Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

first published   (publicado por primera vez)

The tale was first published in Copenhagen by C.A.

It was first published in Tirana, Albania in 1978.

"Dear Zoe" was first published in 2002 by Penguin.

originally published   (publicado originalmente)

The book was originally published by Random House.

As such, it was originally published in two parts.

The collection was originally published in 1980.

published several   (publicado varios)

In the first ten years it published several books.

He has published several works on Russian history.

He published several collections of poetry, a.o.

published a book   (publicado un libro)

He has published a book titled "" (The New Press).

He published a book on the "Indian Timbers" (1910).

He also published a book on making stained glass.

book was published

The book was published in both Hebrew and English.

The book was published in 2013 by Nightboat Books.

The book was published by W. W. Norton & Company.

newspaper published   (periódico publicado)

There are many daily newspaper published in Mirpur.

It is the first daily newspaper published in Zadar.

"Amigoe" is a newspaper published in Dutch.

books published   (libros publicados)

The books published through November 2015 are:

Besides he has contributed chapters to books published by others.

Besides, he has contributed chapters to books published by others.

published an article   (publicó un artículo)

He published an article, "Managers and Leaders: Are They Different?"

Arthur Conan Doyle published an article in a Boston newspaper claiming "J.

In the autumn of 1975 June and Richard published an article in "Futurology".

published his first

He published his first volume of poems in 1938.

He published his first historical book in 1991.

Oscar Wilde published his first book of poems.

later published

His speculations were later published in "Nature".

It was later published in Italian and German in 2003.

He later published the images as a series of postcards.

published the first

Franz Nauck published the first solutions in 1850.

Boden published the first analysis of it in 1851.

Hobby Japan published the first novel in August 2013.

magazine published   (revista publicada)

is a magazine published thirteen times a year by Future.

The magazine published poets from different styles and schools.

"El Firulete" was a tango magazine published from 1994 until 2014.

published posthumously   (publicado póstumamente)

Several of his novels were published posthumously.

Two of Camus's works were published posthumously.

The last two volumes were published posthumously.

published works

Alexander's published works include: Unpublished:

This is a selected list of Green's published works.

It was followed by several further published works.

article published   (artículo publicado)

Robot in an article published online.

in an article published by the journal "Nature" in September 2011.

ALMs are available, upon publication, for every article published by PLOS.

not published

It did not tour, and the script was not published.

However, they were not published at the same time.

However, Mariotte's work was not published until 1676.

edition was published

This edition was published as "Fleurs de marécage.

The first Pakistani edition was published in 1978.

The first edition was published on 30 April 1896.

book published   (libro publicado)

Francis helped him get his first book published.

Dv8 DV8 is a comic book published by Wildstorm.

It is the eleventh book published by Grylls.

study published   (estudio publicado)

A study published by Derek Ernest Gilmor Briggs "et al."

A study published in the "Journal of Biogeography" in 2009 by J.D.

In a study published in 2013, J. Iliff and colleagues demonstrated this directly.

published more

She has published more than 100 scholarly works.

She has now published more than a dozen major works.

To date, she has published more than 100 books and articles.

published articles   (articulos publicados)

It published articles by Mill and by Jeremy Bentham.

Capo has published articles in the following journals :

The website has published articles from about 350 sources.

published between

The magazine was published between 1979 and 1980.

This series was published between 2001 and 2013.

Five issues were published between January–June 1935.

published work   (trabajo publicado)

Her first published work would be for Carnal.

"Upjati" (1956) was his first published work.

Dhar's first published work is "Mrityur Poschate" in 1934.

journal published   (revista publicada)

CTheory CTheory is a peer-reviewed academic journal published since 1996.

The Stri Dharma was the journal published by the WIA to voice its ideals and beliefs.

In March, 2015, the journal published an "expression of concern" regarding the study.

published a number   (publicado un número)

It also published a number of interim reports.

