İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not prove   (kanıtlama)

The defences would not prove sufficient, however.

Such observational studies cannot prove causality, i.e.

Despite this, they did not prove popular.

did not prove   (kanıtlamadı)

Despite this, they did not prove popular.

The EPR paper did not prove quantum mechanics to be incorrect.

As of 2013, however, the program did not prove very efficient.

able to prove   (kanıtlayabilme)

She hopes that Wong will be able to prove that her fiancé didn't kill her father.

The rest of story is how Nethaji will be able to prove himself innocent and punish the terrorists.

Felicity is later able to prove Diggle's innocence by restoring the digital files that Walker had destroyed.

order to prove   (kanıtlamak için sipariş)

Annie resolves to go looking for her parents in order to prove they are still alive.

In order to prove one of these legends, he and his childhood friend Mitsuki Shimoya visit a local shrine nearby.

Vasu leaves for Chennai in order to prove himself to his father, who is constantly criticising his irresponsibility.

evidence to prove   (kanıtlamak için kanıt)

Abha and Karan find evidence to prove Ranchod's innocence.

However, there is no historical evidence to prove this claim.

There is evidence to prove that sacred animals were worshiped there.

prove his innocence   (masumiyetini kanıtlamak)

Intending to prove his innocence, Barstow evades incarceration.

The story focuses on Ajayan and his struggle to prove his innocence.

Steve, his son, challenges him to prove his innocence and robs a betting shop.

used to prove   (kanıtlamak için kullanılır)

But, as stated above, the techniques used to prove e.g.

The homomorphism theorem is used to prove the isomorphism theorems.

Similar ideas are used to prove the properties of Chaitin's constant.

prove the existence   (varlığını kanıtlamak)

It attempts to prove the existence of a necessary being and infer that this being is God.

Berkeley has been trying to prove the existence of God throughout his beliefs in immaterialism.

The United States clutched on small details to prove the existence of widespread communism in Guatemala.

prove themselves   (kendilerini kanıtla)

Give them opportunity and they can prove themselves".

Finalists must prove themselves in yet another week of shows, this time performing sets ranging in length from 12–15 minutes.

Despite their bickering, the Fantastic Four consistently prove themselves to be "a cohesive and formidable team in times of crisis."

trying to prove   (kanıtlamaya çalışmak)

Tarun suspects Laxman to be the mischief-maker, trying to prove his points.

Usually when trying to prove that two sets are equal, one aims to show these two inclusions.

Berkeley has been trying to prove the existence of God throughout his beliefs in immaterialism.

failed to prove   (kanıtlayamadı)

However, it failed to prove a commercial success.

The idea was abandoned after feasibility studies failed to prove it was possible.

But the government prosecutors failed to prove the charges and Sirisena was released with a fine.

prove useful   (yararlı olduğunu kanıtlamak)

This can prove useful for crossing the worst of the bogs.

His knowledge of Russian was to prove useful in later years.

Cosolvents prove useful in synthetic applications as well as in formulation.

attempt to prove   (kanıtlamaya çalışmak)

He rejoined the Titans in an attempt to prove the innocence of Superboy.

Al Powell wound up hating him), to Boyle taking things too far in his attempt to prove his devotion to Jake.

MacDougall weighed dying patients in an attempt to prove that the soul was material, tangible and thus measurable.

unable to prove   (kanıtlayamamak)

Shane Watson was unable to prove his fitness, which left Australia unchanged.

Samuelson concludes: "Smith was unable to prove the essence of his invisible-hand doctrine.

He was unable to prove successful in the long run in his wars with Russia as he ended up losing more territory than he gained.

difficult to prove   (kanıtlaması zor)

Effects after low exposures such as from food have been difficult to prove.

Paul Erdős suspected that the conjecture is true, but thought it would probably be very difficult to prove.

Substrate theories are often difficult to prove (especially in the case of phonetically plausible changes like to ).

chance to prove   (kanıtlama şansı)

He also believed that Jones did not give him a chance to prove himself.

As his last chance to prove himself, he must help a prince and princess fulfill a prophecy.

For millennia, the goddess Athena waited patiently for the chance to prove herself worthy of the crown of Olympus.

what would prove   (ne kanıtlayacak)

On 9 October 1943, the squadron flew what would prove to be the last B-26 mission flown by Eighth Air Force.

The 14th century saw the start of what would prove to be a long era of foreign encroachment on the Faroese economy.

does not prove   (kanıtlamaz)

It is also pointed out that correlation does not prove causation.

there may be an association which does not prove that one is the cause of the other.

King told the "International Congress of Coptic Studies" that the text does not prove that Jesus had a wife.