Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

propulsion system   (sistema de propulsión)

The propulsion system will be included on each SSP segment.

The propulsion system was almost the same as the one of the .

One of the hits damaged the ship's propulsion system; the No.

propulsion systems   (sistemas de propulsión)

The engines and propulsion systems were also upgraded.

Recently, it was recommissioned for use in testing spacecraft propulsion systems.

She is also designing the propulsion systems for interplanetary SmallSat missions.

electric propulsion   (propulsión eléctrica)

Its new electric propulsion meant it was rated at , giving a maximum speed of and weighing .

Aerospace engineering and robotics an example is the most recent electric propulsion and ion propulsion.

The idea of electric propulsion for spacecraft dates back to 1911, introduced in a publication by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

jet propulsion   (propulsión a Chorro)

Instead, a new aircraft, the D558-2, was designed with mixed rocket and jet propulsion for supersonic flight.

Its size ranges from a half (typically) to one millimetre in diameter and is used in the control of its jet propulsion system.

Together they made advancements in telescopic instrumentation, jet propulsion (contributing to NASA's early planetary exploration missions), and infrared astronomy.