puppet state   (人形の状態)

Some historians consider it to have been a puppet state of the Ottoman Empire.

Germany quickly restored Mussolini to power and set up a puppet state in northern Italy.

Some of these were provided to Germany's Croatian puppet state and the Slovene Home Guard.

puppet government   (政府の人形)

The puppet government was kept under strict Axis control.

It also involved Britain's repeated attempts to impose a puppet government in Kabul.

The Italians established a puppet government, the Albanian Kingdom (1939–43), under Shefqet Vërlaci.

puppet show   (人形芝居)

Ruku organises a puppet show on the day of the workshop.

When they attend a Bunraku puppet show, Dr Yoko calls them out.

The title of the puppet show was "The Goose and the Golden Eggs".

puppet regime   (政権)

After Zelaya fled, the U.S. government installed a new puppet regime.

Simultaneously, a puppet regime, called the Finnish Democratic Republic, was set by the Soviets.

The occupied country was divided into three zones (German, Italian and Bulgarian) and in Athens, a puppet regime was established.

puppet theatre   (人形劇)

In 1930 he set up the first modern professional puppet theatre.

"“LIMF now functions as a very high-level international festival of dance, circus and puppet theatre.

But the crowd is entertained and throws a large amount of money in a bucket in front of the puppet theatre to show its approval.

puppet shows   (人形劇)

The puppet shows ended in 1985 when Isentrout died.

He began performing his own puppet shows for children in a Chicago candy shop.

Scott began his acting career in national theatre, television, and puppet shows.

puppet theater   (人形劇)

Her "The Chairs" (2014) was a "puppet theater response" to Eugene Ionesco's play.

After graduating from the Prague School of Arts and Crafts, Trnka created a puppet theater in 1936.

Much of Jakob Brossmann's work in theater has been with puppet theater, which he was exposed to from a young age.