

Some of Robert-Fleury's more prominent pupils were:

Foreign affairs became a more prominent issue by 1935.

Bottom-aligned navigation bars are also more prominent.

prominent role   (önemli rol)

They also played a prominent role in "Saved You!".

Sreenivasan was chosen to play a prominent role.

Music played a prominent role in Hamdan’s upbringing.

other prominent   (diğer önemli)

The delegation included two other prominent Muslims.

No other prominent Englishman did so in this period.

It also attracted the business of other prominent figures.

prominent member   (önde gelen üye)

Jost was a prominent member of the local Freemasons.

Another prominent member was Thomas A. Edison.

She was a prominent member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

many prominent   (çok önemli)

There are also many prominent heritage buildings along Sparks Street.

"Our Mother’s House" received high praise from many prominent critics.

It also saw the return of many prominent players from military service.

became a prominent   (öne çıktı)

After returning, he became a prominent "heel" in New Japan.

The Kerrs' son Michael Kerr became a prominent British lawyer.

Boudinot became a prominent lawyer and his practice prospered.

several prominent   (birkaç önemli)

It has been owned by several prominent individuals.

White also authored several prominent national hymns.

The home was owned by several prominent Beaumont families.

prominent figure   (Tanınmış figür)

He is a prominent figure in modern Norwegian jazz.

He was a prominent figure during the Age of Enlightenment.

He was a prominent figure in Yale's Legal Realism movement.

prominent members   (önde gelen üyeler)

They were to become prominent members of the "promoters".

Subsequently, prominent members included:

Often, prominent members of the Boston community would attend the S.E.G.

prominent local   (tanınmış yerel)

Dazastah (Reutens) is a prominent local record producer.

The monument is a prominent local landmark.

Sternberg was a prominent local Zionist from a young age.

prominent figures   (Tanınmış figürler)

It was made up of the most prominent figures in Milan.

It also attracted the business of other prominent figures.

Higham suggests that they were prominent figures of the time.

played a prominent

They also played a prominent role in "Saved You!".

Music played a prominent role in Hamdan’s upbringing.

He played a prominent part in the Irish Parliament of 1541-2.

became prominent

The business became prominent and vary successful.

He became prominent among the discontented nobles.

In the 19th century railroads became prominent features.

number of prominent   (önde gelen sayısı)

"Ghost in the Shell" (1989) influenced a number of prominent filmmakers.

Buttimer Buttimer is the surname of a number of prominent social figures.

Augustinus Fabrikker is a stakeholder in a number of prominent Danish companies:

prominent feature   (önemli özellik)

Crime was a prominent feature of city life.

Pilgrimage was a very prominent feature of medieval society.

Some developers pay an extra fee for a more prominent feature.

prominent part

He played a prominent part in the Irish Parliament of 1541-2.

He became a prominent part of the Muslim intelligentsia in South Asia.

The fortress plays a prominent part in the Steven Spielberg film "Amistad".

very prominent

He learned from very prominent scholars of his time.

Campaign which became very prominent during elections.

Pilgrimage was a very prominent feature of medieval society.

prominent position

Information Secretary is a prominent position in the federal government.

Due to its prominent position, the polygon is visible from all directions.

The station site is in a prominent position on the main road leading to Woolacombe.

prominent family   (tanınmış aile)

She was a member of a prominent family.

Chavarri comes from a prominent family.

Julian Abele was born in Philadelphia into a prominent family.

prominent example   (öne çıkan örnek)

One prominent example of this is the Ripon Club.

One prominent example is the "ball and ramp experiment."

A prominent example is the case of family allowances in Austria.

less prominent   (daha az belirgin)

There are several less prominent variable stars in Carina.

In larger groups, individual whistle sounds are less prominent.

The Kartha surname is still used, although it is less prominent.

prominent roles

He has acted in prominent roles in major films set during wartime.

Several squeaky toys play prominent roles in Pixar's "Toy Story" movies.

Her most prominent roles have been on Canal 13 series, including ' and '.

prominent political

She is among the most prominent political personalities of Europe.

Man-induced global climate change has become a prominent political issue.

For a while he was one of the most prominent political scientists in the GDR.

prominent among

He became prominent among the discontented nobles.

As Garcia was prominent among the missionaries, he was given the middle place.

Then there are the customers: the evil Mattlin and the sensitive Hartmann most prominent among them.

another prominent   (başka önemli)

Todd Phillips is another prominent bluegrass player.

After entry, spirits were presented to another prominent god, Osiris.

Michelle O'Shea was another prominent underage player during this period.

prominent people   (önde gelen insanlar)

Many prominent people have spent his education at this school.

The cemetery contains the graves of many of the area's prominent people.

