other publications   (他の出版物)

A selection of these and other publications includes:

Among McClintock's other publications are:

A sample of these and other publications:

publications such

SXM has been profiled by publications such as "Fast Company".

She has also written for non-academic publications such as "Jewish Currents."

From 1986, he worked on various publications such as Alternatives and Le Libraire.

publications include

Conway's publications include: Notes Sources

Some of Parmasto's more important publications include:

Benson's scholarly publications include "J.M.

publications including

She wrote for many other publications including "The Guardian".

She was a writer for numerous publications including "Rolling Stone".

Yuille has over 300 publications including three books (one co-edited).

several publications

He was founder or co-founder of several publications.

SCTE/ISBE offers several publications to its membership.

Evers has produced several publications on Jewish topics.

scientific publications

She has more than 120 scientific publications.

Klepach has published about 50 scientific publications.

He authored or co-authored over 200 scientific publications.

numerous publications

PRTM has been featured in numerous publications.

Their releases have been reviewed by numerous publications.

various publications

Mohammed has various publications which he authored and co-authored.

From 1946 to 1997, Kutty lived in New Delhi and worked for various publications.

From 1986, he worked on various publications such as Alternatives and Le Libraire.

many publications

The film also garnered acclaim in many publications.

Fuller lists of Harvey's many publications appear in:

Fanny is mentioned in many publications, just a few cited here: ".

number of publications   (出版物の数)

He also writes for a number of publications.

Since then, the number of publications has reached 30 per annum.

Mark Trail has also appeared in a number of publications by the U.S.

mainstream publications

The fat acceptance blogosphere has been dubbed the "fatosphere" and has enjoyed some positive publicity in mainstream publications.

At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, "Come Over When You're Sober, Pt.

Tomine began publishing his work when he was still a teenager; he was mainly self-published, but was also published in mainstream publications like "Pulse!"

such publications

He has worked for such publications as MacUser, MacWeek, and Macworld.

Her work has been featured in such publications as Film Comment and Camera Obscura.

As with many such publications it is a member of the Local Independent Online News Publishers group.

events and publications

2009 in literature This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 2009.

2005 in literature This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 2005.

Keynes' work, during her time with "The Economist", is not restricted to solely their events and publications.

major publications   (主要な出版物)

The first major publications on this subject appeared only in the 1960s.

It was during the next few years that Davis completed his major publications.

In recent years, BOARD has been frequently included in major publications on the BI and CPM markets.

research publications

However, there is no record of further research publications.

He is the author or coauthor of about 140 research publications.

with the most number of indexed research publications as of 2018.

academic publications

He has more than 100 academic publications.

Columbia is home to numerous undergraduate academic publications.

Bishop has written articles for various academic publications while an educator.

publications included

Ricardo's publications included: His works and writings were collected in

The following ones are some of prohibited publications included in the collection:

His publications included a focus on alcoholism, crime, degeneration and hysteria.

international publications

This innovative reform has been the subject of international publications.

The Gardens were featured in both national and international publications.

A frequent columnist, he wrote for a number of national and international publications.

national publications   (国内の出版物)

Helgoe has written several articles for national publications.

The Parties have received accolades from such national publications as "Uncut" magazine, Allmusic and Amplifier Magazine.

Averagely 20 theses by the school teachers are issued on the national publications, and their authors regularly win prizes every year.

print publications

The company operates five widely circulated print publications.

At first, news websites were mostly archives of print publications.

Gutheinz has been on American news shows and been quoted in print publications about aviation safety and security.

recent publications

His most recent publications are "Language!

Lausanne's most recent publications include "Christ Our Reconciler", from Cape Town 2010.

In her native Indonesia, Madame Koo has been the subject of a string of recent publications.

first publications

Lorenzini's first publications were in his periodicals.

Maltsev's first publications were on logic and model theory.

It was one of the first publications to focus solely on role-playing games.

scholarly publications

Benson's scholarly publications include "J.M.

His early scholarly publications (1842-1847) were in mathematics.

Swepub is the national database for scholarly publications in Sweden.

online publications

There are two other online publications:

In addition, Bachman has written for print and online publications.

The censorship of online publications has become routine and arbitrary.

among other publications   (他の出版物の中で)

Her work has appeared in "The Christian Century", among other publications.

Her work has appeared in "The New York Times", "Harper's", "Vogue", and "Essence" among other publications.

He has worked in Chilean sports Channel 2, Rock & Pop, Chilevision, TVN, El Mercurio among other publications.

trade publications

LKO has been featured in "CS Brides" multiple times and many other trade publications.

"Adam Film World" was called "one of the industry's leading trade publications" in 1994 by the Associated Press.

After the paper went under he wrote for two aviation trade publications, "Travel Agent Magazine" and "Air Cargo News."

list of publications

The following is a partial list of publications:

The NGCB maintains a list of publications.

A partial list of publications include:

music publications

The album received generally favorable reviews in music publications.

"KOD" appeared on several music publications' mid-year and year-end lists.

The EP earned favorable reviews from "SF Weekly", "Performer Magazine", and various other online music publications.

variety of publications

He writes on pop and world music for a variety of publications and was a contributing editor to the magazines "Uncut" and "Billboard".

The album received end-of-year accolades from a variety of publications in both the US and the UK, continuing to receive end-of-decade ones as well after it came to an end.

The SRDC website hosts a wide variety of publications on social policy that were conducted on behalf of federal, provincial and municipal government and non-profit clients.

many other publications   (他の多くの出版物)

She wrote for many other publications including "The Guardian".

She regularly photographs for "Time" and the "New York Times Magazine", among many other publications.

Fusco has contributed to "Art Monthly", "Frieze", "Fillip", and "Mousse", (as well as many other publications).

series of publications

The OIB publishes two series of publications and one online-publication.

Juvenalorden publishes a series of publications covering various aspects of Upsaliensian student history.

A series of publications by Mens Sana Monographs have focused on medicine as a corporate capitalist enterprise.

news publications

He is regularly featured in Jewish news publications.

The column in more than two dozen major news publications.

"Editorial cartoons" are found almost exclusively in news publications and news websites.

media publications

Her articles have appeared in many peer-reviewed journals and national media publications.

Media in Louisville, Kentucky This is a list of media publications and sources in Louisville, Kentucky.

The winners receive cash prizes, scholarships at the best music academies of the nation and a feature in leading media publications.

appeared in publications

Her writing has appeared in publications including "The New York Times", "The Rumpus, Arts & Letters, Kweli," and "Guernica."

Many of his puzzles have appeared in publications such as "BBC Focus", "Games & Puzzles", the "Los Angeles Times", and the "Weekend Telegraph".

Reviews by the webzine have appeared in publications such as the BBC, "Clash", "The Daily Telegraph", "The Guardian", "The Independent" and "NME".