Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

social psychology   (Psicología Social)

Lester was involved in the study of social psychology.

The specialty graduate programs of social psychology was ranked No.

She received her PhD in social psychology from Ohio State University in 1986.

degree in psychology   (licenciada en psicologia)

He is a holder of a bachelor's degree in psychology.

He graduated in 1980 with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

He studied for a bachelor's degree in psychology and an M.F.A.

clinical psychology   (Psicología clínica)

Social cognition and clinical psychology: A synthesis.

experimental psychology, 1962; Ph.D. clinical psychology, 1964).

He also served on numerous clinical psychology licensing boards in Texas.

professor of psychology   (profesor de psicologia)

He tells that he was a professor of psychology and parapsychology.

From 1926–1936 he was a visiting professor of psychology at Princeton University.

He was the first professor of psychology and department chair between 1982 and 2004.

cognitive psychology   (Psicología cognitiva)

She received her master's degree in cognitive psychology with Dr. Gene A.

The line between cognitive psychology and cognitive science can be blurry.

Current work on language within the field of cognitive psychology varies widely.

experimental psychology

experimental psychology, 1962; Ph.D. clinical psychology, 1964).

After 15 years he resigned in 1897 to study for a PhD in experimental psychology.

Bregman's work on ASA has had influences outside the field of experimental psychology.

evolutionary psychology   (Psicología Evolutiva)

Several mid-level evolutionary theories inform evolutionary psychology.

It is relevant in game theory, behavioural ecology, and evolutionary psychology.

He added however, "The deployment of evolutionary psychology is, however, only partially successful.

studied psychology

He studied psychology at the University of Florence.

She studied psychology and graduated in 1991.

Fischer studied psychology and philosophy.

developmental psychology   (Psicología del desarrollo)

Prominent journals in developmental psychology include:

In the field of developmental psychology, the work of Erica Burman has been influential.

At Bloomington, he did experiments in infant learning at developmental psychology laboratories.

educational psychology

It resides as an important research topic in educational psychology.

Johann Herbart (1776–1841) is considered the father of educational psychology.

He was a professor of educational psychology at the University of California, Berkeley.

field of psychology

Lovaas received many awards for his work in the field of psychology"."

Much of Leibniz's work went on to have a great impact on the field of psychology.

In the field of psychology, debriefing is used in the processing of traumatic events.

positive psychology   (Psicologia POSITIVA)

Posttraumatic growth can be seen as a form of positive psychology.

In partnership with St Peter's College, Mount Barker High School is piloting Dr Martin Seligman's positive psychology theories in education.

The positive psychology framework is based around the PERMA framework which requires only saying things in the Positive, rather than the negative.

psychology professor

Scott worked many years as a psychology professor in Southern California.

Unfortunately, their psychology professor finds out and is determined to meet her.

It was named after educational psychology professor, Don Dorsey, who helped develop CSUN's first mentor training program.

human psychology

Much debate exists as to whether ""true"" altruism is possible in human psychology.

Another is fingles, insinuated in "Eric" to be an important part of human psychology.

She has been praised for using her knowledge of human psychology beautifully in her writings.

psychology department   (departamento de psicologia)

He was chairman of the psychology department for four years.

In 1958, the lab became a school of psychology and the psychology department in 1983.

In 1969 he joined the faculty of the University of Kentucky in the psychology department.