Through both sides of his family, he was related to many prominent people.

prominent place   (önemli yer)

Their household was a prominent place for musical activity within Vienna.

Chocolate and cakes also occupy a prominent place for Christmas in France.

Residents of Peace River where surprised to learn of his prominent place in aviation.

prominent families

These 4 Korans still exist until today owned by prominent families of the tribe.

He also recounts a legend about a dispute between two prominent families of the area.

He is the ancestor of prominent families in Pila surnamed Rivera, Relova, Agra and Álava.

prominent citizens

Several prominent citizens and bibliophiles have also been associated with the BCSA in Sydney.

The CND was a Cabinet committee with an Advisory Commission of prominent citizens working without pay.

In 1803, he joined other prominent citizens in organizing a lottery to raise funds for the Richmond Academy.

prominent artists

He soon became friends with several prominent artists and writers in London.

Other prominent artists were Jun Tsuji, Eisuke Yoshiyuki, Shinkichi Takahashi and Katué Kitasono.

Samples of prominent artists such as Björk and Metallica are, however, present throughout the record.

prominent lawyer

Her father, James Wallbridge was a prominent lawyer.

Her husband, Mark, is a prominent lawyer in the area.

Sleževičius was a prominent lawyer in inter-war Lithuania.

prominent leader

His son Gjergj became a prominent leader of the Ottoman-Albanian wars.

"James" is generally taken to mean James the Just, a prominent leader in the early church.

Souter was a prominent leader of the Keep the Clause campaign, which sought to prevent its abolition.

prominent landmark   (önemli dönüm noktası)

Spencer Butte is a prominent landmark south of the city.

It is the most prominent landmark in northwestern New Mexico.

With a peak at 1221 feet above sea level, Wetton Hill is a prominent landmark.

prominent businessman

His father, Pierre Bastiat, was a prominent businessman in the town.

No one doubted the word and signed statement of such a prominent businessman.

Dalziel was understood to be backing prominent businessman Humphry Rolleston.

become a prominent   (öne çıkmak)

The monastery has become a prominent center of pilgrimage.

Flett was later to become a prominent Presbyterian missionary.

The incident has become a prominent case-study of re-use in art.

prominent leaders

One of the prominent leaders was Beatrice Gray.

One of the prominent leaders of the Movement was David Chan Yuk-cheung.

He became "one of the most prominent leaders of the Southern Methodist Church."

prominent politicians

The opening ceremony, in January 1961, was attended by prominent politicians.

A number of celebrities and prominent politicians voiced anger over the incident.

A number of other prominent politicians and persons from Illinois are also buried at the cemetery.

took a prominent

She took a prominent role in the public debate over the 1967 Abortion Act.

Robert Stokes took a prominent part in Wellington affairs, including government.

The following year he took a prominent part in a naval battle off the Kent coast.

prominent positions   (öne çıkan pozisyonlar)

Certain other prominent positions have emerged, some of which are sector-specific.

Many Jews who came during the 18th and 19th centuries achieved prominent positions in Colombian society.

At that time, he began using the nickname "Xiaoping" and occupied prominent positions in the party apparatus.

prominent politician

Kopecký was a close relative of a prominent politician in the post-war government of Czechoslovakia.

Her second husband was Roland Lytton of Knebworth, Hertfordshire, a prominent politician and lawyer.

His elder son Oliver became a prominent politician and businessman, being created Viscount Chandos in 1954.

first prominent

He was the first prominent Livonian to be christened.

The first prominent cases were filed in federal court in 1997.

He was the first prominent philosopher who demanded tolerance for atheists.

prominent public   (tanınmış halk)

Among the prominent public buildings in Rotella are:

He is also known for his paintings of prominent public officials.

Many who stand in their way, amongst them prominent public figures, are executed.

prominent features

In the 19th century railroads became prominent features.

All of the prominent features in the village were destroyed.

In the city center, the river forms two lakes, both prominent features in Hamburg's cityscape.

become prominent   (öne çıkmak)

They were to become prominent members of the "promoters".

On the underside of the leaf, the spots develop into pink or white pustules that become prominent as the teliospores develop.

In the same way, his reflections on the process experienced after the end of the Pinochet dictatorship have become prominent.

prominent individuals

It has been owned by several prominent individuals.

They singled out prominent individuals, and even entire communities, for condemnation.

The NCCIC was initially made up of a group of prominent individuals, both African American and white.

prominent early

He became widely known for his aid work and as a prominent early Zionist.

One of the most prominent early residents was Dr. Harry C. Quillot, Mayor of Pontiac from 1901 to 1905.

The north-south streets of the original Fairbanks townsite were named for the prominent early residents of Fairbanks.

particularly prominent   (özellikle göze çarpan)

Kala are particularly prominent in the lintels of the temple.

