not provide   (不提供)

Male "C. macellaria" do not provide parental care.

However, it does not provide guaranteed throughput.

Carr did not provide the source of this information.

order to provide   (为了提供)

Currently, Harrison trades stocks in order to provide for his family.

In order to provide this service, Everway teamed up with AffinityPath LLC.

This required the addition of booster stages in order to provide more takeoff thrust.

provide more   (提供更多)

External SCSI cabinets could be used to provide more storage.

They can provide more individualized attention to their students.

It also replaced the cathedral's high windows to provide more light.

provide information   (提供资料)

There are wooden markers along the trails which provide information.

They have several sensory organs which provide information to be processed.

The paired antennae provide information about the direction and intensity of scents.

used to provide   (用于提供)

The horn can be used to provide the hold force.

Canals are still used to provide water for agriculture.

who would be used to provide advice to the other characters.

provide access

In 1566 a canal was completed to provide access for ships.

Two ladders or wooden staircases provide access to the house.

The lease provide access south to the PRR at Marion Junction.

provide support

PARU can provide support to BPP headquarters within two hours.

Nagaiyas provide support when normal kinsmen wouldn't be able to.

The ship was then sent south to provide support to the Canadian cruiser.

designed to provide

They are designed to provide efficient execution of batch jobs.

LPV is designed to provide lateral and vertical accuracy 95 percent of the time.

Many exploits are designed to provide superuser-level access to a computer system.

provide additional   (提供额外的)

Four FM rebroadcasters provide additional coverage.

Middle names provide additional information.

CPU expansion boards may provide additional custom buses.

did not provide

Carr did not provide the source of this information.

Alabama did not provide a separate declaration of causes.

These bones were lost and he did not provide for a holotype.

able to provide

DXA is only able to provide the areal bone mineral density.

213 was able to provide relief cover.

These "o-chum"s were able to provide housing to a family of six.

does not provide

However, it does not provide guaranteed throughput.

He does not provide figuring for the continuo.

MJF does not provide direct legal assistance.

provide services

Both provide services to Jewish and non-Jewish students at Drexel.

The company built up many carriers’ partnerships to provide services.

The London Fire Brigade provide services for the area and Greater London as a whole.

intended to provide   (旨在提供)

It was intended to provide care for 50 patients.

This increase in volume was intended to provide a reservoir of steam.

They are also intended to provide career and employment opportunities.

provide evidence

Honeysuckle and black bryony provide evidence of the hedgerow's antiquity.

Only female voices, examples and opinions provide evidence within this text.

Scats provide evidence that they eat the eggs during the winter after caching.

aims to provide

WireGuard aims to provide a VPN that is both simple and highly effective.

It aims to provide FTTH coverage to around 85% of the population by 2017.

The TEAF Matrix aims to provide a simple, uniform structure to an entire framework.

provide better

This was to provide better conditions for a robust and sustainable command.

The engine was moved forward in the chassis to provide better space inside the cab.

provide protection   (提供保护)

Denticles usually provide protection, and in most cases, streamlining.

This was added to provide protection for the crew in case of a collision.

Often it has a verandah to provide protection from the sun for spectators.

provide assistance   (提供协助)

Occupational therapy can provide assistance with activities.

They also provide assistance with the quality of the spraying.

It cannot provide assistance to any person in connection with a legal claim.

provide free

They provide free cable TV throughout the campground, and Wifi at the pavilion.

A full-scale National Health Service would provide free medical care for everyone.

Since 2012, New York State institutions provide free interpretations from/into Russian.

provide employment   (提供就业)

These operations provide employment and generate international aid.

When finished, the plant will provide employment opportunities to around 1,000 workers, many of them Bedouins.

Until September 2013, HMCS "Carleton" operated continuously to provide employment and training for its sailors.

required to provide

The borough was required to provide two ships for forty days per year.

HART was required to provide quarterly financial reports to the Council.

They are only required to provide business and organization requirements.

continued to provide

It continued to provide steam service into the 1980s.

The show continued to provide a new set for each new host.

"The bus continued to provide data until at least 25 April 1983."

provide financial

Husbands will provide financial support to wives to buy food.