He has published a number of works, including:

Emery published a number of works, including:

report published   (informe publicado)

A report published in 2009 by the U.S.

The new GPALS concept was fully described in a May 1991 report published by the SDIO.

A report published in 1907 said that: the famous "Offor Heads" are known the world over.

developed and published

The game was developed and published by Microïds.

The games were developed and published by Winter Wolves.

It was developed and published by Astragon.

published many

He also published many works on Indian philosophy.

He has published many of these photos on the web.

He published many articles about technologies.

comic books published

Alec Holland Alec Holland is a fictional character in comic books published by DC Comics.

Batman Batman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

For 13 years, from 1994 to 2007, Petrucha wrote stories for Disney comic books published by Egmont.

published numerous

Following this journey, he published numerous (>100!)

She published numerous photographic collections, including:

He served on dozens of boards and published numerous papers.

published books

Together they published books of Christian hymns.

Below is a selected listing of his published books.

Tobino had published books before "Clandestino".

description was published   (descripción fue publicada)

The description was published in "The Orchadian".

published her first

She published her first long romance novel in 1975.

She published her first historical novel in 1807.

In 2010, she published her first album titled "Blackbird".

previously published   (publicado anteriormente)

Five were previously published as noted here.

Portions of "Building Stories" were previously published.

TRAC was previously published as a set of conference proceedings.

published the book

In 2005, she published the book "Schnelligkeit."

In 2010 the WUD published the book "An Answer to C.S.

in a book form and published the book in 1937.

published during

This work was published during Tomkinson's lifetime.

The bulk of his work was published during this time.

However, some works were not even published during that period.

never published

Their correspondence was never published in the media.

The Kotzker Rebbe never published any works.

Results from the second head count were never published.

published a report   (publicó un informe)

In December 2014, Amnesty International published a report.

Nansen published a report from the trip in "Through Siberia".

In 2014, YJC published a report on police-involved homicides.

published a series

They also published a series avant-garde books, which formed the a.r.

She has published a series of art books in African wax textile for children.

He published a series of books on religious history, mainly on Bön and Buddhism.

articles published

She also wrote articles published in magazines.

Recent articles published in peer-reviewed journals include:

He has had articles published in Dragon Magazine and Pyramid.

paper published   (artículo publicado)

In a paper published in March 2018, Ryder et al.

The authors of the original paper published a response to this letter.

Dyson introduced the concept in a paper published in the journal "Eureka".

work was published   (el trabajo fue publicado)

The Rad Lab work was published by Fano and Lawson.

Her first work was published by Silhouette in 1982.

This work was published during Tomkinson's lifetime.

published a paper   (publicado un artículo)

Lambertson published a paper on nitrox in 1947.

He published a paper on this subject in his junior year.

In 1997, Hay published a paper transferring it to the genus "Typhonium".

series published

There are several series published by the Estonian Folklore Archives.

Wee Sing Wee Sing is a songbook series published by Price Stern Sloan.

The Studio Leonardo colors a large part of the comics series published in Spirou.

published several books

In the first ten years it published several books.

She has published several books on programming.

He has published several books over the years.

subsequently published

Youth Plays subsequently published "The Trestle".

They subsequently published it separately .

He subsequently published research about the hippie movement.

then published

He then published the Arabic manuscript in the 1680s.

These were then published separately (1883).

The final draft of their program was then published on 18 May.

published a collection

In 2010, he published a collection of the comics.

In 1912 he published a collection of prose poems.

He published a collection of poetry in Maltese in 2014.

novel was published   (novela fue publicada)

The completed novel was published on September 27.

The last completed novel was published in 1962.

This novel was published in 1999 in Olma-Press (Russia).

published in book

It was finally published in book form in 1806.

The collection was published in book form on 28 April 1938.

This was published in book form in 1883.

recently published

These findings were recently published (Zhang et al., J. Neurosci.

A new book on the history of Emerson College has also been recently published.

