several proposals   (几个建议)

There are several proposals:

No federal law requires voting rights for employees in pension funds, despite several proposals.

There have been several proposals to reopen the station, often using the name 'Hamilton Central'.

various proposals   (各种建议)

In academia, various proposals for a DES-cracking machine were advanced.

There have been various proposals to extend the line east from Green Road.

The various proposals were sent to seventeen aviation firms on 31 October 1945.

policy proposals   (政策建议)

In Greece, its core 7 legislative policy proposals are:

His late start left him with relatively few detailed policy proposals.

His early policy proposals included a pilot of universal baby boxes like those used in Finland and Scotland.

proposals were made

Over the next century various proposals were made until the Ural River prevailed in the mid-19th century.

Following the defeat of Madrid's bid in 2009, many proposals were made for the future use of the stadium.

In the eighteenth century many proposals were made for collective security arrangements, especially in Europe.

other proposals

There have also been other proposals for approaches to enlarge dynamic aperture, such as

There are several other proposals that attempt to account for the flexibility of word order in ASL.

While many rail trails have been built, other proposals have been cancelled by community opposition.

reform proposals

Liberman's reform proposals were also implemented in East Germany.

There are some reform proposals.

Opponents to TSCA reform proposals argue that stringent legislation can be seen as "job-killing."

legislative proposals   (立法建议)

Rémy Jacques published many legislative proposals and reports.

François Deloncle submitted numerous legislative proposals and reports.

He was active in budget debates and submitted various legislative proposals.

request for proposals

The Air Force issued a request for proposals in November 1969.

In September 2015, NJTPA put out a request for proposals to begin the process.

In 2016 the city put out a request for proposals for a new performing arts center.