Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

proved too   (demostrado también)

Tyrocidine also proved too toxic for systemic usage.

The method proved too limited to be practical.

Although well-liked, it proved too small within a decade.

proved successful   (resultó exitoso)

This proved successful, and tow tests continued.

The track also proved successful in the US, peaking at No.

Dübs' new company, Dübs and Company, soon proved successful.

proved difficult   (resultó difícil)

This often proved difficult due to mist in the swamp.

This proved difficult to achieve in practice.

The crossing of Karekare Beach itself proved difficult.

proved popular

The film was shown at Cannes in 1978 and proved popular.

Miniature versions were made by Corgi and proved popular.

This proved popular, and gave the couple a sizable income.

proved very

Non-preferentiality proved very difficult to achieve.

Dover's own practice proved very lucrative.

This experiment proved very successful.

proved unsuccessful   (no tuvo éxito)

However, Kinkladze's spell at Ajax proved unsuccessful.

The latter proved unsuccessful due to its poor accuracy.

An attempt to incorporate Cash as a city proved unsuccessful.

proved so

She expresses surprise that her life has proved so mundane after all.

The work proved so popular that there were 35 editions produced that year.

The show proved so popular that Northlanders wanted to encourage the young dancers.

proved more

Nevertheless, his legacy proved more enduring.

This colony was again blockaded, but proved more successful.

But real estate proved more attractive.

proved controversial   (resultó controvertido)

Some of Jafta's judgments have proved controversial.

This change proved controversial in literary circles.

The documentary proved controversial.

later proved

It was later proved by L. E. J. Brouwer in 1909.

However, these claims were later proved to be false.

This strategy later proved to be the right one.

what proved

Four plays later Alabama scored what proved to be the final points of the game on a one-yard Richardson run.

He scored five goals but the club again suffered relegation in what proved his only season in league football.

His highest score that season was 34, made against Eastern Province in what proved to be his last appearance for eight years.

season proved

The next season proved to be more positive and Sh.S.

The 2007–08 season proved to be less successful.

The 2005–2006 Olympic season proved difficult for Weir.

proved highly

Parliament proved highly supportive, with little dissent.

The arguments proved highly persuasive in industrial districts.

The tank eventually proved highly successful and, as technology improved.

soon proved

However, this church soon proved to be too small.

Dübs' new company, Dübs and Company, soon proved successful.

This site soon proved unsuitable and another site was sought.

proved impossible

It proved impossible as no banks were interested.

Nevertheless, a minimum daily ration of 2,000 calories proved impossible.

Rescue attempts proved impossible and the place was left undisturbed as a mass grave.

ultimately proved

The change ultimately proved unnecessary as the war ended shortly after.

This led to some changes to the storyline that ultimately proved unpopular.

Leavitt's speeches on the need for a new sanctuary ultimately proved persuasive.

proved unable   (demostrado incapaz)

The nun challenged Gutei to utter a word of Zen, but—when he proved unable to do so—she left.

Despite their 1987 division title victory, the Tigers proved unable to build on their success.

Additionally, the government proved unable to make effective decisions regarding decolonization.

proved too much

However, The Great Depression proved too much for the company, and it went under in 1932.

The distance between Los Angeles and New York proved too much from a management stand point.

The great slaughter proved too much to stomach reducing the Akhal-Tekke country to submission.

proved unpopular   (resultó impopular)

This led to some changes to the storyline that ultimately proved unpopular.

Her rule proved unpopular, especially with the aristocracy who resented her Latin (Western) origins.

The move proved unpopular with fans, and the series was quickly moved into its present prime-time slot within weeks.

proved useful

These forts proved useful during Mughal-Maratha wars.

In Clancy's books, the "Red October" adventure proved useful to Ryan's career.

Napalm proved useful, burning away the vegetation hiding spider holes and usually killing their occupants.

proved effective   (resultó efectivo)

He proved effective by scoring seven times during his stint there.

Its efforts to educate women particularly proved effective during wartime years.

The technique proved effective, however the deflected bullets were still highly dangerous.

proved ineffective   (resultó ineficaz)

Clermont also proved ineffective.

The German 37 mm anti-tank gun proved ineffective against the heavily armoured Matildas.

The slowness of this system proved ineffective, and the secretaries of state were brought back.

proved inadequate

Those provisions proved inadequate to meet the requirements.

But the new transmitter proved inadequate for serving the Capital District proper.