The following year, the government began to provide financial aid.

ASIC banned NAB staff who were previously licensed to provide financial advice.

provide a more   (提供更多)

MO and LF theories are more complicated, but provide a more realistic perspective.

Instead, more torque meant to provide a more luxurious rather than BMW's usual sporting feel.

During the 1850s swaging tools were developed to provide a more uniform and consistent thread.

provide water

Canals are still used to provide water for agriculture.

It was constructed in 1639 to provide water power for mills.

Several springs usually provide water.

provide food

Insects provide food for birds and bats.

These plants provide food for the corals, and give them their color.

The caterpillars provide food at a season when other foods are scarce.

provide education

Chung-Ang College continued to provide education during the war times.

Therefore, it is important to provide education and counseling in this regard.

Daventry UTC had the capacity to provide education for up to 600 14- to 19-year-olds.

provide training

It may also provide training for Fiji doctors.

Two-year programs provide training prior to entry into a career.

The main aim was to highlight the urgent need to provide training for women.

failed to provide

Unfortunately, the designers failed to provide an exciting challenge."

However, O'Neil failed to provide police any proof that Lyman had gone to Europe.

The MESA failed to provide a stable work platform and was in shadow, slowing work somewhat.

provide adequate   (提供足够的)

UHF stations, then as now, do not provide adequate reception in rugged terrain.

They had to provide adequate subsonic performance for diversion cruise and low engine-face distortion at take-off.

The single blastpipe was replaced with a double blastpipe and chimney to provide adequate gas velocity in the smokebox.

provide security

It uses 256-bit SSL encryption to provide security to users.

Deputies in this unit provide security to San Francisco City Hall.

A compositional approach can be used to provide security for open platform applets.

agreed to provide

IFI agreed to provide 50% of the budget.

John Ericsson for his analysis and opinion, which he agreed to provide.

He continued: Jackson agreed to provide boats and other provisions for the expedition.

unable to provide

Prosecutors were unable to provide any physical evidence to support the charges.

Nothing came of this as Longayron was unable to provide a sufficient surety bond.

FDR refused to make La Guardia a general and was unable to provide fresh money for the city.

provide enough

Three such images provide enough information to solve for the topographic image of a sample.

However, the machine did not provide enough card slots to physically upgrade the RAM to 512K.

The accidental viewpoint does not provide enough information to distinguish what the object is.

provide opportunities

These disciplines provide opportunities for students to develop clinical skills.

Conservatory partnerships provide opportunities to expose students to the workplace.

Meeting people and creating connections provide opportunities in the future when searching for jobs.

provide all

Female porcupines provide all parental care.

Two taxiways (G and H) provide all exits for Runway 10R/28L and Runway 7.

It is licensed to provide all major lines of insurance except life insurance.

provide service

In December, Joyo started to provide service in Shanghai.

In urban areas, sewers and water lines often provide service to households.

They received a contract to provide service for all new Kelvinator equipment.

provide sufficient   (提供足够)

A few human mummies alone cannot provide sufficient explanation of metallurgy transmission.

However, some linguistic contexts do not provide sufficient information to disambiguate a used word.

Despite a certain appeal, it was finally discontinued because it did not provide sufficient resolution.

help provide

I wanted to help provide that opportunity for them."

These divisions help provide insurance in multiple sectors.

Through the organization, Cardenal was able to help provide education for the poor in Nicaragua.

provide students

Pattern blocks can also serve to provide students with an understanding of fractions.

Primary School teachers take their time to provide students with a good transition into schooling.

The Extended Learning Division's mission is to provide students with access to information through technology.

continues to provide

It continues to provide yachting facilities today.

His company continues to provide a variety of services for the railroads.

Prince Edward's Gate continues to provide access through the Charles V Wall.

established to provide

Communes and co-operatives have been established to provide essentials.

The same year, Camp Kaweah was established to provide additional capacity.

Primarily the bank was established to provide agricultural and commercial loans to investors.

provide both

Yellow cards provide both skills and stat increments.

The Ku-band spot beams provide both receive and transmit capability.

