İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

promised not   (söz vermedi)

He also promised not to harm her, before continuing the drive.

He bowed his head in front of the Lord and promised not to hurt the villagers residing in the village.

Štěch noted that ČSSD had promised not to participate in a government led by someone facing criminal charges.

promised land   (vaat edilmiş topraklar)

Lithuanian farmers mostly supported the Council of Lithuania, who promised land to those who cultivate it.

The book describes their journey across the Arabian peninsula, and then to the promised land, the Americas, by ship.

God gave her "manna" from heaven even while he was withholding food from his unfaithful people in the promised land.

promised to pay   (ödeme sözü verdi)

We promised to pay for everything we took.

Booth promised to pay me for my trouble, but he never did.

After her marriage, her husband promised to pay off the loan.

promised to give   (vermeye söz verdi)

And, Mahesh Bhatt was so impressed by his Shayari that he asked to join the Film Industry and even promised to give the break.

He also had his men tear down the "house" that Meares had built, not knowing, or not caring that Meares had promised to give it to the natives.

Serbia refused to cede a part of the territories in Macedonia, which it occupied and promised to give to Bulgaria according to a secret agreement.