However, the supplies he had brought soon proved inadequate to the task of sustaining the venture.

proved so popular

The work proved so popular that there were 35 editions produced that year.

The show proved so popular that Northlanders wanted to encourage the young dancers.

It proved so popular that it was translated into nine languages within twenty years.

quickly proved

It quickly proved to be a useful addition to the fleet.

Albert quickly proved to be one of Normandie's best pilots.

The extension quickly proved profitable.

proved extremely

Her visits proved extremely popular with pupils.

Finding sites for these silos proved extremely difficult.

The code proved extremely effective and useful during the war.

again proved

A third attempt under "Project Giant Boost" occurred in August 1968 and again proved unsuccessful.

Its high teaching and management quality was again proved by the fact that among the first batch of schools.

The Australian bowling once again proved too much though, and Somerset lost the match by an innings and 19 runs.

proved decisive   (resultó decisivo)

The Italians had been loyal to Tammany; their switch proved decisive.

The battle proved decisive: Vienna was saved and Bavaria was knocked out of the war.

The close artillery support proved decisive, as trench after trench was overwhelmed by direct fire.

proved fatal

This was a sentence that often proved fatal.

The duel proved fatal to Alis.

proved not

In most battles fought during the conflict this was proved not to be possible.

His polls predicted that Romney would win the election, which proved not to be the case.

However, the use of mill stones in this high grinding process soon proved not to be optimum.

proved very popular

This proved very popular and attracted women to Rawene from far afield.

The F-S dagger proved very popular with the commandos, who used it primarily for sentry elimination.

His shows are now also captured on video and streamed as YouTube clips which have proved very popular.

proved fruitless   (resultó infructuoso)

Attempts to have the decision overturned proved fruitless.

This proved fruitless, as Facebook memorialised the account, making it impossible to log on.

Attempts were made to keep the Manchu strain ethnically pure, although these efforts proved fruitless.

proved less   (resultó menos)

But the House of Commons proved less forgiving.

However, his position as President of the Imperial War Council proved less successful.

Once the railways started carrying milk, the pail proved less than ideal as it was top-heavy and tended to spill.

proved disastrous

It proved disastrous to the Huguenots and costly for France.

The initial period of the resulting war proved disastrous for the Soviet military.

The marriage of Philip and Louise proved disastrous and she left her husband in 1896.

not proved

Gödel's completeness theorem and the compactness theorem were not proved until 1929.

To date abzymes display only weak, modest catalytic activity and have not proved to be of any practical use.

Senator Henry Stuart Foote countered that Page had not proved substantial progress or benefits from his work.

eventually proved

The tank eventually proved highly successful and, as technology improved.

In his case this eventually proved too difficult, hence his early departure from the game.

Conflicts between the Minorities Section and the minority states eventually proved inevitable.

proved insufficient   (resultó insuficiente)

Early efforts included simple carbon copies but that proved insufficient.

When developer OEM International's funding proved insufficient to complete the project the government repossessed the site.

The initial filling of earthwork had proved insufficient, so additional earthwork had to be filled, costing an additional NOK 840,000.

proved problematic

Financing for the plan proved problematic.

This proved problematic.

The genre switch proved problematic to maintaining the team aspect of gameplay.

proved itself

The Attlee government proved itself to be a radical, reforming government.

Lillywhite's team proved itself stronger than "The Australasian" had suggested, and went on to win the match.

The original design was intended as a light bomber, but soon proved itself in high-level photography and every phase of intruder operations.

proved invaluable   (resultó invaluable)

Ermey's experience as a drill instructor during the Vietnam era proved invaluable.

These changes in the IT infra-structure proved invaluable for the Higher education sector.

Working with the Motor Neurone Disease Association has proved invaluable for researching this role."

proved particularly   (demostrado particularmente)

However, this libretto proved particularly difficult to set.

Neither of these advantages, however, proved particularly useful.

FU III proved particularly obstructive, but relations with the Gestapo and Abwehr.

proved themselves

His sire never ran on grass, but his descendants proved themselves on the turf.

However, many junior and mid-level officer graduates proved themselves invaluable in battle.

His stock won over all distances on the flat, and have proved themselves jumpers of no mean order.

film proved   (película probada)

The film proved to be a flop at the box office.

Casting the film proved troublesome, particularly for the lead role of Deckard.

Despite mixed reviews, the film proved to be successful at the box office grossing over .

not be proved

However, it could not be proved, and we sailed with the majority of this same crew.

This cannot be proved or disproved because Hipparchus's original star catalogue is lost.