İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

featured prominently   (öne çıkan)

The song is featured prominently in the 2019 film "".

The song is featured prominently in the film "The Big Chill".

Aboriginal music featured prominently in this award ceremony.

most prominently   (en belirgin şekilde)

This view was most prominently defended by Gottfried Leibniz.

He was most prominently featured in the third and fourth series.

It is most prominently involved in the biosynthesis of bile acids.

prominently featured   (öne çıkan)

It is prominently featured in some Bollywood films.

The same character is prominently featured in this game.

Her work was prominently featured in "Every.

features prominently   (göze çarpan özellikler)

", features prominently in the protagonist’s life.

It features prominently in the 2006 film Babel.

The game features prominently in Vanderbilt's history.

feature prominently   (göze çarpan özellik)

Some artists feature prominently in the list.

Leiber liked cats, which feature prominently in many of his stories.

The Nagara River and cormorant fishing feature prominently in a number of their pieces.

figured prominently   (göze çarpan)

The "monfíes" figured prominently in the Morisco Revolt of Aben Humeya.

Raymond Hitchcock also figured prominently in John Ford's "Upstream" (1927).

""Merry Christmas"" in this new context figured prominently in "A Christmas Carol".

prominently displayed   (Belirgin bir şekilde görüntülendi)

2 Record" is prominently displayed above the musicians' names.

The upper class prominently displayed their social status in art and literature.

It is prominently displayed next to the "Hope Diamond" in the museum's Washington Mall building.

more prominently

Hence, it is more prominently called Thamarassery Churam.

The lyrics also focus more prominently on religious themes.

It became known more prominently, however, as proponents of urban terror.

figures prominently

The train station figures prominently in the story.

Altruism figures prominently in Buddhism.

The concept of liminality figures prominently within "The Canterbury Tales".

prominently features

The Meyers Manx logo prominently features a Manx cat.

The song prominently features whistling in several areas.

The show prominently features the artwork of Tim Sale, Loeb's longtime comics collaborator.

figure prominently   (belirgin şekilde şekil vermek)

Volunteer efforts figure prominently in genealogy.

(American pop songs figure prominently in the film.)

The buildings figure prominently in the story.