first publication   (初版)

He revised the work after its first publication.

The first publication was on February 27, 1994.

The school's first publication is "The Seed was Sown."

ceased publication   (公開中止)

It ceased publication of new issues in Fall 2016.

"Terror Tales" ceased publication in March 1941.

"FDA Consumer" ceased publication with volume 41 no.

began publication   (出版を始めた)

The series began publication in March 2012 by Vertigo.

The series began publication in March 2012.

The feminist periodical "Nogah" began publication in 1980.

official publication   (公式刊行物)

The "Light & Life Magazine" is their official publication.

It is the official publication of the "International Academy of Sex Research."

Their official publication requires approval by the Holy See or conference of bishops.

date of publication   (発行日)

If such date is unknown, the date of publication is given instead.

By date of publication

Where the fieldwork dates are unknown, the date of publication is given instead.

following the publication

", following the publication of the March 2010 issue of the same name.

It has become popular following the publication of "Corinne", an 1808 novel by Madame de Stael.

Antiquarian interest was intensified following the publication of Flaubert's "Salammbô" in 1858.

same publication

Cody Davis of the same publication gave the album a perfect score.

Overtstreet spoke to the same publication, "It's probably one of her most recent singles.

The same publication finally referred to the hockey object as a "puck" on February 7, 1876.

original publication

Only the Porky Pig story had a title in the original publication.

This index provides a list of Casulana's works and a reference from the original publication.

Entries indicate the original publication date, the point of divergence and a brief synopsis of the plot.

monthly publication   (月刊)

The "Bulletin" became a monthly publication in 1909.

In 1958 it was restarted as a monthly publication with No.

It became a monthly publication in 1935.

online publication

DIW Economic Bulletin The DIW Economic Bulletin is a DIW Berlin online publication.

"The Electronic Rocketeer" is a monthly online publication edited by the NAR President.

View Magazine VIEW is a free magazine and online publication located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

weekly publication

Moore as a weekly publication.

She was a board member of the weekly publication "Liberté de Normandie".

On December 6, 1916 the paper switched from daily to weekly publication.

before publication

Results are also validated with the relevant government before publication.

until a few months before publication ceased, when only Bates's name is found.

Pauling then worked with Corey and Branson to confirm his model before publication.

publication date

The years indicate the initial publication date for each book.

Its supposed publication date, October 9, is now "Hangul Day" in South Korea.

The following is a list of English versions (publication date in parentheses):

trade publication

(Ranked by Venues Today, a leading international trade publication.)

The trade publication "Billboard" published two reviews of "The Hour of Charm".

The industry trade publication of record said the restaurant had $26.7 million in revenues in 2013, serving 600,000 meals.

sister publication

Its sister publication is "Portland Monthly", a lifestyle magazine.

"Quantum" was a sister publication of the Russian magazine "Kvant".

In 2010, "Pulse Niagara" merged into its Hamilton sister publication "View."

saw the publication

That same year saw the publication of, "Frauenpolitik als Beruf.

13 December saw the publication of the Joint Expert Panel's second report.

As such, this edition saw the publication of numerous books to assist players.

time of publication

Her work drew some critical attention at its time of publication.

As with Fleming's previous novels, "Diamonds Are Forever" received broadly positive reviews at the time of publication.

It was controversial in Norway and other countries at the time of publication and ended in court – as the so-called Mykle Case.

print publication

Townsquare then ceased print publication of "XXL".

Eben07 has been in print publication since late 2009.

The magazine was started as a print publication in 2002.

publication called

IU South Bend has a weekly student publication called The Preface.

"The Wisden Cricketer" formerly had a sister publication called "Wisden Asia Cricket".

In 1941, the couple launched an underground Resistance publication called "La France continue".

initial publication   (初版)

The book has remained in print since its initial publication.

The years indicate the initial publication date for each book.

The initial publication of "Hyperion" met with lukewarm or hostile critical response.

quarterly publication   (季刊)

The journal started as a quarterly publication (No.

Its quarterly publication is "WestWord" magazine.

This quarterly publication aimed at uniting women workers ran until 1904.

before the publication

Unfortunately, most of them have died before the publication of this book.

They are thought to have been written long before the publication in 1609.

She died in Rome on April 13, 1942, shortly before the publication of the latter.

new publication

As a sensitive film journalist, he was writing fine articles for the new publication.

The new web portal was launched; a research board was constituted and released a new publication.

In 1845, Skinner began a new publication, the "Farmer's Library and Monthly Journal of Agriculture".

year of publication

"Amherst Bee" celebrated their 125th year of publication in 2004.

It sold 600,000 copies in France in its first year of publication.

The book was called "Conversation" and was a bestseller, selling 350,000 copies in its first year of publication.

annual publication

It was an official annual publication of BARA and sold for one dollar.

Since January 1955, "El Escribano" has been the annual publication of SAHS sent to members and libraries.

In 2003 it changed to an annual publication and again changed its name, to "Cahiers du musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon".

student publication   (学生出版)

Its student publication is "Blue Streak News".

IU South Bend has a weekly student publication called The Preface.

In 1989, as a 19 year old student, he read an article in a student publication about Perry Wallace.

recent publication

Its most recent publication was issued by Vintage Crime/Black Lizard as a trade paperback in January 2009.

According to a recent publication, more than 1,000 virtual places have already been suggested by the Koinup community.

Although the sexual assault reporting system is notoriously flawed because of inmate fear or pride, elaboration on this statement is found in a recent publication.

magazine ceased publication

"Rock & Roll Disc" magazine ceased publication in 1992.

The magazine ceased publication in 2010.

The magazine ceased publication in 1921.

accepted for publication

The book was not accepted for publication in Canada, due to its sexual content.

Ultimately the comments she received were positive and the manuscript was accepted for publication.

The first ASTM standard to address the methods was drafted in 2000 and accepted for publication in 2003.

publication is given

If such date is unknown, the date of publication is given instead.

Where the fieldwork dates are unknown, the date of publication is given instead.

prior to publication   (公開前)

20th Century Fox bought the film rights prior to publication.

Dickens removed many of these references prior to publication.

During the papacy of Pius XII, all articles were reviewed prior to publication by the Secretariat of State.