Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

protection against   (protección contra)

the Royal Navy provided protection against piracy.

Ottla thus lost her protection against the persecution of Jews.

British ships had inadequate protection against these flash fires.

environmental protection   (protección del medio ambiente)

Goldwater was a strong supporter of environmental protection.

She is also very active in promoting environmental protection.

Rankin has been an outspoken advocate for environmental protection.

fire protection   (protección contra incendios)

The building also lacked adequate fire protection systems.

The most common form of active fire protection is fire sprinklers.

Fire-resistant undergarments are optional to provide fire protection.

bankruptcy protection   (protección de bancarrota)

GGP filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2009.

In August 1999, Coleman filed for bankruptcy protection.

In December 1999, Gracen filed for bankruptcy protection.

provide protection   (proporcionar protección)

Denticles usually provide protection, and in most cases, streamlining.

This was added to provide protection for the crew in case of a collision.

Often it has a verandah to provide protection from the sun for spectators.

legal protection   (protección legal)

We have that legal protection now.

The Choctaw were non-white, landless, and had minimal legal protection.

The South African government has stepped up legal protection for the blue crane.

equal protection   (igual protección)

The new language provided equal protection for both genders.

The 14th Amendment provided for citizenship and equal protection under the law.

He held that "the present challenge is in the main a garden-variety equal protection challenge precluded by "Baker"...

consumer protection   (protección al Consumidor)

It was seen as an aid to consumer protection.

The Chancellery was put in charge of consumer protection.

Vendors in tianguis are liable under all consumer protection laws as well.

protection system   (sistema de protección)

Gen2 also saw the introduction of the halo driver protection system.

Acquisition of the Iron Fist active protection system was approved in June 2009.

This album has been released with the Copy Control protection system in some regions.

child protection   (protección infantil)

No formal child protection proceedings were initiated.

Its platform is based around child protection.

The girl was also on Haringey's child protection register.

data protection   (protección de Datos)

The acquisition expanded Acronis’ data protection on mobile devices.

In the United States, federal data protection laws are approached by sectors.

Privacy, data protection, and identity theft have become issues of increasing interest.

police protection   (protección policial)

Pediese received police protection.

In the past, we refused him police protection on several occasions.

The parade received substantial police protection, and no anti-gay violence was reported.

copyright protection   (protección de derechos de autor)

The limitations to copyright protection also apply to these related rights (art.

For instance, Spain, France, and Australia do not require fixation for copyright protection.

In general, copyright protection in Spain lasts for the life of the author plus seventy years (art.

copy protection   (protección contra copia)

Web Sheriff performs various copy protection services.

The authors therefore gave particular focus to copy protection.

This version also removed the copy protection from the floppy disk release.

level of protection   (nivel de protección)

The designation increases the level of protection on the lands in the valley.

The level of protection in commodity trade has been low, except for agricultural products.

witness protection   (protección de testigos)

Mark admits he is going into witness protection and he and Kyle say their goodbyes.

After the arrests, he was subsequently placed in witness protection for his safety.

In an effort to reconnect with Lara, Mason tells her that his family are in witness protection.

flood protection   (protección contra inundaciones)

It allowed the use of shorter sheet piles, and reduced overall flood protection reliability.

A modern dam, Alakır Barajı, was constructed upstream for irrigation purposes and flood protection.

The Corps of Engineers was responsible for building flood control reservoirs and flood protection levees.

force protection   (protección de fuerza)

Sturdevant, the USMC said, "did not adequately assess the force protection situation".

This included civil engineering, communications, force protection, and base morale and welfare services.

More advanced FOBs include an assembly of berms, concrete barriers, gates, watchtowers, bunkers and other force protection infrastructure.

special protection   (protección especial)

197 and therefore it enjoyed the special protection of the government.

It also required states to give special protection to a list of species.

The Court in "Coy" had found "no individualized findings (that the victims) needed special protection."

no protection   (sin protección)

The fungus is spread by wide-ranging vectors, so isolation of a tree offers no protection.

Since homosexuality was a chosen lifestyle, they reasoned, homosexuals were not a minority and needed no protection.

As an analog standard, it was susceptible to static and noise, and there was no protection from 'eavesdropping' using a scanner.

provides protection   (proporciona protección)

The house provides protection for the machine (e.g.

In addition, it provides protection only from taxes measured by income.

More widespread use of shoes and socks also provides protection from initiating trauma.

protection of human   (protección de humanos)

The new government released all political prisoners and committed itself to the protection of human rights.

The Brussels declaration emphasises the protection of human rights, sustainable development and social justice.

The legislation was proposed under dual reasoning: protection of human health and protection of the environment.

social protection   (Protección social)

The social protection is largely dependent on the state.

Universal social protection is organized into four levels.

The state is a key player in the field of social protection.

protection laws   (leyes de protección)

Vendors in tianguis are liable under all consumer protection laws as well.

In the United States, federal data protection laws are approached by sectors.

Most world chip topography protection laws provide for a reverse engineering privilege.

better protection   (mejor protección)

The 75mm turrets could be lowered for better protection.

