Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

first proposed   (propuesto por primera vez)

Ernest W. Hahn first proposed building UTC in 1972.

The concept was first proposed in Italy in 2014.

Anthony Greenwald first proposed the theory in 1968.

originally proposed   (propuesto originalmente)

This hypothesis was originally proposed by James A.

UDDI was originally proposed as a core Web service standard.

The law was originally proposed in 2009.

proposed new   (propuesto nuevo)

Some factions in the ACLU proposed new directions for the organization.

It was an advisory institution that codified existing and proposed new laws.

He proposed new methods of economic planning based on the principles of new democratic centralism.

proposed legislation   (Legislación propuesta)

After the proposed legislation was announced, public reaction was split.

In 1850, members of the General Assembly proposed legislation for an elected judiciary.

Under the proposed legislation, a two-thirds majority of students would need to approve them.

proposed a new

In 2011, a dissident shareholder group successfully proposed a new board of directors.

Just two days later the Common Council proposed a new official seal, the Mayoral version.

On August 8, 1947, the Federal Communications Commission proposed a new station on 105.7 MHz.

proposed changes

At the time the proposed changes were considered to be suggestions.

All of the proposed changes were contained within the one question.

Like Wright, Soleri proposed changes in transportation, agriculture, and commerce.

initially proposed

The program was initially proposed in 1964.

Astbury initially proposed a kinked-chain structure for the fibers.

Teller and Wood initially proposed their own BMD system, Project Excalibur.

proposed the idea

He proposed the idea to Lance, who agreed.

Tatishchev announced that he had proposed the idea to von Strahlenberg.

Yet when he proposed the idea to his cardinals, it was almost unanimously opposed.

proposed route

It has since been revealed that a proposed route as far as will be investigated.

Several attempts on Mallory's proposed route occurred during the 1922 expedition.

The proposed route for the first phase of Line 4 is: From Goudi: From Alsos Veikou:

proposed building

Ernest W. Hahn first proposed building UTC in 1972.

The commission reported in 1934, and proposed building a road and rail bridge.

Regalian approached the government in 1987 to assess their interest in the proposed building.

proposed the creation

He proposed the creation of the University of the United Nations.

There, he proposed the creation of a self-governing Tibet "in association with the People's Republic of China."

Dyson also proposed the creation of a "Dyson tree", a genetically engineered plant capable of growing on a comet.

proposed amendment   (enmienda propuesta)

The proposed amendment was defeated by a vote of 164 to 132.

In his inaugural address Lincoln endorsed the proposed amendment.

The proposed amendment provided for Senate terms to begin on 1 July and end on 30 June.

government proposed   (propuesta del gobierno)

The interim government proposed to her the command of the Women's Battalion, but she refused.

In 2011, the government proposed new measures that will restrict the freedom of speech in the internet.

In the 1960s the government proposed an extension of Parliament House, which had only been partly built in 1922.

proposed marriage

In the aftermath, Pasternak proposed marriage to Ida.

After their first night together, he proposed marriage.

In 1957 he proposed marriage to Yulya, and she accepted.

then proposed

An alternative analysis was then proposed by Wilkins "et al.

Dennis then proposed that Manson be signed to Brother Records.

It was then proposed to hold a national referendum on the compromise.

proposed budget   (proyecto de presupuesto)

Cuts to the military were also part of the proposed budget.

The initially proposed budget for the project was $150 million, rising to a final cost of $189.7 million.

KLIA East @ Labu KLIA East @ Labu, (or KLIA-East or KLIA 2), was a proposed budget carrier international airport.

proposed site   (sitio propuesto)

was built on the proposed site of the zenith.

The proposed site was between Hawkins Point and Sollers Point in the outer harbor.

In 1971, the town of Wyhl, in Germany, was a proposed site for a nuclear power station.

proposed using

Experiments he proposed using beryllium and indium failed.

Belbruno had first proposed using a low-energy transfer orbit for a JPL probe in 1988.

