İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

proper names   (düzgün isimler)

13 (2008) was mostly dedicated to etymology of proper names.

A limited number of exoplanets have IAU-sanctioned proper names.

(Ido proper names have a greater degree of flexibility than other Ido words.)

city proper   (şehir uygun)

Berlin is the most populous city proper in the EU.

Situated at six kilometers east of the city proper.

Population of the city proper is about 0.77 million.

proper name   (Uygun isim)

It also has the proper name of Sadalsuud.

The proper name for the bay is Oterongo.

Some clubs used it as their proper name.

without proper   (uygun olmadan)

But those performances were without proper script or structure.

However, without proper approaches, it would be near-to-useless.

[...] ...a re-enactment footage arranged together without proper narrative."

round proper   (uygun)

She did not progress to the heat round proper.

They were drawn to face Nancy of France in the first round proper.

Their opponents in the first round proper were AS Monaco of France.

lack of proper   (uygun olmaması)

The lady dies due to lack of proper treatment.

The lack of proper natural history makes it hard to determine population density and size.

Newborn babies are troubled by lack of proper functions, such as communicating and socializing.

proper motion

It has an annual proper motion of 346 mas.

In 1718, he discovered the proper motion of the "fixed" stars.

He then realised this system also likely had a high proper motion.

first proper

"Jet Black " was the first proper studio album that he released in the United States.

His wife, Jackie, said that being a publican was the first proper job Graveney had had in his life.

– The Best of Jethro Tull, released in 1976, is the first proper greatest hits album by Jethro Tull.

proper time   (Doğru zaman)

Increases should be done gradually and at the proper time.

The interpretation of the parameters is that they are the fraction of the total proper time spent on each leg.

In hindsight it is possible to discover errors in TAI, and to make better estimates of the true proper time scale.

no proper   (uygun değil)

But there is no proper approach road to this station.

A field is called a prime field if it has no proper (i.e., strictly smaller) subfields.

The field "F" is algebraically closed if and only if it has no proper algebraic extension.

proper use

The transition action can be replaced by the proper use of other actions.

For people who take these medications at home, education about proper use is essential.

After teaching him the proper use of messages, Amy and Gina (Chelsea Peretti) let him in.

town proper   (kasaba uygun)

He carried a cross from the town proper up to Mt.

The population of the town proper was 13,435.

They proceeded to his aunt's house near the town proper where they were to be lodged.

ensure proper   (Uygun olmasını sağlamak)

Both aspects need to be proved or provided by the submitter to ensure proper procedures are followed.

Maintaining a constant rate is essential to ensure proper size and spacing of the pits and lands burned into the dye layer.

Additionally, the group has helped municipal utilities to ensure proper performance of pump stations and water conveyance systems.

proper place   (doğru yer)

He wanted every battle ribbon in proper place on his chest.

He came, and took the horse, and I went back to my proper place.

The glints had to be recovered and elevated to their proper place in the cosmos.

first round proper   (ilk tur uygun)

They were drawn to face Nancy of France in the first round proper.

Their opponents in the first round proper were AS Monaco of France.

In the first round proper, they faced German giants Borussia Dortmund.

proper care   (uygun bakım)

Education and proper care can improve quality of life.

With proper care, an Electro 35 may still be used today.

Variomatic transmissions are reliable given proper care.

proper burial   (uygun mezar)

Brezing ensured she had a proper burial in Lexington Cemetery.

Poncelet is executed by lethal injection and later given a proper burial.

Finally, 129 years after her death, Mary Tuplin received a proper burial.

proper way   (doğru yol)

a person does not use natural desires in a proper way.

However, the proper way to refer to takrut when in plural, is 'Takrut'.

After a dangerous battle which resulted in Wonder Woman being aged as well, Diana realized the proper way to defeat the monster.

proper training

With proper training the student can flourish in adverse situations as well as favourable ones.

Seeing immense potential, his teachers and his family were encouraged to send him for proper training.

The five secondary missions are able to be completed if given the proper training and time to coordinate.

proper treatment   (Uygun tedavi)

The lady dies due to lack of proper treatment.

If the fracture is displaced, surgical management is the proper treatment.

Instead, they were waiting to see how it progressed before deciding on the proper treatment.

proper functioning   (düzgün çalışma)

Healthy cartilage is essential to the proper functioning of joints within the body.

It is hypothesized that this lack of VDRs in the hippocampus prevents the proper functioning (ie.

It is the precursor to nerve chemicals like dopamine and acetylcholine, making it important for proper functioning of the nervous system.

proper nouns   (Uygun isimler)

tagum-mata), affixation of proper nouns (e.g.

Mirthworms tend to use proper nouns that play on the word "worm" to describe things.

Yukawa Yukawa (written: 湯川) is a Japanese surname, but is also applied to proper nouns.

proper noun   (özel isim)

Used as a proper noun without any other adjectives, it may refer to:

If, however, the possessor is a proper noun, it must appear in the oblique case.

Exceptionally, some end in -ou, indicating the genitive case of this proper noun for patronymic reasons.

standardize proper names   (uygun isimleri standartlaştırmak)

In 2016, the IAU organized a Working Group on Star Names (WGSN) to catalog and standardize proper names for stars.

standardize proper   (standartlaştırmak)

In 2016, the IAU organized a Working Group on Star Names (WGSN) to catalog and standardize proper names for stars.

proper education   (uygun eğitim)

Although he was needed at home, his family allowed him to receive a proper education.

Nevertheless, Carter is proud of his players accomplishing their goals of having a proper education.

Bishop Simon of Indore wanted to open a co-ed school in Ratlam to give children in the area a proper education.