public school   (公立学校)

Sachal public school,Eman public school, Shrines.

Anna first taught at the public school in Pennick.

public schools   (公立学校)

She taught music in the public schools until 1899.

He went to the public schools and business college.

The school was ranked 25th among all public schools.

general public   (公众)

The demonstrators mixed in with the general public.

It opened to the general public on December 8, 2008.

I'm not sure if the general public knows that."

public health   (公共卫生)

It has been recognized as a public health concern.

Prison rape also creates a public health problem.

Sewage handling is essential for public health.

public service   (公共服务)

A full public service did not start for several months.

This marked the end of Hillyer's career in public service.

He is a well-known person who is popular for public service.

public high

The building was a public high school until 1958.

West is one of three public high schools in Manchester.

At the time it was Chuuk State's sole public high school.

public transport   (公共交通)

The public transport system is provided by "HAVAG".

These all contribute to the public transport of Bandel.

The area is not serviced by public transport.

public relations   (公共关系)

Thus, public relations works its magic in secret.

She graduated with a degree in public relations in 1976.

He then became head of public relations HQ BAOR, Germany.

public and private   (公立和私立)

Other public and private sources are also consulted.

She has received a number of public and private grants.

The project included both public and private investment.

first public

The first public release was version 3.0.0 in 2000.

The first public release appeared in summer 2004.

KSCL was Shreveport's first public radio station.

public high school

The building was a public high school until 1958.

At the time it was Chuuk State's sole public high school.

He was educated in local parochial and public high school.

public opinion   (舆论)

It took nearly 20 years for public opinion to shift.

This murder turned the tide of Chilean public opinion.

Ultimately public opinion rested against the cocaine user.

public policy   (公共政策)

She earned a degree in public policy at Stanford in 1994.

Rankin also advised BC NDP Opposition Leaders on public policy.

in public policy and administration.

public library   (公共图书馆)

It was used as a public library from 1946 to 1969.

The public library is also on the Rathbeale Road.

It was opened in 1866 as the city's public library.

public domain

He released it as "freeware" in the public domain.

After that, The Claw fell into the public domain.

"Includes public domain text from the CDC as cited"

public sector   (公共部门)

The economics of the public sector is one example.

Almost 19% of employment is within the public sector.

100 crore for the public sector as calculated by them.

public interest   (公共利益)

The magazine folded in 1937 due to a lack of public interest.

consideration of the public interest.

Blake had harmed the public interest.

made public

They made public appearances around in South Korea.

The outcome of their processes is made public in ca.

Only the performance squad has been made public.

public house   (公共场所)

A public house and a shop were built in the 1850s.

The public house is called The Millbrook Inn.

There is one public house in the village: the Bay Horse.

public transportation   (公共交通工具)

There is no longer any public transportation to the island.

The neighborhood is accessible using public transportation.

Companies also generally reimburse for public transportation.

public life

Heyting retreated from public life in his final years.

The Town Hall played a significant part in public life.

Included in public life, such as school and employment.

public education

As of 2016, Ararat has 4 public education schools.

He also pushed for public education in the sciences.

The public education system started from humble origins.

public school district

It is included in the Jefferson County R-1 public school district.

Every public school district in the state closed to avoid confrontations.

It is operated by Polk County Public Schools, the countywide public school district.

public works

He oversaw the public works, temples and markets.

Important public works included the massive R.C.

He was originally an engineer in public works.

public buildings

Rhos contains a number of listed public buildings.

He also designed commercial and public buildings.

Among the prominent public buildings in Rotella are:

public school districts

This ranked 288th in 500 Pennsylvania public school districts.

All teachers in the State's public school districts are unionized.

Students may seek admission to neighboring public school districts.

other public

There are no toilets or other public facilities nearby.

The fourth floor featured a ballroom and other public space.

The paper is distributed in bars, cafés and other public spaces.

public affairs   (公共事务)

The public affairs of the tribe were the core.

in media and public affairs from George Washington University.

He is now a partner at public affairs consultants Butler Kelly Ltd.

public office   (公共办公室)

Women in Qatar vote and may run for public office.

Thereafter, he did not seek public office again.

It is not a public office nor an official title.

public housing   (公共居所)

Diaz grew up in public housing in Harlem, New York.

Flemington also contains public housing estates.

Some bungalows were used as public housing.

public access   (公共访问)

It provides the only public access to the island.

The station itself is not open to public access.

The quarries are private land with no public access.

public park

The surrounding land was made into a public park.

Side Park Side Park () is a public park in Beijing.

The old palace garden was redesigned as a public park.

public art

There are two pieces of public art in the station.

The six-acre park includes fountains and public art.

List of public art in Victoria, British Columbia

public safety   (公共安全)

The company was founded by public safety personnel.

Boaks's main concern was public safety on the roads.

He then spent some years as a public safety campaigner.

public services

There are several ways to privatize public services.

In most cases public services are services, i.e.