It was 2003 before Popeney and Aló proposed using PNS for the treatment of chronic migraine.

proposed to build

He proposed to build the canal where Noteć river was the closest to Bydgoszcz.

Malacca has been proposed to build a Melaka Aerorail line for urban mass-transit.

In 1867, it was proposed to build a public grammar school adjacent to the reserve.

proposed merger   (fusión propuesta)

FCC docket 18-197 will be the official home for documents relating to the proposed merger.

On 1 February 2012 European Commission blocked the proposed merger of Deutsche Börse and NYSE Euronext.

GPs in Staffordshire submitted a vote of no confidence in their local CCGs in protest against a proposed merger.

proposed law

"Do you approve the proposed law?"

proposed development   (desarrollo propuesto)

The proposed development was rejected by Stirling Council in December 2015.

In November, 2009 the public were asked to have their say on the proposed development.

A further proposed development of the MKER is the MKER-1500 with a corresponding electrical generation capacity of 1500 MW.

proposed amendments

Several proposed amendments were rejected.

Both proposed amendments were presented to the voters in a ballot, with two questions.

Voters were asked whether they approved of three proposed amendments to the constitution.

against the proposed   (contra lo propuesto)

", in which he argued against the proposed Trump tariffs.

He was arrested while protesting against the proposed Franklin River dam.

The commission unanimously declared that it was not opportune, voting 23-0 against the proposed dogma.

proposed several

A gold dollar coin had been proposed several times in the 1830s and 1840s, but was not initially adopted.

Although legislation supporting same-sex marriage in the Philippines has been proposed several times in the Philippine legislature, none has been passed.

In June 2018, MassDOT released a "North South Rail Link Feasibility Reassessment" presentation that proposed several tunnel alternatives, described above.

proposed project

Tenders have been invited for carrying out feasibility studies for this proposed project.

Hotel Attraction Hotel Attraction was a proposed project by architect Antoni Gaudí, for a skyscraper in New York City.

However, FERC may issue a permit if a proposed project will significantly reduce a transmission constraint in the national corridor.

proposed tax

The proposal must include estimated revenues and expenditures and the proposed tax rates.

proposed the construction

Lord Curzon proposed the construction of a grand building with a museum and gardens.

On 1 June 1769, an engineer by the name of Le Bœuf proposed the construction of a lunette in front of then Fort Bourbon.

Finally, it proposed the construction of monuments to commemorate Franco's victims in Madrid and other important cities.

proposed a plan

He then proposed a plan to attack Qaghan along with the Baximi, Xi, and Khitan.

This was not a problem in the Indian tradition, but the British proposed a plan for unifying laws.

She proposed a plan called "Fresno's First Steps Home," which will battle chronic homelessness in the city.

proposed the name

Johannes Hinsken from Bottrop proposed the name of the society.

Bentley who proposed the name.

The name is based in part on advice from G. N. Lewis who had proposed the name "deutium".

proposed extension

A proposed extension to deliver water from the Zambezi would add another to the total pipeline length.

A proposed extension of the CTfastrak bus rapid transit line would run in the HOV lanes in I-84 and I-384.

proposed bill

The proposed bill was defeated, 331–88.

The controversy largely centered on paragraph 29 of the proposed bill.

Demonstrators began protesting the proposed bill on February 14, 2011.

proposed a bill

In June 1989, the Bush administration proposed a bill to amend the Clean Air Act.

In 2009, she proposed a bill to punish advertisements which include anorexic models.

In 2012, he proposed a bill expanding this ban to cover school buses and school-affiliated events.

plan proposed

This plan proposed the line to access Rockingham CBD by tunnel.

The plan proposed constructing a 15,000-seat performance amphitheater, and a water park.

The plan proposed attacking "fourteen synthetic plants and thirteen refineries" of Nazi Germany.

proposed name

This list includes proposed name changes.

Dunavski Venac is also the proposed name for the future municipality of Belgrade.

The proposed name of the association cannot have the word "party" ("partido") in it.

proposed state   (estado propuesto)

The final draft renamed the proposed state the Union of Sovereign States; .

