available for purchase   (購入可能)

DVD titles are available for purchase on iTunes.

High-speed data passes will be available for purchase.

Archive photos and articles are available for purchase.

purchase price   (購入金額)

In total, the purchase price was valued at $340 million.

The total purchase price was $1.27 billion.

The purchase price of a complete Ticket Number is EUR 45.

able to purchase   (購入できる)

By 1882, Beaumont was able to purchase the mill.

The Amerks were able to purchase a lighting system from a circus.

International fans were able to purchase tickets starting August 27, 2016.

used to purchase   (購入に使用)

The Nature Heritage Fund was used to purchase 4000 ha for $1.89 million.

Credits can be used to purchase additional vehicles, and for parts and tuning.

The moneys raised were used to purchase stores for the monastery or were given away as charity.

agreed to purchase   (購入することに同意した)

EasyJet agreed to purchase GB Airways in 2007, but The Beehive was not included.

In February 2009, the United Arab Emirates Air Force agreed to purchase four C-17s.

The perpetually postponed Major League Football claimed it had agreed to purchase the equipment.

option to purchase   (購入するオプション)

On 13 January 2020, he joined SPAL on loan with an option to purchase.

The deal included an option to purchase for a fee of around €1 million.

On 31 January 2020, he joined Lecce on loan with an option to purchase.

purchase land   (土地を購入する)

During this time Kishi would continue to purchase land.

Says negotiated with local tribal chiefs to purchase land.

The state of Kansas continues to purchase land from willing sellers when funds are available.

purchase agreement

On October 24, 2008, PNC announced that it had finalized a purchase agreement for National City.

Finding no problems, Shogun Finance authorized the hire purchase agreement and the rogue drove away.

In May, 2006, LaSalle sent a proposed purchase agreement to congregation founder Bishop Clarence Kelly.

money to purchase

They concoct a plan to earn her enough money to purchase the property.

Moyo used the prize money to purchase an apartments and take a vacation.

By 1957, Williford had saved up enough money to purchase the station for $8,000.

purchase of land   (土地の購入)

Since the original purchase of land in 1928, the park has increased to .

This was the first purchase of land in the Humboldt Land District, which was established by an Act of Congress in March 1858.

The entire amount spent for the purchase of land and development of house-sites was received as subsidy from the Government of India.

available to purchase   (購入可能)

It was available to purchase on iTunes on August 21, 2012.

It was available to purchase on iTunes on August 14, 2012.

They will never be available to purchase as a stand-alone item.

compulsory purchase   (強制購入)

It also required compulsory purchase of the site.

County Councils had compulsory purchase powers to requisition land they could let as smallholdings.

At some point in the early 1970s, a compulsory purchase order was issued on Boaks' home by Lambeth Council.

funds to purchase

The mine was abandoned because of a lack of funds to purchase an engine.

Some sponsoring agencies use Citizen Corps grant funds to purchase disaster response tool kits.

The following years, three canons of Beauvais were able to raise the funds to purchase the property.

purchase new

He also helped purchase new uniforms.

In 2018 it has planned to purchase new UAVs at a cost of Rs 6.2 billion.

Local craft fairs provided him with income to purchase new equipment and materials.

decided to purchase

213, the Board decided to purchase the vehicle.

After sitting unwanted for 7 years, the city of Toledo decided to purchase her for use as a museum.

As a result, the Navy decided to purchase designs from three different foreign firms for a class of submarines.

land purchase   (土地購入)

Ginter Park and other neighborhoods were developed from this initial land purchase.

The "Land Question" was gradually resolved by a scheme of state-aided land purchase schemes.

After an additional land purchase, two club members designed three new holes which opened in 1908.

purchase the land   (土地を購入する)

The most common way to gain land was to purchase the land.

He was able to purchase the land in Georgia on which he had grown up as a child.

The Inspirationalists sent four men to purchase the land and all holdings in the vicinity.

announced the purchase

The LAP announced the purchase of a building site in April 1962.

The UK announced the purchase of its eighth C-17 in February 2012.

In December 2016, Peter Freed announced the purchase of Toronto Fashion Week from IMG.

agreement to purchase

In June 2002, Micromuse entered into an agreement to purchase rival firm RiverSoft for £43m.

In September 2018, the SFA announced an agreement to purchase the ground from Queen's Park in 2020.

That month, Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) announced a preliminary agreement to purchase up to 300 trainsets.

not purchase

The Royal Navy did not purchase "Elizabeth".

Amtrak retained the "Texas Chief" but did not purchase any of the Big Domes.

Associate members who did not purchase life insurance were permitted to join in 1892.

attempted to purchase

Several suitors attempted to purchase the airline.

In 1936 the League attempted to purchase about of the property.

In 1999, they attempted to purchase English Premier League association football club Everton F.C..

through the purchase

The state park was established through the purchase of a 138-acre farm in 1926.

The line subsequently expanded through the purchase of second-hand cargo ships.

Moreover, this debt is financed largely by China through the purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds.

purchase tickets

Tickets.com allowed consumers to purchase tickets at their website.

International fans were able to purchase tickets starting August 27, 2016.

Passengers travelling from the station must purchase tickets on board the train.

time of purchase

At the time of purchase, Kaplan's owners paid $20 million to Purdue, pursuant to that agreement.

At the time of purchase, KBS already owned the Parkside Tower and Gateway Tech Center in Salt Lake City.

Records indicate Ebenezer, his wife Polly, and their six children were already living on the farm at the time of purchase.

purchase the property

They concoct a plan to earn her enough money to purchase the property.

The center had raised money through crowdfunding to purchase the property.

The following years, three canons of Beauvais were able to raise the funds to purchase the property.

purchase more

It is reported that the Malaysian Royal Air Force will purchase more of these by the year 2020-2025.

This was followed by plans to increase Armenian defense spending to purchase more weapons and ammunition.

Any power plants that exceed emissions for the number of carbon credits will have to purchase more credits to cover the difference.

purchase order   (注文書)

For example, a buyer sends a purchase order with its own terms.

The orders allowed him to expand and also opened his first retail purchase order.

In this situation, the purchasing department issues the purchase order receipt not required.

order to purchase   (購入する)

The Allen brothers established the company in order to purchase lands under the New Hampshire Grants.

The library building was named in honour of Isabella McLennan, who had made a large donation to McGill in order to purchase books.

Wilbur, boarding a train to go home to Blitzen, Washington, pretends to be an eleven-year-old in order to purchase a ticket for half price.

completed the purchase

On 31 January 2017, it was confirmed that Celador had completed the purchase of Anglian Radio group.

Henry Crawshay & Company was offered the gale in October 1907 and completed the purchase on 24 December 1907.

The Moremens rented their new farm for two years, from Megowan, before they completed the purchase of the house and for $15,000 cash in 1862.

required to purchase

Students electing to live in campus housing are required to purchase a minimum meal plan each semester.

Still others never abandoned it because of the large cash outlay required to purchase modern mechanized balers.

Since the summer of 2011, all students from Years 6–11 are required to purchase a Mac laptop computer for their studies.

following the purchase

In December 2017, following the purchase in April 2017, it merged into AIK Banka.

A number of family members were buried there, following the purchase of the Torosay Estate in 1808.

The line was closed June 11, 1940 and dismantled, following the purchase of the IRT by the City of New York.