There are no public services on Crane Island.

public use

The airstrip is unattended and open for public use.

Alabama includes several types of public use lands.

The hospital also reopened back for public use.

public administration   (公共行政)

He studied economics and public administration.

in Sociology and his master's degree in public administration.

226 to 236 TITLE XI Crimes against public administration Arts.

public attention   (公众关注)

The Dance Platform brought her more public attention.

He tried to attract public attention to his railway plans.

It was this win that gained him widespread public attention.

private and public

For example, houses had a private and public side.

It could be used for private and public places.

Her work is in a number of private and public collections.

public awareness   (公共意识)

He also worked to improve public awareness about leprosy.

Riggs in the first instance tried to limit public awareness of the find.

It increased public awareness of advances in flood control theory and practice.

public support   (公众支持)

She also expressed public support for the Hubbard family.

The proposal nevertheless became law, with strong public support.

The company would also require “public support” for the investment.

public figures   (公众人物)

Several public figures have joined the debate.

Some public figures were more sympathetic.

He remains one of the most popular public figures of Turkey.

public university   (公立大学)

There is one public university, the Ponorogo IAIN.

UTeM is the 14th public university in Malaysia.

It is the second-largest public university in Zambia.

public spaces   (公共场所)

Public art adorns (or disfigures) public spaces.

Cities typically have public spaces where anyone can go.

29, lies KØS Museum of art in public spaces.

all public

The school was ranked 25th among all public schools.

Not all public construction projects are functional.

On June 8, 1935 Jews were banned from all public baths and pools.

local public

There is a local public school named Mohanmaya School.

The children of Compostela attend a local public school.

", in which local public figures searched for their origins.

public offering   (公开发售)

The initial public offering took place in June 2014.

Sodak made its initial public offering in June 1993.

The firm also had an initial public offering.

public vote   (公众投票)

The girls won, meaning the men faced the public vote.

She was saved by the public vote seven times.

Each public vote triggers donations to eight charities.

public transit   (公共交通)

No proper road or public transit reaches the village.

12% of public transit riders ride for more than 2 hours every day.

On average per day, 8,000 shoppers use public transit for shopping.

public servant   (公务员)

During World War II he was a public servant.

Vakhtang Balavadze started a public servant's career in 2003.

He moved to Western Australia in 1896, becoming a public servant.

public places

The Violano Virtuoso was designed for public places.

It could be used for private and public places.

His works are placed in many public places.

public order

Three people were arrested for public order offences.

Both women were suspected of public order violations.

186 to 208 TITLE VIII Crimes against public order Arts.

initial public   (最初的公众)

The initial public offering took place in June 2014.

Sodak made its initial public offering in June 1993.

The initial public release of JGraph was in May 2002.

public space

It is a pedestrian-only, tree-shaded public space.

It is the principal historic public space of the city.

The fourth floor featured a ballroom and other public space.

went public

It first went public on the stock market in 1972.

In May 2000, Sonus Networks Inc., went public.

The manner in which Morningstar went public is notable.

no public

The quarries are private land with no public access.

There was to be no public recall of Irish beef.

The system contains no public limit order book.

public high schools

West is one of three public high schools in Manchester.

The analysis covered approximately 22,000 U.S. public high schools.

The cities three public high schools are also known for their productions.

public radio

KSCL was Shreveport's first public radio station.

Emily Botein Emily Botein is an American public radio producer.

In 1990, the public radio was founded on the Radio Nacional d'Andorra.

public funds   (公共基金)

Brick church for public funds was built in 1891.

Such a large size of public funds increases public expectations.

They enjoyed no financial assistance from church or public funds.

public meeting

A public meeting was held on January 3, 2012.

Heena returns to the shop where the public meeting is conducted.

He launched it at a public meeting in Madurai on 21 February 2018.

public company

Rykoff & Co. became a public company.

In 2004, it became a public company via an initial public offering.

PSE&G went from being a subsidiary to an independent public company.

public libraries

There are also 86 public libraries in the city.

There were about 579 public libraries in the Netherlands in 1997.

In addition there are 29 vocations schools and 12 public libraries.

public eye   (公众的视线)

Hogue was released from prison in 1997 and vanished from the public eye.

This caused him to be associated with cycling in media and the public eye.

He briefly returned to the public eye in 1997 but again absconded in 1999.

public universities

Bursa has two public universities and one private university.

Cape Town has a well-developed higher system of public universities.

As of 2009, there are ten private or public universities in Andalucia.

public television

Oyejide has appeared on the public television series "Articulate" in 2015.

The event was also live broadcast by Hungarian public television Magyar Televízió.

The German national public television children's channel "KiKa" is based in Erfurt.

public events

Major public events in the history of the park were:

Roundwood Park has been the setting for many public events.

He also allegedly used a body double for some public events.

public debate   (公开辩论)

The case caused widespread public debate in Norway.

He is also a regular contributor to Norwegian public debate.

In the meantime, a public debate over the merit of ABMs began.

initial public offering   (首次公开募股)

The initial public offering took place in June 2014.

