Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

pulled off   (arrancado)

6 Utes pulled off an upset of the heavily favored No.

The movie ran for one week and was pulled off.

She was pulled off the next day by the tug "Brittania".

pulled down   (derribado)

Its western wall was pulled down in the 19th century.

Goldwater's poor showing pulled down many supporters.

This tower was pulled down in 1977, and replaced in 1994.

pulled away   (se alejó)

However, Chowder and Jenny are pulled away from D.J.

Northwestern pulled away with a 21–4 second half run.

Clemson scored first, then pulled away 14–7 before half.

pulled back   (retirado)

Cooksey, however, pulled back and did not qualify.

"<br> I pulled back and said, "I just fucked you."

By the time this was discovered, Townsend had pulled back.

pulled up

Almost all the other stretches have been pulled up.

He feels like he is always being pulled up by Kanade.

An officer pulled up nearby and told her to come to him.

then pulled

According to the peace treaty Ethiopia then pulled out.

Clemson scored first, then pulled away 14–7 before half.

The thread is then pulled downwards and cut with a knife.

pulled through

The size of the third loop depends on the length of the bight pulled through the loop.

During Indra Jatra, the chariots of Kumari, Ganesh and Bhairav are pulled through here.

Instead of pushing product to the marketplace, it is pulled through by the customers' actual needs.

pulled ahead   (tirado adelante)

Suddenly Rhodes' aircraft pulled ahead of Nettleton’s.

His aircraft accelerated and pulled ahead of Nettleton’s.

Over the next few days, Cisneros pulled ahead of Young Kim.

pulled out due

However, Cummins pulled out due to a staph infection.

However, on March 23, Barberena pulled out due to injury.

Another PSU team AG'S Office also pulled out due to internal departmental issues.

pulled together   (juntos)

He pulled together several concepts from the 1960s.

When the nets are pulled together, the dolphins become entangled under water and drown.

There is no evidence that Gates even read the book, but he pulled together some platitudes attacking it anyway."