İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

publishing house   (Yayın Evi)

Imagine is a young publishing house for children.

In 1920 the publishing house sold its bookstore.

She founded her publishing house "" in 2005.

publishing company   (Yayıncılık şirketi)

He ran a small publishing company called Wowapi.

after issues with management at the publishing company.

They question her former employer at a publishing company.

began publishing   (yayınlamaya başladı)

Meers began publishing "The Alpena Evening News".

"Szabad ifjúság" began publishing on March 3, 1950.

The town began publishing its own newspaper in 1907.

publishing houses   (yayın evleri)

and published the books through Chinese publishing houses.

Most of Denmarks's major publishing houses are based in Copenhagen.

He worked as a lithographer for several Viennese publishing houses.

music publishing   (müzik yayıncılığı)

Midsong was also the name of the label's music publishing unit.

Jaffery retained the highly successful music publishing company.

He and Ritter formed Vidor Publications, a music publishing firm.

started publishing

Students started publishing The Cluster in 1920.

In 1959, Hamling started publishing paperback novels.

Dern and Pitcairn started publishing daily issues in 1873.

book publishing

Lion Hudson Lion Hudson is British book publishing company.

Andersen Press Andersen Press is a British book publishing company.

For almost seven decades, Seymour ran his own book publishing firm in Chicago.

publishing industry

The American sheet music publishing industry produced a great deal of ragtime music.

Malling was a pioneer in the publishing industry around the middle of the 19th century.

In the desktop publishing industry, it is important to know a monitor’s color temperature.

publishing deal

In 2015, Willis signed a publishing deal with Sony ATV.

Hugo signed a global music publishing deal with BMG Music Publishing.

On 15 September 2016, Dyo signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music.

publishing business   (yayıncılık işi)

He carried on the publishing business in the Strand.

The church purchased the publishing business built by Rev.

In 1976 he started his own publishing business - Outdoor Press.

publishing rights

In 1971 the Stones sued Klein over U.S. publishing rights.

McCartney owns the publishing rights to Holly's song catalogue.

However, Peer owned the publishing rights to all the recordings he made.

publishing firm   (yayın şirketi)

In 2006, the publishing firm of Walter de Gruyter acquired K.G.

He and Ritter formed Vidor Publications, a music publishing firm.

The publishing firm of Geo.

own publishing

In 1976 he started his own publishing business - Outdoor Press.

Soon afterward the society established its own publishing house and printing press.

Low published his first novel in 2003, and set up his own publishing company in 2005.

publishing companies

Doubleday, Page & Co. became one of the great book publishing companies of the 20th century.

Her original manuscript was rejected by such publishing companies as Hodder and Stoughton and Methuen.

Under this law there were nationalized all of the 169 publishing companies in Bulgaria (64 of them in Sofia).

publishing articles

He began publishing articles in "The Sociological Review", in 1920.

The university has held the record of publishing articles per student in Iran since 2013.

Recently, NewAge has also been publishing articles written by amaderGaan members on its paper.

publishing books

Facts On File has been publishing books since 1941.

The company began publishing books in 1994.

There have also been new developments in the process of publishing books.

publishing arm

Hidden Shoal's publishing arm licenses music for use in film, TV, games, web, compilations and other media.

Kmag's publishing arm, Vision, published Brian Belle-Fortune's "All Crews Journeys Through Jungle Drum & Bass Culture" in 2004.

He interrupted his studies to spend a year in Russia, working for "Russkiy Palomnik" in the publishing arm of the Moscow Patriarchate.

desktop publishing   (masaüstü yayıncılık)

In the desktop publishing industry, it is important to know a monitor’s color temperature.

Designers typically use desktop publishing software to arrange the elements on the pages directly.

In 1969-71, he programmed a prototype desktop publishing page-layout application for AT&T Bell Labs.

continued publishing

She continued publishing romance novels until 1992.

She continued publishing until her death.

Tønsberg continued publishing similar books over the next years.

writing and publishing

Most of these deal with writing and publishing.

Mykle and his publisher Harald Grieg were accused of writing and publishing immoral and obscene material.

Publication ethics is the set of principles that guide the writing and publishing process for all professional publications.

music publishing company   (müzik yayın şirketi)

Jaffery retained the highly successful music publishing company.

Glasser also established his own music publishing company: Richbare Music, in 1968.

Hanlin returned to the U.K and set up GMW Entertainment Group a music publishing company.

publishing division   (yayın bölümü)

Bernstein closed the comic-book publishing division in 1984.