Sodak made its initial public offering in June 1993.

The firm also had an initial public offering.

public school system

The Searcy public school system was established in 1870.

The town of Scarborough has its own K-12 public school system.

He reopened the public school system.

public houses

A further 70 public houses were added as a result.

The town has two public houses and a restaurant.

Many of its fountains were sited opposite public houses.

attended public

Until age 16, Vasen attended public school in Quincy.

He attended public school there through eighth grade.

She attended public schools in the metropolitan region.

public officials

Many public officials were removed from office as a result.

He is also known for his paintings of prominent public officials.

It has also been used against corrupt public officials and terrorists.

public speaker   (公众演说家)

She was a public speaker and an education consultant.

He was a pertinent and ready public speaker.

He is a public speaker and a youth advocate.

many public

It presents many public shows throughout the year.

His work can be found in many public collections.

In Australia, Wardell designed many public buildings.

public speaking   (公开演讲)

In addition to public speaking, Spaid was an avid writer.

The LDS Church has a long and rich tradition of public speaking.

She participated in public speaking and debates while in school.

public institutions

Family administrations now became public institutions.

1 among public institutions and tied for fourth overall.

11 among public institutions and tied for twenty-first overall.

public display   (公开展示)

Preserved Double Mamba engines are on public display at the:

The Apollo 1 command module has never been on public display.

A selection is on public display at the North Carolina Maritime Museum.

became public

The Ariel fund became public on November 6, 1986.

After almost 100 years, the area became public.

The league's activities became public in 2008.

public collections

His work can be found in many public collections.

Her work is in a number of private and public collections.

Steinert's work is held in the following public collections:

attended the public

He attended the public schools in New York City.

The children attended the public schools.

West attended the public high school.

public outcry   (公众的强烈抗议)

This practice has spurred public outcry across the country.

The disappearance caused a public outcry.

The campaign was cancelled after a public outcry against it.

public performance

He gave his own first public performance at age 18.

It would be their final public performance together.

Dickens read the tale four times in public performance.

public appearance

Dieupart's last known public appearance was in 1724.

The unit made its first public appearance in April 1925.

This was her last public appearance in the Fisk Memorial Chapel.

both public

The project included both public and private investment.

The law applied to all schools, both public and private.

The construction included private keys for both public keys.

public figure

He always was a respected public figure.

In the midst of the growth, Baker became a popular public figure.

At the time Cicero's popularity as a public figure was unrivalled.

major public

Malaria is a major public health concern in these hills.

It is also a major public transport hub.

Delivered in 80 BC, it was Cicero's first major public case.

public appearances

They made public appearances around in South Korea.

He carefully selected interviews and public appearances.

She made no public appearances for the next several weeks.

public meetings   (公开会议)

The Bahá'is organized public meetings and observances.

He organized regional public meetings as a part of the protest.

In 1885 the hall was used for concerts, balls, and public meetings.

several public

The site is crossed by several public footpaths.

Her adoptive father held several public positions in Mexico.

His works now feature in several public and private collections.

public holiday   (公共假期)

December 25 and 26 is a public holiday in Greece.

November 10 is an official public holiday in Panama.

In South Africa, Boxing Day is a public holiday.

used public

In 2016, 12.4% of Canadians used public transportation to get to work.

Of the working population, 9.3% used public transportation to get to work, and 71% used a private car.

Of the working population, 8% used public transportation to get to work, and 68.7% used a private car.

public elementary   (公共基础)

The city also operates 67 public elementary schools.

Berkeley has 11 public elementary schools and three middle schools.

Montessori entered a public elementary school at the age of 6 in 1876.

number of public

Baker's death prompted a number of public tributes.

Keddie held a number of public offices over the years.

She has received a number of public and private grants.

large public

His funeral in Pilsen was a large public event.

China continues to construct large public emergency shelters.

It also has a large public park which was refurbished in 2013.

largest public

It is one of the largest public parks in Istanbul.

SAIL is one of India's largest public sector companies.

It is among the largest public sector cement production undertakings.

only public

It provides the only public access to the island.

Townlynx operate the only public bus service in Pantymwyn.

The church grounds being the only public grounds available.

public sphere   (公共区域)

Women have since obtained greater representation in the public sphere.

They worked on bringing personal and domestic issues into the public sphere.

This collective form experience can be understood to constitute a political realm or public sphere.

public secondary

TDSB is the only school board to operate a public secondary school.

In 1873, Dutch became the official language in public secondary schools.

Government High School () is a public secondary school in Naogaon, Bangladesh.

new public

When the new public library opened in 1976, the Nave became a fine arts museum.

The new public service became known as TIG (Long Distance Transport of Guyana).

The city plans to redevelop the rest of the golf course into a new public space.

public image   (公众形象)

The Carranza scandal devastated Hopkins' public image.

Aaliyah focused on her public image throughout her career.

The film was notable in changing Linda Darnell's public image.