İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

pull off   (çekip çıkarmak)

How does a rapper this basic pull off a project this electrifying?

In the end, Bush managed to pull off a narrow victory in the general election.

However the team could not pull off the upset against his old province Wellington.

pull away   (çekip gitmek)

Georgetown continued to pull away to win 62-43.

Cuthbert expanded upon her slight advantage to pull away to a clear win.

Dibaba continued to pull away to the finish, Muir separating from Hassan.

pull back   (geri çekmek)

Meaning to pull back on the yoke.

They were forced to pull back.

Loss of radio contact and losses forced the landing party to pull back.

forced to pull   (çekmeye zorlandı)

They were forced to pull back.

However, Coleman injured his knee while training, and was forced to pull out of the event.

In April 2015, Morishima was forced to pull out of the 2015 Global Tag League due to an injury.

able to pull   (çekebilme)

Grayson was able to pull it together long enough to save her from Copperhead.

Thankfully, Disciple is able to pull that radio rock sound off better than most."

Nickell lead by just 7 imps going into the final segment, but was able to pull away to win by 29.

pull up   (yukarı çekmek)

When D+ = D− = 2.0 V, the device may pull up to 900 mA.

When D+ = 2.8 V and D− = 2.0 V, the device may pull up to 2 A of current.

When D+ = 2.0 V and D− = 2.8 V, the device may pull up to 1 A of current.

pull down   (aşağı çek)

A gun which has a lever that you pull down then back up to load.

As their boat enters the trough of the feature they pull down, driving their boat vertically into the water.

In addition they would turn off gas, electricity and water supplies, and repair or pull down unsteady buildings.

decided to pull

In 2000, Aprilia decided to pull out of the 500cc class.

In 2012, St. Bernard Parish Government decided to pull out of the management of Camp Hope.

At the end of the fall semester in 2008, Sub Board I, Inc. decided to pull "Generation"'s charter.

managed to pull   (çekmeyi başardı)

This time the Dodgers managed to pull out the win 5-3 in 11 innings.

The adult Carol managed to pull her younger self and Bart into the future.

In the end, Bush managed to pull off a narrow victory in the general election.

used to pull   (çekirdim)

Kites can be used to pull people and vehicles downwind.

The lomotive was used to pull good trains between Bern and Thun.

The archer's lower trapezius muscles are used to pull the arrow to the anchor point.

gravitational pull   (yerçekimsel)

Objects like planets, stars, and black holes all exert a gravitational pull on the ship.

The Cybermen prevent the base staff from saving the "Zeus IV", and it is destroyed by the gravitational pull of Mondas.

At those points in the lunar cycle, the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon are very high resulting in spring tides.

began to pull

This spooked investors who began to pull out.

By 1884 the Egyptians began to pull out of both Sudan and Eritrea.

After she graduated, the lure of jazz began to pull her away from her theatre beginnings.

pull the trigger   (tetiği çek)

As he is about to pull the trigger, the clock strikes 12:30.

I’m the gun – pull the trigger".

She cannot pull the trigger and advises him to try and escape to Switzerland.

trigger pull   (tetik çekme)

SLP shotguns have a trigger pull of 28 to 33 N (6.2 to 7.3 lb"").

IBU rules require that the trigger pull weight must be at least .

The trigger pull weight was adjustable between 200 and 1000 grams.

not pull

Brick promises Max will not pull a double cross.

Replays and photos, however, show that Cash did not pull his foot.

He asks the grandmother for help, and they together still cannot pull it up.