The group recently published an anthology entitled: "Cleaveland House Poets, 50 Years".

wrote and published

She wrote and published Milukas' biography in 1931.

He wrote and published an important paper on mechanics.

Ashlag wrote and published two major works.

game published

Elmo's 123s is a video game published by NewKidCo.

is a 1981 board game published by Metagaming Concepts.

is a 1981 board game published by Simulations Publications, Inc.

published online

The list will be published online on 29 October.

The first comic was published online in September 7, 2007.

These are often published online on video hosting services.

issue was published

The last issue was published on the 21 August 1865.

The last issue was published on February 3, 1952.

The last issue was published in July-August 2014.

published weekly

The paper became published weekly due to this change.

"Nor Ashkharh" is published weekly in Armenian.

It is published weekly and sells for BZ $1.00.

published monthly   (publicado mensualmente)

It is published monthly, from September through May.

The "Zora" was published monthly, in Serbian Cyrillic.

The magazine was published monthly, beginning in May 1871.

published before

Note that this paper was published before the 1961 paper.

It was the last novel Disraeli published before his death.

Only two issues were published before Imagic's demise in 1983.

edited and published   (editado y publicado)

In 1921, she edited and published the "Memoirs of Mary A.

She also edited and published books on poetry and anthologies.

In 1882 he edited and published Mukundaram's Kavikankan Chandi.

work published   (trabajo publicado)

Samuel is attempting to get his work published.

You ought to try to get your work published.

He first advocated that theory in work published in 1995.

published book

Her first published book was "The Impostor" in 1979.

"Dark Carnival" was Bradbury's first published book.

It is Boyden's second novel and third published book.

books were published

Some of his books were published after his death.

In 1937 alone, twenty-nine of his books were published.

Over fifteen million copies of her books were published.

published every

The newspaper is published every Tuesday and Thursday.

The magazine is published every Thursday.

The paper is published every Wednesday.

works were published

Two of Camus's works were published posthumously.

His works were published in more than 15 countries.

Nearly all of his works were published posthumously.

widely published   (ampliamente publicado)

He is widely published, and has written three books.

His story was widely published in English newspapers then.

Her work was widely published internationally, and spread rapidly.

works published

130 research works published, 21 out of which at Impaqt Journal.

Soo has had many collaborations and contributing works published.

The following is a partial list of works published by Lilli Promet

published annually

With rare exceptions a new volume has been published annually.

More than 300 book titles in Afrikaans are published annually.

The magazine was published annually.

published two books

He published two books in Hebrew in 2003 and 2009.

Kaijser has published two books in Swedish: "Stadens ljus.

He also published two books of eastern nations poetry anthology.

posthumously published

It was posthumously published in 1851, as Opus 161.

His collected works were posthumously published in 1987.

Edited by his widow Margerie Bonner, it was posthumously published in 1970.

published research

Weinzierl has published research on taxation.

He subsequently published research about the hippie movement.

He has published research on taxation.

initially published

Marvel initially published "Conan" every two months.

Barankov's claims were initially published in a blog.

Kafka's stories were initially published in literary periodicals.

published extensively

Stein published extensively in social work literature.

He published extensively on the properties of fission products.

He has published extensively on semantics, deep cases, and humor.

eventually published

The book was eventually published in ten languages.

The score was eventually published by Edition Peters.

It was eventually published by Schott Music.

citation was published   (la cita fue publicada)

The official naming citation was published by the MPC on 29 May 2018 ().

The official naming citation was published by the Minor Planet Center on 11 July 2018 ().

The approved naming citation was published by the Minor Planet Center on 1 April 1980 ().

published anonymously   (publicado de forma anónima)

Most of the commentaries were published anonymously.

These novels were also published anonymously.

Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park" was published anonymously.

report was published   (informe fue publicado)

Scarman's report was published on 27 February 1975.

Its report was published on 30 September 2009.