The campus has facilities that provide both inpatient and outpatient care.

provide an opportunity

Grants can provide an opportunity to supplement school funding without raising local taxes.

provide medical

In addition, an outpatient department was included to provide medical care to ambulatory patients.

CICM was opened on 28 August 2012 to provide medical education in English as an international course.

Professionals through contractual agreements provide medical, dental, mental health and food services.

provide funding

They then asked community philanthropists to provide funding.

Some national associations provide funding to some skaters if they meet certain criteria.

There was a new tax to be raised known as the "taille" that was to provide funding for a new Royal army.

ability to provide

It has the ability to provide specialty products and services all 50 states.

The oracle responded that the impious on Earth hindered Apollo's ability to provide advice.

The 1999 Helms-Biden Act restricted the United States' ability to provide military support to the UN.

provide air

Its mission was to provide air defense for the Pacific Northwest.

British air forces in Malaya were insufficient to provide air cover to Force Z.

The Royal Navy deployed the Type 45 destroyer, , to provide air defense for allied naval forces.

provide greater

They also were willing to provide greater funding for prevention.

Dynamic scoping was also meant to provide greater flexibility for user customizations.

provide new

A sculpture competition is held biennially to provide new additions.

Ming-Na Wen reprised her role as Melinda May to provide new dialogue for the content.

Games of imperfect knowledge provide new challenges to AI in the area of game theory.

provide insight   (提供见解)

Also, chalcogen through-bonds can provide insight about the process of electron transfer.

Similar mutations in other species provide insight into the roles played by the "PMEL17" gene.

OI collects real-time data and correlates against historical data to provide insight and analysis.

provide direct

MJF does not provide direct legal assistance.

Gravel left the armor behind on the southern bank to provide direct fire support.

With a few exceptions, the department does not provide direct services to Ohioans.

built to provide

AJX Bridge was built to provide a river crossing for U.S. Route 87.

The bridges were built to provide alternatives to crossing the busy street.

The Cunningham Highway was built to provide road transport between the two regions.

provide power

Charging cables provide power connections, but not data.

In the mid-1910s the mill began to also provide power to the community.

Batteries provide power during eclipse, when the satellite is in the shadow of the earth.

only provide

Teredo can only provide a single IPv6 address per tunnel endpoint.

The other coaches can only provide their comments to the performances of the artists.

However, in some cases they not only provide a challenge, but are considered next to impossible.

expected to provide

Discovery of a large quantity of natural gas in KG Basin is expected to provide rapid economic growth.

The new software is expected to provide the rover with better robotic arm and autonomous driving abilities.

There were also newly built hutted hospitals which, by the end of 1941, were expected to provide forty-five thousand beds.

provide further

The titles of the chapters themselves provide further examples of hybridization.

Following a downselect, four companies were asked to provide further developments.

If necessary they provide further training to the personnel and management of the company.

refused to provide

The brother of Eithne Wilkins, a scientist, refused to provide any information.

Like his father, he opposed this effort and refused to provide prayer access for Shi'ite Muslims.

Hayes admitted that he had loaned money to players but refused to provide an accounting of the loans.

provide an alternative

Some cosmologists think that string theory and brane cosmology will provide an alternative to inflation.

They also had to provide an alternative path for excess intake air during engine throttling or shutdowns.

Tit-Bits provide an alternative to the sometimes demoralizing experience of remedying the loss of a breast.

well as provide

They hold many competitions as well as provide a competition for bids to Worlds.

The energy harvested from the turbine will offset the installation cost, as well as provide virtually free energy for years.

His single eye is able to reveal the illusions and disguises of his opponents, as well as provide foresight into his opponent's actions.

provide much

Where available, seal colonies can provide much food.

The tunnels are well ventilated and provide much light until Liberty Street is reached.

However, the team did not provide much of a challenge for the western Pennsylvania championship.

provide the necessary

Eaves can be overhung to provide the necessary shade.

There are also free packages available that provide the necessary software functions.

These machines can use headphones and other adaptive technology to provide the necessary accessibility.

provide good

It can provide good ground cover in a cold situation.

The school appoint its own coaches and provide good equipment and facilities.