In mid 2007, the company's publishing division was renamed to V.2 Play.

As of 2017, she is under Star Songs, the publishing division of Star Music.

publishing several

In the 1750s and 1760s, he continued to collect and classify animals, plants, and minerals, while publishing several volumes.

Olaf Norli was known for publishing several titles in Nynorsk, and published the magazine "Frå bygd og by" between 1913 and 1932.

During World War II Duffieux discovered Fourier optics, presenting his ideas at a meeting of the French Society of Physics in Paris in 1941, and publishing several papers.

independent publishing

Endeavour Media Endeavour Media is an independent publishing company based in London.

"Loaded" was bought by independent publishing house, Simian Publishing in September 2013.

Twelveheads Press Twelveheads Press is an independent publishing company based in Chacewater near Truro, Cornwall, UK.

printing and publishing

The government allowed a printing and publishing company, Brunei Press PLC, to form in 1953.

The newspaper was founded by Johannes Parzeller, owner of the Fulda printing and publishing company Parzeller Verlag.

Bahrain's Information Affairs Authority filed a legal case based on Bahrain's law regarding press, printing and publishing.

before publishing

This chapter is dedicated to his last visit before publishing the book.

Greenwood waited for the official announcement before publishing the news.

However, Solander died before publishing the name, and was not mentioned by L'Héritier in his 1789 publication.

publishing group

Tuck is also an editor for the publishing group Timeless, Infinite Light.

The newspaper is edited in Tel Aviv, and is part of the Yediot Ahronot publishing group.

A monthly magazine, "Horse News", is also a member of "The Democrat"'s publishing group.

stopped publishing

The newspaper stopped publishing due to debt in 1997.

Echo stopped publishing in October 2011.

The magazine stopped publishing in 1998 due to a lack of funding.

own publishing company   (kendi yayınevi)

Low published his first novel in 2003, and set up his own publishing company in 2005.

Whyte started her own publishing company, Ching Chong Publishing, and a BMI writer since 1997.

In 1869, Franz Vahlen (1833–1898) left his work managing the publisher to form his own publishing company.

well as publishing   (yayınlamak kadar)

As well as publishing collections of poetry and appearing in various Faber and Penguin anthologies.

As well as publishing many books on history and folklore he was known for contributing papers to antiquarian journals and for his letters to Notes and Queries.

During her tenure she established within the Museum a herbarium on East African plants as well as publishing a series of scientific papers on East African flora.

magazine publishing   (dergi yayıncılığı)

Husni has been called a leading expert in magazine publishing.

The publishers did not intend to return as a print daily newspaper, concentrating instead on web and magazine publishing.

Weening had successful experience as a start-up CEO in book and magazine publishing, online services and enterprise software systems.

known for publishing

He is known for publishing a 1567 hymnal.

Chiba was known for publishing his works in both shōnen and shōjo magazines.

"Public Books" is known for publishing scholarly responses to current events.

ceased publishing

The paper ceased publishing on 19 January 1819.

These have ceased publishing since 2013.

It ceased publishing in 2006.

publishing contract   (yayın sözleşmesi)

He received a publishing contract for its release in 1989, with Jonathan Cape Ltd.

In 2008, Knowles signed a record deal with Geffen and a publishing contract with EMI.

In 2015, she secured a publishing contract with publisher Bookouture to republish her two existing titles and three new books.

signed a publishing

In 2015, Willis signed a publishing deal with Sony ATV.

On 15 September 2016, Dyo signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music.

In 2005, Jarrad signed a publishing deal with Mushroom Music and relocated to London.

newspaper publishing

This was the first recorded application of electronic ink to newspaper publishing.

He currently writes editorials and is the owner of a newspaper publishing company in Maseru, Lesotho.

According to a 1920 Bismarck, North Dakota newspaper article, Shanley was a specialist in designing newspaper publishing plants.

publishing the first

In 1856 he was back to editing, publishing the first issue of "Men of the Time".

She wrote poetry from an early age, publishing the first, "The Interpreter", in 1923.

In the 1850s, he was involved in publishing the first newspaper, the "Kansas City Enterprise".

addition to publishing

In addition to publishing, Denniston was an author.

In addition to publishing, Sousanis has spoken at symposiums and conferences around the world.

In addition to publishing "Body Bags" through 12 Gauge, he is also on staff as the Director of Development.