The character Donald Duck was particularly prominent in Chile.

This aspect was particularly prominent in the Matrix Quest sub-plot.

most prominent feature   (en göze çarpan özellik)

The most prominent feature is a large sand mound about from the river.

Its most prominent feature is a brick entrance pavilion, which is centered in a projecting gable.

His most prominent feature are his strangely pale and cold eyes, so light as to almost blend with the sclera.

prominent architect   (tanınmış mimar)

Yost, (1847–1923), a prominent architect from Ohio whose works included other public buildings.

Henry Busch Henry Frederick Busch (1826-1902) was a prominent architect in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It was a new gallery set up at the 7 Alexandra Avenue address, by the prominent architect Datuk Lim Chong Keat.

prominent examples

John Dewey and Anton Makarenko are prominent examples of such reformers.

The new theaters in Paris and Bordeaux were prominent examples of the new style.

One of the more prominent examples of Grand Guignol in television is "Hannibal".

prominent location

Its size and prominent location have made it a landmark for the city.

Its prominent location made Barskoon an important trading post in the Middle Ages.

The driver is presented with the Borg-Warner Trophy, which is situated behind the car in a prominent location.

prominent men

Government encouraged settlement of Alta California by giving prominent men large Land Grants called "ranchos".

Investing with Egbert Judson, former California governor, Frederick Low and other prominent men in mining interests in Tombstone, Arizona Territory.

Authorities had ignored it for centuries, and many saw it as yet another extra-Parliamentary, illegal tax, which prompted some prominent men to refuse to pay it.

group of prominent   (önde gelen grup)

The NCCIC was initially made up of a group of prominent individuals, both African American and white.

As early as 1848 a group of prominent members of the Bathurst community surveyed and proposed a new route.

Together with a group of prominent Serbian writers, he was one of the founders of the Yugoslav PEN center in 1926.

most prominent members   (en önde gelen üyeler)

Beginning in 1885, until her death, she was one of the most prominent members of Serbian society.

Its most prominent members included Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper and William Cullen Bryant.

According to Abbas Milani, he was "one of the most prominent members of the Iranian communist movement".

more prominent role   (daha belirgin rol)

Light cavalry jinetes took on a more prominent role instead.

The more prominent role of the Court is located in the exercise of its judicial functions.

The character got a more prominent role in later episodes and was given a name in the 2nd season.

prominent citizen   (önde gelen vatandaş)

The town was mostly deserted except for its most prominent citizen, Dr. Beanes.

Sahat Kula was built in 1667, by Hadži-paša Osmanagić, a prominent citizen of Podgorica.

By punishing a known friend and prominent citizen, he hopes to intimidate the Jewish populace.

prominent during

Campaign which became very prominent during elections.

L’Heureux's work was prominent during the Victorian Era.

Two other Winamacs were prominent during the War of 1812.

became more prominent

It was here that his position became more prominent amongst the Baháʼís.

The manufacturing system became more prominent than the handcrafted production.

In the classical period many of the genres of western literature became more prominent.

prominent use

Hui Lau Shan is known for the prominent use of mango in its dishes.

Another prominent use is to connect islands of IPv6 installations across the IPv4 Internet.

It opened in 1930 and was designed by A. Grenander, making prominent use of the colour orange.

prominent supporter

He was a prominent supporter of philosopher Anton Günther (1783–1863).

She was also a prominent supporter of Senator Clinton's primary campaign.

Shakryl was a prominent supporter of presidential candidate Raul Khadjimba.

especially prominent

She is especially prominent in works produced in Athens.

Karst topography is especially prominent in the Dinaric Alps.

The rough endoplasmic reticulum is especially prominent in cells such as hepatocytes.

prominent buildings

This is a selection of prominent buildings on each continent.

Most prominent buildings are situated along Wellington, Sparks and Elgin streets.

The most prominent buildings in the parish are Cessnock Castle and The Barr Castle.

locally prominent

He was locally prominent.

It is associated with the locally prominent Sulivane family, who first came to Maryland in 1695.

Morgan, a captain in the Puritan Militia and a locally prominent man, and sold the property in 1670 to Robert Day.

prominent peak   (belirgin zirve)

Though not a fourteener, West Spanish Peak is the twelfth most topographically prominent peak in the state.

However, because of its prominent peak and steep crags it has earned the reputation of being a separate fell.

Strawberry Peak Strawberry Peak () is a prominent peak in the San Gabriel Mountains of Los Angeles County, California.

prominent black   (belirgin siyah)

Her parents were Charles Hicks Bustill and Emily Robinson, prominent black Quakers.