The school's mission is to provide good education and develop into a model school.

provide advice   (提供建议)

who would be used to provide advice to the other characters.

They thus not only sell but also provide advice and support.

The oracle responded that the impious on Earth hindered Apollo's ability to provide advice.

continue to provide

E-sports such as StarCraft continue to provide additional public benchmarks.

During this migration, DirecTV 10 will continue to provide service to subscribers.

Spain, France, and the European Union continue to provide some project assistance, as do China and Cuba.

provide relief

NBFA continued to lobby Congress to provide relief.

213 was able to provide relief cover.

These culprits are the people who provide relief to these refugees.

provide cover

A few of them advanced toward the outpost to provide cover.

According to Israel, the violent protests provide cover for attacks by militants.

It prefers locations with rocky areas, brush or log piles, and shrubs to provide cover.

provide guidance   (提供指导)

CMMI models provide guidance for developing or improving processes that meet the business goals of an organization.

The manufacturer's instructions provide guidance to the user on the proper adjustment and maintenance of the opener.

Ives's work often relies on programmatic/narrative themes, allowing him to provide guidance through his dense scores.

created to provide

Between 1924 and 1931 estates were created to provide more land for housing development.

It was originally known as Observation Post Warheit, and was created to provide overwatch to Combat Outpost Keating.

Files on Freenet are typically split into multiple small blocks, with duplicate blocks created to provide redundancy.

provide technical

Some also provide technical assistance to municipalities.

Kobo does not provide technical support for these applications.

Since that date the college has continued to provide technical and vocational education.

attempt to provide

The following tables attempt to provide a complete list of mobile network operators.

The Java memory model was the first attempt to provide a comprehensive memory model for a popular programming language.

Various competing models of hierarchies of effects attempt to provide a theoretical underpinning to advertising practice.

provide care

It was intended to provide care for 50 patients.

A resident medical officer and visiting Ayurvedic physicians provide care and consultations.

Pet trust A pet trust is a legal arrangement to provide care for a pet after its owner dies.

government to provide

The Foundation has received a commitment from the local government to provide support by the end of 2009 for the existing clinic.

More recently, the Victorian Opera has been formed with funding from the Victorian government to provide an opera company for Melbourne and Victoria.

The Syrian Support Group was the only organization legally permitted by the U.S. government to provide support directly to the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

provide a better

DHCA is used to provide a better visual field during surgery due to the cessation of blood flow.

Together these two patterns provide a better view of the competition's intrinsic country pair biases.

Many important archaeological discoveries have been made that can provide a better understanding of that era.

provide local

Arriva operates some routes in Jutland, and several other smaller operators provide local services.

Gerardi's produce and the weekly Green Market provide local vendors the opportunity to sell their merchandise.

"Mères lyonnaises" are female restaurateurs particular to this region who provide local gourmet establishments.

provide public

It is also obliged to provide public call boxes.

Persons cannot receive public service or provide public service with their faces covered.

Public policy when made in the public's interest and motivations can provide public services.

did provide

Eisenhower did provide France with bombers and non-combat personnel.

While he did not voice the character in the film, Stone did provide some of the movie's additional voices.

On October 21 Atlético defeated CB Cangas 34:13, Gojun didn't score but he did provide a spectacular defensive wall.

provide shelter

Lower shrubs provide shelter for small mammals.

During the Munich crisis, local authorities dug trenches to provide shelter.

During this time he and his brother continued to provide shelter and aid to certain Cathars.

often provide

In urban areas, sewers and water lines often provide service to households.

These colleges often provide additional tutorial assistance, and some host theological study.

Wounds inflicted on residual trees during partial cutting often provide portals for decay fungi.

provide legal

It does not provide legal representation.

He provide legal support to the defence team in the Agartala Conspiracy Case.

The regulation was targeted to provide legal rights to slaves and boost their morale.

provide the best

To provide the best customer experience in the markets we serve.

They have considerable knowledge and provide the best possible care to their patients.

The "posts" are selected to provide the best response times for the projected demand at that time of day.

provide a new

The show continued to provide a new set for each new host.

