within the province   (州内)

The following tombs and sacred spots are located within the province:

Nearly all the casualties and damage took place within the province of Aceh.

There are many sites and places within the province, which can attract a lot of tourism.

ecclesiastical province   (教会区)

Today it belonged to the ecclesiastical province of Thessaloniki.

immediately subject to the Holy See, not part of an ecclesiastical province.

immediately subject to the Holy See, not part of any ecclesiastical province).

each province   (各州)

The legal age to purchase tobacco products varies with each province.

The number of competitors each province or territory entered is in brackets.

For the DPD, each province returns four members regardless of size and population.

province and autonomous   (州および自治)

Valdemorillo Valdemorillo is a municipality in the west of the province and autonomous community of Madrid, Spain.

new province   (新州)

British decided Patna to be the capital of the new province.

Ancyra then formed the capital of the new province of Galatia.

The capital of the new province was settled in Carthago Nova, now Cartagena.

across the province   (州全体)

The election was one of many races across the province of Ontario.

There were over 430,000 eligible voters who voted in 612 polling stations across the province.

Moroccans across the province, whatever their earlier sympathies, rushed to arms against Spain.

home province   (故郷)

He served as People's Congress Chairman of his home province.

Now that you have returned to your home province, I will have no worries."

Adel had been leading his uncle's election campaign in his home province of Lahj.

throughout the province   (州全体)

Herbivorous animals are found throughout the province.

In New Brunswick, flooding also occurred throughout the province.

He was ordained in 1871 and began intensively missionizing throughout the province.

former province   (旧州)

It was part of the former province of Kydonia.

Selino Selino is a historical region and a former province of Crete.

Naka no Ōe ignored the emperor's policy and moved to the former province.

province is divided   (州は分割されています)

The province is divided into 18 municipalities.

The province is divided into five districts.

Each province is divided into districts.

entire province   (州全体)

An uprising involving an entire province was called a Kuni-Ikki (kuni meaning province).

The river is considered to be one of the greatest gold creeks in the entire province of British Columbia.

The Ultra-Trail Harricana relies on over 230 volunteers and 40 commercial partners from the entire province of Québec.

autonomous province   (自治州)

Nikolić is a customs officer in Odžaci in the autonomous province of Vojvodina.

Obradović is an economist based in Futog in the autonomous province of Vojvodina.

The autonomous province of Åland has a permanent democratically elected regional council.

every province   (すべての州)

Conflict boiled in every province, from Gaul to Syria, Egypt to the lower Danube.

As of 2003, this institution had networks in 200 cities, in every province in Indonesia.

The electorates were distributed to provinces so that every province had at least two members.

southern province   (南部州)

In 2000 he became mayor of the city of Heerlen, in the southern province of Limburg.

The 400 kilometer railway would pass through Armenia's mountainous southern province of Syunik, which borders Iran.

Twin Bracelets takes place in Hui An, a remote coastal village of Fujian (a southern province of the People's Republic of China).

became a province   (州になりました)

Lower Navarre became a province of France in 1620.

During the reign of King Taksin it became a province.

Like other provinces of Persia it became a province of the Umayyad Caliphate.

northern province   (北部州)

He is a native of La Union, a northern province in the Philippines.

Sangaree was born 15 June 1933 in Point Pedro in northern province of Ceylon.

Rabbani, son of Muhammed Yousuf, was born in the northern province of Badakhshan.

province during   (州)

One earthquake has been recorded in the province during historical time.

The Canons Regular of the Holy Sepulchre settled in the province during his rule.

Liu Wenhui Liu Wenhui (; 1895–24 June 1976) was one of the warlords of Sichuan province during China's Warlord era.

historical province   (歴史的な州)

For Tibetans, the Dadu is part of the historical province of Kham.

Dalecarlia (disambiguation) Dalecarlia or Dalarna is a historical province in Sweden.

Together with the Pomeranian and Malbork Voivodeships and the Prince-Bishopric of Warmia it formed the historical province of Royal Prussia.

separate province   (別州)

Finally on 1 April 1871 it became a separate province as Ajmer-Merwara-Kekri.

In 1932, Aden was separated from Bombay and made a separate province, and Sindh became a separate province on 1 April 1936.

whole province   (州全体)

After this, the whole province of Galicia took sides with Henry.

Malatya is administered by a metropolitan municipality, which covers the whole province.

Eventually, the Spanish came to call the whole province ""La Provincia de la Laguna de Bay"."