Republic of West Papua The Republic of West Papua () is a proposed state consisting of the Western New Guinea region.

List of proposed state mergers This is a list of proposed state mergers, including both current and historical proposals originating from sovereign states or organizations.

proposed constitutional

On February 24, Morales accepted the defeat of the proposed constitutional reform.

The second proposed constitutional changes, particularly the reallocation of political power and status.

He was elected to represent Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, in the proposed constitutional convention in 1891.

proposed design

The "Attack Super Tomcat 21" version was the last Super Tomcat proposed design.

This was not considered enough of an improvement by Congress, so the company shifted to the "Super Tomcat 21" proposed design.

By the fall of 1987, he had blueprints of the proposed design, a physical model to show, and computer simulations of the system in action.

proposed railway

In 2008, a proposed railway to Rwanda and Burundi would pass through this town.

The Post Office opened on 6 October 1890 next to the proposed railway which arrived in 1892.

Huon was erected as part of the "octopus act", an infamous railway building act consisting of 65 proposed railway projects in Victoria.

proposed the establishment

In 1919, town planner Patrick Geddes proposed the establishment of an antiquities museum at this site.

Eventually, the both of them traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana, and William proposed the establishment of a school for the Deaf.

However they had more success in Bhopal and Bikaner, proposed the establishment of a Centre Party with allies in Oudh and United Provinces.

proposed to use

To the north of Croydon, it is proposed to use a highway alignment based on London Road.

The line is proposed to use automatic train operation using high capacity 8 car type A trains.

It has been proposed to use modern technology to create CCBT that simulates face-to-face therapy.

proposed line

In particular, the workers in Bad Dürkheim’s factories would benefit from the proposed line.

According to maps of the proposed line, it is expected to bypass Taroom in favour of a faster and shorter link between Wandoan to Banana via Cracow.

A second proposed line, from Annapolis Royal to Windsor initially faltered, but was eventually completed in 1869 by the privately owned Windsor & Annapolis Railway.

later proposed

Arthur Holmes later proposed mantle convection for that mechanism.

Others later proposed a "three-wave" migration over the Bering Land Bridge.

He later proposed that such phenomena could be common, for example, in meteorology.

proposed to explain

trauma have been proposed to explain the higher rates.

Two models have been proposed to explain the imposition of MHC restriction.

Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain the influence of defaults.

proposed reforms

The third referendum was held in 2001 on proposed reforms to the judicial system.

The Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico called the proposed reforms a threat to national security.

On January 6, 1832, Biddle submitted to Congress a renewal of the Bank's charter without any of the proposed reforms.

bill proposed

In 1955, he seconded a bill proposed by S.O.

Soon after taking office, she co-signed a bill proposed by Karen Yu to allow young children into the legislative chamber.

The bill proposed to ban ethylene glycol, which has a pleasing taste to animals but is poisonous, from engine antifreeze sold in the province.

proposed mechanism

This proposed mechanism is presented schematically below, adapted from Borchert, et.

One proposed mechanism linking vitamin D to Parkinson's disease involves the "Nurr 1" gene.

In the proposed mechanism the initial step is oxidative addition of the aryl halide forming an aryl–palladium intermediate.

proposed an amendment   (propuso una enmienda)

DeSantis proposed an amendment that would halt funding for Mueller's 2017 Special Counsel investigation probe six months after the amendment's passage.

In January 2016, the Labour Party unsuccessfully proposed an amendment in Parliament that would have required private landlords to make their homes "fit for human habitation".

In March 2011, Tsao proposed an amendment to the Act for the Development of Tourism that would allow chain convenience stores to sell tickets for maritime and air transportation.

instead proposed

Santanché opposed Storace's political line and instead proposed an alliance with the PdL.

Christie instead proposed cutting taxes "across the board," although he refused to say by how much.

NSB therefore rejected taking over the line and instead proposed running a bus service from Tønsberg to Auli twice per day.