He claimed to provide a new evolutionary theory to replace neo-Darwinism.

In addition to Mills, the band also brought in rock producer Marti Frederiksen to provide a new perspective to the writing process.

provide such

The stars provide such a system.

A few local Hindu craftsmen might provide such items as cooking utensils.

Energy Control in Barcelona and DIMS in the Netherlands provide such services.

provide housing

These "o-chum"s were able to provide housing to a family of six.

INCAMI also helps provide housing and health care, eases assimilation, and spreads awareness.

Bolaños Castle was built to provide housing and protection on the road from Toledo to Córdoba.

up to provide

In 1971, the move backfired as no automakers stepped up to provide a pace car.

1986 - CitiCapital Ltd. set up to provide investment and venture capital and corporate finance advisory.

The organisation is one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts, set up to provide funding for charitable causes.

does provide

However, the mother's body does provide gas exchange.

DHCP does provide some mechanisms for mitigating these problems.

It does provide a limited macro language, to control the hosted applications startup.

provide data

"The bus continued to provide data until at least 25 April 1983."

Streams provide data parallelism.

SSOT systems provide data that are authentic, relevant, and referable.

provide a forum   (提供一个论坛)

But this is the beauty of the album; the ensembles provide a forum for Zorn to expand his compositions.

The goal of the foundation was to provide a forum concerning general issues of medicine and ethics, along the lines of skeptical inquiry.

The "Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion" is published by the Society to provide a forum for empirical papers in the topic area.

provide a platform

Jaws provide a platform in most fishes for simple pointed teeth.

A Congress could also provide a platform for the announcement of new ideological concepts.

The aim is “to provide a platform, enabling comparative searches of different resources” (

provide basic

Foundation provides a set of stylesheets that provide basic style definitions for all key HTML components.

In 2005, the Wellness Center also began to provide basic gynecological and primary health care services during these Missions.

A new Kitchen/Diner was created in late 2009 for use by all Sixth Form pupils, to provide basic cooking and dining facilities.

provide extra

Defeated wild boar can be eaten to provide extra sustenance.

Players wear high-top sneakers that provide extra ankle support.

Binders are technological instruments that provide extra control for the AMBAC systems.

provide accommodation   (提供住宿)

150,000 for the construction of a hostel to provide accommodation for female medical students at Calcutta Medical College.

It was developed to provide accommodation for the rapidly increasing work force of the Wyndham and Ocean Western Collieries.

Initially created for ex-service men, women and families after World War I, it continues to provide accommodation for 189 residents.

provide a means

Reliquaries provide a means of protecting and displaying relics.

Part of the motivation for this was simply to provide a means of support.

Images of embryos provide a means of comparing embryos of different ages, and species.

provide space

Rear lower compartments provide space for generators and propane tanks.

Its capacity was reduced by renovations after the 1975 purchase to 480 to provide space for a stage.

Lookout enabled the community to provide space for the elementary division, known as St. Ursula Villa.

failing to provide

Sahaphum Party particularly accused the government of failing to provide peace and order.

He blamed Giovanni Trapattoni, Cesare Maldini and Dino Zoff for failing to provide him with the call-up he felt he deserved.

He believes that too much money is given in subsidies to those who don't need it, whilst failing to provide support for family farmers.

provide aid

In addition many private agencies, churches and philanthropies provide aid.

Its stated mission is to provide aid to senior citizens in communities while promoting a sense of community.

Under an act passed in 1864, the people of Salem Township voted to provide aid to the D&H in the form of bonds.

provide health

Their main purpose was to provide health care and funerals for their members.

The objective of the hospital is to provide health services for obstetric fistula and other child birth-related injuries.

In the 1960s, the Soldiers' Home Board of Trustees recognized that the Home should provide health care as a primary goal.

provide important

In all cases, pedigrees can provide important information.

Log jams provide important fish habitat.

Genetic data can provide important insight into human evolution.

aimed to provide

Originally in Seafield Road, it aimed to provide surgical care for women at a low price.

The Mission of the school was aimed to provide formal education to Sinhalese speaking community in the region.

It could not compete financially with the free education of the State but it aimed to provide a better service.