İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

large proportion   (büyük oran)

A large proportion of the island is circled by coral reefs.

A large proportion (62%) of the country were untrained workers.

A large proportion of these original settlers came from Old Saxony.

high proportion   (yüksek oran)

It also has a very high proportion of lithium.

The industry was also notable for employing a high proportion of women.

In 1936, it was noted for its high proportion of academics and doctors.

significant proportion   (önemli oran)

Insectivorous bats make up a significant proportion of the mammals.

Rape and sexual violence affects a significant proportion of the population.

There is also a significant proportion of the Sunni Hanafi Muslims in Singapore.

higher proportion   (daha yüksek oran)

This is a higher proportion than for gender or racial discrimination.

Jordan provides a higher proportion of its public budget for education than most countries in the world.

The party encompassed a higher proportion of the population than any other socialist movement in the world.

small proportion   (küçük oran)

Only a small proportion came from the western zones.

Only a very small proportion failed to do well.

Air services only handle a small proportion of the visitors.

highest proportion   (en yüksek oran)

The Democratic ticket won the highest proportion of the popular vote.

The South Shore of Staten Island has the highest proportion of Italians.

Their estimates suggest this is the highest proportion of Bahá'ís in any country.

greater proportion

A greater proportion of Tianjin cuisine includes rice in comparison to Beijing cuisine.

Dublin is home to a greater proportion of newer arrivals than any other part of the country.

This may be because of the greater proportion of oxygen exposed to the wine during the bottle process.

proportion of people   (insanların oranı)

The proportion of people who agree will of course depend on the sample.

The proportion of people born outside the UK was 15.9% compared with 8% in 2001.

The proportion of people aged 60 years or more in 2001 was 30.2% (Vienna: 21.7%), the highest of the whole of Vienna.

larger proportion   (daha büyük oran)

He also decided to replace some 8-pounders with a larger proportion of 12-pounders.

A larger proportion of juveniles than of adults migrate in the southern population.

Napoleon determined to replace the 8-pounders with a larger proportion of 12-pounders.

largest proportion

The largest proportion of such accidents occur in November.

This is the largest proportion of any Australian capital city.

By 1917 the largest proportion of the workforce were women: 11,576 women to 5,066 men.

proportion of women

The industry was also notable for employing a high proportion of women.

The proportion of women in the population is slightly higher than that of men.

The party has 379 confirmed party members (as of December 31, 2017), the proportion of women is 35%.