provincial election   (地方選挙)

He lost his seat in the provincial election of 1936.

Ouellette was first elected in the 2001 provincial election.

In the 1947 provincial election, the CCF contested 16 seats.

provincial government   (州政府)

The provincial government refused to allow the diversion.

In 2007, the provincial government of B.C.

provincial capital   (州都)

Its provincial capital and largest city is Quetta.

It is located in the provincial capital, Jeju City.

It is about from Imperia, the provincial capital.

provincial electoral   (地方選挙)

Rose was a provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Etobicoke West Etobicoke West was a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada.

Monck (provincial electoral district) Monck was an electoral riding in Ontario, Canada.

provincial electoral district   (地方選挙区)

Etobicoke West Etobicoke West was a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada.

Monck (provincial electoral district) Monck was an electoral riding in Ontario, Canada.

Steeles is part of the federal and provincial electoral district of Scarborough—Agincourt.

provincial level

Jerome Wilkinson rowed at the collegiate and provincial level.

At the provincial level, the city is in the district of Bonnyville-Cold Lake.

She remained a member of the LSV, and the parties co-operated at the provincial level.

provincial governments   (地方政府)

The provincial governments responded with a crackdown.

Therefore, the BNA provided areas of exclusive jurisdiction for federal and provincial governments.

Before 1994 electricity supply was managed by electric power bureaus of the provincial governments.

provincial assembly   (地方議会)

In 1871, he was elected to the provincial assembly.

His son George also served in the provincial assembly.

His son Stephen also served in the provincial assembly.

provincial park

This 5 kilometre long beach is a provincial park which boasts both picnic and swimming facilities.

Mactaquac Provincial Park Mactaquac Provincial Park is a Canadian provincial park with an area of .

Arisaig Provincial Park Arisaig Provincial Park is a provincial park located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.

provincial legislature   (州議会)

He is one of four openly gay members of the provincial legislature.

It was established on October 27, 2017 by law of the provincial legislature.

It had been passed unanimously (by all parties) in the provincial legislature.

provincial governor   (州知事)

Delgado was named provincial governor afterwards.

She was the sister of Stephanus Van Cortlandt, an adviser to the provincial governor.

The provincial governor declared "it is harder to defeat a quilombo than the Dutch invaders."

provincial council

The new provincial council met for the first time on 4 June 2008.

Ingiriya contains 22 schools controlled by the provincial council.

The new provincial council met for the first time on 1 October 2012.

federal and provincial   (連邦および州)

Canada has separate federal and provincial legal systems.

The political forces at play involved both federal and provincial powers.

Politically, it is within the federal and provincial ridings of Ottawa Centre.

provincial politics

In 1996, Kwan entered provincial politics.

He has not sought a return to provincial politics since this time.

She has not sought a return to provincial politics since this time.

provincial elections

Canada also uses FPTP for national and provincial elections.

In 1995 they formed communal lists for the 1995 provincial elections.

Question 1: Which system should British Columbia use for provincial elections?

provincial championship

The following year Smyth's side dominated the provincial championship.

In 1979 Cork were invincible in the provincial championship once again.

The team did not qualify for the men's provincial championship that season.

provincial governors   (州知事)

The president appoints the provincial governors, the prefects, and the subprefects.

The Ministry of Interior appointed provincial governors whose role was largely ceremonial.

first provincial

He later lined out in his first provincial decider.

It was Wall's first provincial medal at senior level.

The city eventually lost first provincial status to Geelong.

provincial cabinet

He served in the provincial cabinet as Minister of the Family.

McLaren served in the provincial cabinet as Minister of Labour.

Garner served in the provincial cabinet as Minister of Highways.

provincial capitals

Some provincial capitals were also moved further inland.

The city joined St. John's and Charlottetown as Canada's only provincial capitals without a rail service.

Routes that have benefited most so far are those from Havana to each of the 13 provincial capitals of the country.

former provincial

She is a member of the Quebec Liberal Party and a former provincial cabinet minister.

Niakwa Niakwa is a former provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

It is located at the junction of former provincial Highways 2 and 21, between Chatham and London.

provincial decider

He later lined out in his first provincial decider.

2002 saw Limerick reach the provincial decider once again.

In 1985 Dooley lined out in a second consecutive provincial decider.

provincial and federal   (州および連邦)

He was elected to both the provincial and federal legislatures in 1867.

He was a perennial candidate for the party at the provincial and federal levels.

provincial title   (地方のタイトル)

After a seven-year hiatus Cork claimed the provincial title in 1999.

Her first provincial title came in 1998 as the second for Sue Garvey.

Cork provided the opposition and were going for a third provincial title in succession.

provincial highway

It remains part of the provincial highway system under its new designation.

The road was given provincial highway status as Highway 126 on December 9, 1963.

