purchased land   (購入した土地)

While he was still living in Djerba he purchased land in Israel.

Phelps purchased land from the Indians on more than one occasion.

In 1736, several Amish families purchased land along Northkill Creek.

purchased the property

The Browne family had purchased the property by 1862.

The Erie Club purchased the property in 1904.

Erin's Own purchased the property outright in the 1960s.

later purchased

She later purchased a partial ownership in the publication.

The site was later purchased by the Geelong Baptist College.

Keihan later purchased the lines in the Ōtsu area (Ōtsu Lines).

purchased the land   (土地を購入した)

Francisco Garcia purchased the land in 1819.

The park commissioners purchased the land on April 21, 1894.

The Los Guilicos School for Girls purchased the land in 1943.

then purchased

She was then purchased by Milwaukee Railway Company.

Sippy downs was then purchased by Alfred Grant.

Washtenaw County then purchased the building.

company purchased   (購入した会社)

The company purchased the building for $35 million.

The company purchased the majority of the capital of CESI.

In July 1996, the company purchased "Pulse Niagara", a struggling biweekly.

land was purchased   (土地を購入しました)

Soon the land was purchased and construction commenced.

5 hectares of the land was purchased in 1984.

The land was purchased for $3.7 million from a developer in 1991.

purchased the building

The company purchased the building for $35 million.

In 1983 the Town of Dongo purchased the building.

Washtenaw County then purchased the building.

purchased the rights

He purchased the rights to the team for $4 million in 1999.

The town of Bedford purchased the rights of way within its boundaries in 1963.

In February 1931, RKO announced it had purchased the rights to Chambers novel.

property was purchased

The property was purchased about 1905 by Dr. J.V.

In 1986, the property was purchased by Rod Smith.

The property was purchased for $1.20 million to make a gurdwara.

building was purchased

The building was purchased by Moses Feldman in 1914.

The building was purchased by John Portman in 1980 and abandoned.

The building was purchased in the 1980s and was built circa 1950s.

company was purchased   (会社が購入されました)

The company was purchased by Transdev in 2010.

This company was purchased by Kvaerner and became Aker Finnyards.

The remainder of the company was purchased in 1987 by the same firm.

subsequently purchased

The school site was subsequently purchased by St Peter's College.

It was subsequently purchased and privatized by Onex Corp in 2019.

She was subsequently purchased by the West Australian government in 1896.

house was purchased

The house was purchased by Bledsoe County in 1997.

The house was purchased by William Pope in 1845.

In 1940 the house was purchased by Walter and Margaret Voss.

land purchased   (購入した土地)

It is built on land purchased by the Liverpool Corporation from the Molyneux Estate.

It was located on land purchased from the Commissioner of Railways by the Burrum Shire Council.

The structure was originally located at 325 6th Avenue West Calgary Alberta on land purchased from Lord Strathcona.

eventually purchased

LIN TV eventually purchased WOTV outright in 2001.

The DeVos family eventually purchased the ECHL Solar Bears in 2017.

Monet rented and eventually purchased a house and gardens in Giverny.

purchased the house

Banyan Investments LLC purchased the house in 2015.

Historic Fort Worth Inc. purchased the house in 1971.

In 1953, Mr. and Mrs. Earl V. Parker purchased the house.

purchased the company   (会社を購入した)

In 2002 Chechin purchased the company from Blyth.

They ultimately purchased the company from him in 1982.

In 1991, Bob Yarmuth purchased the company.

purchased a large

In 1955, Allen purchased a large tent for $8,500.

Anson Phelps purchased a large parcel of land at what is now Ansonia, Connecticut, in 1844.

In 1892, it was sold to William Tennant Mortlock, who also purchased a large portion of the stud sheep.

purchased of land   (土地の購入)

(Andrew Bailard had purchased of land in Carpinteria in 1868).

In 1925, Fred H. Albee purchased of land from the Venice-Sarasota Company.

The city purchased of land in the Owens Valley in order to gain access to water rights.

purchased several

In his lifetime he founded or purchased several companies and held 82 patents.

An additional property was purchased several stores to the north (371 and 375 Yonge?)

To bolster food supplies for the first winter, Whitman purchased several horses from the Cayuse.

site was purchased   (サイトを購入しました)

The site was purchased by Joseph Habersham in 1802.

Therefore, a new cemetery site was purchased in 1800 on the western edge of town.

The site was purchased in 1903 by the Church of England for a new mission church.

recently purchased

The station had also recently purchased eight lorries.

Each sale is taken to be of the most recently purchased shares.

had recently purchased the mill from A. H. Booth (likely c.1884–1947).

purchased all

Chris Strachwitz purchased all Ideal masters in 1990.

The Boston and Maine Railroad purchased all of the Boston and Lowell in 1887.

In October 2019, Telus Canada purchased all of ADTs Canadian assets for $700 million.

family purchased   (購入した家族)

The family purchased The Reporter in 1986.

Her family purchased the property in 1912 and sold it in 1926.

The Benton family purchased the -acre property in 1939 for $6000.

government purchased   (政府が購入した)

In 1895 the French government purchased his painting "Market in Morocco".