As result of better protection conditions in the park the population of animals has increased.

The study called for better protection of ports such as New York Harbor, and Davids' Island became part of its system of defenses.

providing protection   (proporcionando protección)

In 1891, Kruger managed to amend existing game laws, and the state started providing protection for some animal species.

In these symbioses, the algae supply photosynthates (organic substances) to the host organism providing protection to the algal cells.

A pavesade ("kastellōma"), on which marines could hang their shields, ran around the sides of the ship, providing protection to the deck crew.

protection systems   (sistemas de protección)

The building also lacked adequate fire protection systems.

Firewalls are a portion of a building's passive fire protection systems.

Lightning protection systems are used to prevent lightning strike damage to structures.

animal protection   (protección animal)

She also participates in various animal protection organizations' charitable events.

She is also a consultant with Humane Society International, one of the world largest animal protection groups.

The film carried out an exposé of snaring in Scotland and was commissioned by animal protection charity OneKind.

provided protection   (protección proporcionada)

the Royal Navy provided protection against piracy.

It also provided protection especially when entering inclined mineshafts.

Wilburn arrested several of the men and also provided protection to several key informers.

additional protection   (protección adicional)

It also provides additional protection for the handrail and passengers.

Some shelters, however, incorporate NBC-filters for additional protection.

Despite the additional protection, recurring concussions forced him into retirement.

armor protection   (protección de armadura)

The B-17D also featured more extensive armor protection.

The main battery guns had stronger armor protection, at thick.

protection measures   (medidas de proteccion)

Several activities have been undertaken in Chile including hunting controls and other protection measures in breeding areas.

78 of 2012) amended the Constitution of Ireland by inserting clauses relating to children's rights and the right and duty of the state to take child protection measures.

Numerous protection measures and reintroduction efforts have allowed the population to increase, but deforestation is still a problem for the marten in much of its habitat.

degree of protection   (grado de protección)

Wilderness designation provides a high degree of protection from development.

Wetlands now have a degree of protection under the Resource Management Act 1991.

protection money   (dinero de protección)

Poundcakes later appeared in a New York gift shop, demanding protection money from the owner.

Shopowners at a plaza claimed that before the riots, military officers tried to extract protection money.

They threaten builders and landowners into giving them protection money or property through force, extortion, or murder.

greater protection   (mayor protección)

Place kickers and punters are afforded an even greater protection from being tackled.

This was usually done to offer greater protection to the crew in the event of a collision.

Condoms may be combined with other forms of contraception (such as spermicide) for greater protection.

personal protection   (protección personal)

The unit was solely responsible for Hitler's personal protection.

The Prime Minister had been assigned a Police Sub Inspector (SI) for his personal protection.

The ACU also governs the safety standards for personal protection equipment worn during racing.

own protection   (protección propia)

For her own protection her adoptive parents have not revealed her true identity.

Sometime in 1998 before her graduation, Sarah's father was arrested for his own protection after a scam went wrong.

Following the tragedy there were conflicting reports that Captain Wethern had been arrested for his own protection.

patent protection   (protección de patentes)

The first generation of GM crops lose patent protection beginning in 2015.

Lilly filed for patent protection on the compound which was granted in 1953.

Rohrabacher commented: "Make no mistake, 'first to file' weakens patent protection.

protection program   (programa de protección)

In 1998, however, the US government rescinded Casso's plea agreement and dropped him from the witness protection program.

This "Family Trade Organization" has a key asset in the Clan defector from the first two books who had arrived seeking a witness protection program.

Mark is asked to enter a witness protection program and the night before he leaves, he realises he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend, Kate (Brewer).

protection area   (área de protección)

The wilderness protection area has an area of .

The landscape protection area was established in 2003, and covers an area of .

The wilderness protection area is classified as an IUCN Category Ib protected area.

protection during   (protección durante)

It does not tolerate being frozen, so requires some protection during the winter months.

Vaults on the inner side of both walls provided storage and protection during bombardments.

using protection during sexual intercourse, getting checked for sexually transmitted diseases).

adequate protection   (protección adecuada)

A large head of land protects the natural haven and gives adequate protection to light craft from the sea.

Some countries are broadening the legal definition of 'journalist' to ensure adequate protection for citizen reporters (working on and offline).

Professor Ferguson travels to post-Katrina New Orleans to ask why the free market can't provide some of the adequate protection against catastrophe.

radiation protection   (Protección de radiación)

It works as an authority in the area of radiation protection and nuclear safety.

Kerma area product (KAP) is a related quantity, which for all practical radiation protection purposes is equal to dose area product.

The same issue occurs with radiation protection instruments, where a reading from an instrument may be affected by the background radiation.

offer protection   (ofrecer protección)

Encouraged by women in the community, it is primarily intended to deter promiscuity and to offer protection from assault.

Gondolas are heavier and have lower wind tolerance, but offer protection from the elements and are particularly useful in rain or very cold conditions.

The fort was designed to offer protection and schooling to the tributary Siouan and Iroquoian tribes living to the southwest of the colonized area of Virginia.