New Brunswick Route 776 Route 776 is a provincial highway in New Brunswick, Canada.

provincial police

A few meters ahead, a special group of the provincial police, the GEO, killed one of the suspects and the two hostages.

During the Ulmanis dictatorship in Latvia 1934–1940, Arājs was a "low ranking provincial police officer" who, as a loyal administrator, dutifully "distanced himself officially from the Pērkonkrusts", the ultra-nationalist party in Latvia.

The uprising, also known as the Oka Crisis, was a 1990 confrontation between a group of Mohawk people (along with allied Native activists) and Quebec's provincial police force over the proposed construction of a golf course on territory that, according to local Mohawk people, had been sold illegally.

provincial championships

The Halifax West boys' basketball team has won 4 provincial championships.

O'Leary has won two provincial championships as a skip winning in 1993 and 1994.

The West Warriors Football team won provincial championships in 1991 and in 2003.

provincial party

The university's rector Karl Theodor von Vahlen became Gauleiter (head of the provincial party) in 1924.

On April 7, 2014, Pierre Langlois ran for the PQ provincial party a second time and came in third in voting results.

Randy Thorsteinson resigned as leader of the Social Credit Party and helped found a new conservative provincial party.

other provincial   (他の地方)

Fixed line service in Phnom Penh and other provincial cities is available.

Later efforts by other provincial bodies to merge with the CGAs proved to be more conclusive.

There was no overall control in the other provincial council (Eastern) but the UPFA was the largest group.

provincial road   (地方道)

It is crossed by the SP32 provincial road.

Taggia is situated on the Via Aurelia (now a provincial road).

SP41 provincial road goes through it.

provincial administration

Her father was a deputy collector in the provincial administration.

The councils were led by Social Democrats, who cooperated with the provincial administration.

At Clarendon in 1166 was drawn up the assize which remodelled the provincial administration of justice.

provincial councils

These ten have directly elected provincial councils.

As of 2017, there are 455 members in nine provincial councils.

On 3 February 1988 nine provincial councils were created by order.

provincial town   (地方の町)

This was a provincial town in Qasr Shamamok not far from modern Mosul.

It was a provincial town ("mueang") under the control of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Until the 20th century Holzminden remained a provincial town of small farmers and holdings.

provincial politician

Paul Shooner Paul Shooner (born May 2, 1923) is a former Canadian provincial politician.

David Laperrière David Laperrière (May 7, 1868 – May 18, 1932) was a Canadian provincial politician.

Zoël Saindon Zoël Saindon (October 18, 1919 – October 29, 1998) was a Canadian provincial politician.

provincial rugby

Filipo first played provincial rugby for Marlborough in 2001.

The overall New Zealand provincial rugby record is five on six occasions.

Taranaki competed in the very first season of provincial rugby league in New Zealand.

provincial legislatures   (州議会)

There are no provincial legislatures.

There are currently 25 indigenous people serving in six provincial legislatures.

provincial and national   (地方および国)

The project was cancelled in 2010 by the provincial and national governments.

Barry went on to coach at UBC as well as coach the provincial and national teams.

Since 1950 this club has competed in various tournaments, provincial and national levels.

provincial parks

The regional district contains more than 60 provincial parks.

See List of provincial parks of Thompson-Nicola Regional District.

British Columbia's provincial parks system is the second largest parks system in Canada, the largest being Canada's National Parks system).

new provincial

The new provincial council met for the first time on 4 June 2008.

The new provincial council met for the first time on 1 October 2012.

In 1961 a new provincial DPRD was appointed, with two seats for PKI.

national and provincial   (国および地方)

Canada also uses FPTP for national and provincial elections.

Each of those, in turn, has national and provincial variations.

The system was intended as a possible replacement for first-past-the-post voting in Canadian national and provincial elections.

provincial authorities

The junta also authorized it to help provincial authorities in marketing OTOP products.

They were also made available to film libraries operated by university and provincial authorities.

In addition, provincial authorities must still pay customs duties, because such charges are not strictly based on the taxation power.

provincial team   (地方チーム)

Borned in Hubei, Hu was joined the provincial team in 1994.

Born in Cueto, Holguín Province, Cruzata played his entire caree for his provincial team Holguín.

McSharry played for Irish provincial team Connacht in the Pro12 before he was forced to retire in 2016.

provincial and municipal

The municipal and the People's Liberation Army and the provincial and municipal units of some have cameras.

However, the 2012 provincial and municipal elections continued the trend of N-VA becoming the biggest party in Flanders.

McDonald was a frequent candidate for public office, campaigning for the Communist Party and the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

provincial and territorial

A national program, Christmas Lights Across Canada, illuminates Ottawa, the national capital, and the 13 provincial and territorial capitals.

The Tournament of Hearts and the Brier are contested by provincial and territorial champions, and the world championships by national champions.

Many of the provincial and territorial planning institutes have obtained "right to title" legislation, which means that only certified RPPs may use the title.