The committee's report was published on 30 November 2011.

published the following

Genson has published the following legal articles:

A book of the work was published the following year.

Fuller Maitland published the following books:

stories published

Several stories published without sanction from Glidrose warrant mention.

"Life in the Iron Mills" is one of the earliest American Realist stories published.

Information broker characters play a prominent role in stories published by DC Comics.

only published   (solo publicado)

", the only published recording where she sang lead vocals.

Dubuis' final work and only published treatise was published in 2007.

It was only published as a book in 2001 by KITLV publishers in Leiden.

published author

She is a published author of a book, "'Ballroom!

O'Neal is a published author with two books of poetry.

A published author, Einaudi has written articles and monographs.

both published

(1991), both published by St. Martin's Press.

The other books are "Damballah" and "Hiding Place", both published in 1981.

"Our Flowers" and "The Tale of Bluey Wren" followed, both published in 1926.

published papers

Number of his published papers are more than 160.

Claire Weekes' published papers in reproductive biology of reptiles:

He has published papers on the various aspects of aviation safety and security.

version was published

A physical version was published on August 21.

The Game Boy Advance version was published by DSI Games.

Shenandoah's first online version was published in 2011.

published another   (publicado otro)

She published another famous poem, "Yania Tierra," in 1981.

The "Times" published another article about the incident on 12 June.

He then published another book, "The Great Second Advent Movement", in 1905.

ever published

Only one edition of the Register was ever published.

These are the first books ever published in color on war.

But nothing was ever published.

published only   (publicado solamente)

The book was published only after her death.

Armenian) writers have been published only in translation.

He published only four volumes of this work before his death.

published a study

Alula Pankhurst has published a study of caste groups in SW Ethiopia.

In 2018, Penkalski published a study containing a cladistic analyses of such forms.

In 2013 he published a study showing that women are better at multitasking than men.

published widely   (publicado ampliamente)

He has published widely, both papers and books, such as:

She has published widely on these issues.

Joan Procter published widely in scientific books and journals.

daily newspaper published   (diario publicado)

There are many daily newspaper published in Mirpur.

It is the first daily newspaper published in Zadar.

It remains the only daily newspaper published in the Florida Keys.

novel published   (novela publicada)

This is also the title of his novel published in 1932.

The book is her second major novel published in Spanish.

It is the first graphic novel published under the DC Black Label imprint.

published a new

In 2018, he published a new biography of Claude Debussy.

Months later, the group published a new material called now.

Breitkopf also published a new edition by Peter Hauschild in 2005.

published through

Her works are published through Land Marks Press.

Three more editions were published through 1872.

The books published through November 2015 are:

finally published   (finalmente publicado)

It was finally published in book form in 1806.

In Autumn 1831 his book was finally published.

It was finally published in 1993.

first published work   (primer trabajo publicado)

Her first published work would be for Carnal.

"Upjati" (1956) was his first published work.

Dhar's first published work is "Mrityur Poschate" in 1934.

papers published

He also had numerous papers published in industry journals.

The papers published a single Sunday edition, the "Item-Tribune", beginning December 21, 1924.

In a pair of papers published together under the title "Prelude or Requiem for the 'Mozart Effect'?"

edition published

Until 1929 there was a new edition published almost every year.

First released in 1989, this book had a second edition published in 2002.

Further small revisions were undertaken for a new edition published in 1890.

volume was published

This volume was published in English in late 2011.

The second volume was published posthumously in 1923.

The volume was published in October 1906.

published its first

"Innovations" published its first issue in 2006.

"Imagination" published its first issue on October 1950.

"Imagination" published its first issue in October 1950.

translated and published

His novels were translated and published in various languages.

Some of his articles were translated and published in "Rossica".

He translated and published Jim Thompson's 1964 pulp novel "Pop.

written and published

Both were written and published in Norwegian.

She has previously written and published several short stories.

He has also written and published multiple books on the region.