Furthermore, this shark has prominent black tips on its pectoral fins, second dorsal fin, and caudal fin lower lobe.

It is very similar to "Callambulyx amanda", but the hindwing upperside lacks a prominent black marking near the tornus.

such prominent

Those plans were supported by such prominent public figures such as Clauswitz, Gneisenau, Theodor von Schon, and Wilhelm von Humbold.

Recent shows have included such prominent artists as Sobey Art Award winner Ursula Johnson, as well as Anne Troake, who both exhibited in 2015.

One such prominent example in use since 2018 is AFLX, a shortened variation of the game with seven players a side, played on a soccer-sized pitch.

play a prominent   (göze çarpmak)

Sreenivasan was chosen to play a prominent role.

The committees (see below) play a prominent role in this process.

Jews, despite their low number, play a prominent role in civil society.

prominent personalities

Many prominent personalities including Sri.

She has interviewed more than 10 African presidents and other prominent personalities.

In February 2017, she was featured as one of 20 prominent personalities in "Who's Who Namibia 2017".

prominent women

The majority of its members were socially prominent women.

Other prominent women's teams are China, South Korea, Germany and India.

The college is a member of the Seven Sisters, an association of seven prominent women's liberal arts colleges.

prominent mountain

A prominent mountain pass in the area is Sanju Pass.

East Spanish Peak East Spanish Peak is a prominent mountain summit that is the lower of the two Spanish Peaks in the Rocky Mountains of North America.

Mount Princeton Mount Princeton is a high and prominent mountain summit of the Collegiate Peaks in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America.

prominent white

There are prominent white supercilia above the facial disc.

He was the only prominent white southern elected official to do so.

It has a characteristic and prominent white bib, In body length it is , with a tail.

prominent writers

Sewell contrived to link his name with those of many prominent writers of this period.

In addition to less well-known regulars, some more prominent writers occasionally appeared.

Two of his siblings became prominent writers, sister Clemence Housman and brother Laurence Housman.

prominent critic   (önemli eleştirmen)

He was a prominent critic of the McCarthy Era.

A prominent critic of the European Union, he is a vocal supporter of Brexit.

Noam Chomsky, a prominent critic of Skinner, published a review of Skinner's "Verbal Behavior" two years after it was published.

prominent advocate   (tanınmış savunucu)

Jasmuheen (born Ellen Greve) was a prominent advocate of breatharianism in the 1990s.

Hussain is a prominent advocate of greater minority participation in the armed forces.

He was one of the leading cardiologists of his day, and a prominent advocate of preventive medicine.

plays a prominent

After the Exodus, the Book of Judges plays a prominent role.

The fortress plays a prominent part in the Steven Spielberg film "Amistad".

Frigg plays a prominent role in the prose introduction to the poem, "Grímnismál".

prominent musicians

Through the years, Cordeiro has interviewed many prominent musicians, including the Beatles.

It has also produced a number of prominent musicians and singers for the world of Indian music.

The church has employed organists for over 500 years, many of them prominent musicians within Bavaria.

prominent business   (önde gelen iş)

He is a prominent business man and a young leader.

The Town is yet to have any prominent business house but is a growing market with a number of small industries, hotels and shops.

They are considered to be one of Canada's most prominent business families with a combined net worth of $1.75 billion in Canadian dollars.

prominent scholars

He learned from very prominent scholars of his time.

Its membership consists of no more than 435 members elected for life among the country's most prominent scholars and scientists.

By the late nineties, feminist science studies had become well-established and had many prominent scholars within its field of study.

prominent character

He is also a prominent character in Aristophanes' comedy the "Thesmophoriazusae".

Several films have been made featuring Rodin as a prominent character or presence.

Victoria was the prominent character on "Dark Shadows" for its first year of existence.

most prominent figures   (en önemli figürler)

It was made up of the most prominent figures in Milan.

His unique style of music made him one of the most prominent figures in Bengali culture.

Despite this, the best-known recording the company issued was of the most prominent figures in bebop.

prominent businessmen

Burns also worked with other prominent businessmen of colonial Sydney who supported Burns' application for a land grant in May 1830.

This ownership group consisted of prominent businessmen, elected officials, city council members, a mayor, and a Solano County supervisor.

The guns arrived in 1889 funded by donations from the Sultan of Johor, members of the various communities in Singapore and prominent businessmen.

prominent scientists   (önde gelen bilim adamları)

Under his leadership many of his disciples achieved their Doctoral degrees and became prominent scientists.

His insistence on the existence of the vacuum also led to conflict with other prominent scientists, including Descartes.

Both Booker and SKULL ran afoul of the Outsiders when SKULL began kidnapping prominent scientists, superheroes, and millionaires.