He supported a ban on city government purchased water bottles and he asked San Francisco businesses to stop selling bottled water.

In 1937, the federal government purchased distressed farmland for the park under a Federal land utilization program authorized by the Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act.

purchased the site   (サイトを購入した)

In 2004, Grévin & Cie, a French leisure group, purchased the site.

The Knights Hospitaller purchased the site from Velos, a French nobleman, in 1168.

In 1885 the Corporation of Newport purchased the site and built the present building.

originally purchased

The area was logged for spruce a couple years before it was originally purchased.

For example, a company owns $1000 of stock in another company that was originally purchased for $200.

Robert Wise and Mark Robson had originally purchased the rights for Michener's story when they were at RKO.

purchased through

Tickets can be purchased through the official BSMP ticketing partner Voyagin.

The land for the WMA was purchased through the Rockefeller Fund between 1983 and 1985.

Within the DOOH industry, advertisements may be purchased through programmatic platforms.

purchased the estate

In 1898 he purchased the estate of Shieldhill near Biggar.

The Earl of Bridgewater purchased the estate from the Crown, on 3 July 1630.

In 1883 she and her husband purchased the estate from other Clay descendants.

purchased the former

It purchased the former automobile factory at 128 N. Broad Street, next to the original building.

In 2015, the university purchased the former Ann Arbor campus of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

In 1855, Clarke purchased the former site of Brook Farm, intending to start a new Utopian community there.

purchased the station   (駅を購入した)

In 1997, Citadel Broadcasting purchased the station.

In 1988 Barnstable Broadcasting purchased the station.

In July 2014 Metrolinx (GO Transit) purchased the station from CN for $2.5 Million.

when he purchased   (彼が購入したとき)

He became the first black man to own and operate the Apollo Theater in Harlem when he purchased it in 1977.

Arturo Moreno became the first Hispanic owner of an MLB franchise when he purchased the Anaheim Angels in 2004.

In 1969, he became a publican when he purchased an old premises that had been closed for some time in Kilgarvan.

contract was purchased   (契約を購入しました)

His contract was purchased by the Twins on May 5, 2011.

On April 10, 2018, Rainey's contract was purchased by the Reds.

His contract was purchased from AAA-Memphis and called up on July 9, 2013.

purchased a house

He purchased a house and Borthen continued to write from there.

Monet rented and eventually purchased a house and gardens in Giverny.

In 1585 he went to London, where he purchased a house in Gray's Inn Lane.

purchased property

In 1939, Gilean purchased property in the Cascade Mountains.

He purchased property in the city and had Casa Villita built for himself.

Relying largely on funds she provided, Lissner purchased property in Tenafly, New Jersey.

estate was purchased

In 1805 the estate was purchased by the Hon.

The Dunnotar estate was purchased in 1766.

In 1741 the estate was purchased by Richard Grieve of Swansford.

having purchased

While they were investigating the burglary, she confessed to having purchased the VCR she believed to be stolen.

He administered the compound tartar-emetic to each of them, having purchased it from a chemist in Hastings, Sussex.

Glading did not live far from Holland Road himself, having purchased a "salubrious" new development in South Harrow.

station was purchased   (駅が購入されました)

In 1999, the station was purchased by John Eisert.

The station was purchased in 1978 and converted to WPLP.

The station was purchased by Withers Broadcasting in 1975.

newly purchased

Ravikumar used the newly purchased car in the film at Rajinikanth's insistence.

He competed in the 2009 Otago Rally of New Zealand in his newly purchased MK II BDA Ford Escort rally car.

They would continue recording their albums there until "Preservation", when they switched to their newly purchased studio, Konk.

before being purchased

Red Hat was a member of the S&P 500 Index before being purchased by IBM on July 9, 2019.

For a time it was the Canadian Conference of the Arts before being purchased by the Angolans in the late 1990s.

Anderson stayed in Brooklyn for the before being purchased by the Milwaukee Brewers of the newly formed American League.

purchased a farm

In May 1843, he purchased a farm in Harvard, Massachusetts.

The club purchased a farm on the west side of Hampden Park and built a pitch and stands.

He fought as a Union soldier during the Civil War and purchased a farm after serving his country.

purchased the remaining

The group purchased the remaining share from T-Online International.

In September 2001, Ericsson purchased the remaining shares in EHPT from Hewlett Packard.

Cooper & Nephews purchased the remaining 50% of Chicago Flexible Shaft Company for $400,000.

when it purchased   (購入したとき)

It became part of the Whirlpool Corporation when it purchased Maytag in 2006.

It was founded in 2000 when it purchased the "Hudson-Litchfield News", and has since added the other papers.

However, in the mid-1940s, when it purchased Hayward's agency, MCA finally gained bargaining leverage with the studios.

purchased the assets

New Forests purchased the assets and employed former staff of the old company.

Rykoff & Co. purchased the assets of Schuss Wholesale Grocery Company of Portland, Oregon.

Braniff, Inc's., parent company BIA-Cor Holdings purchased the assets of the carrier for pennies on the dollar.

purchased a small

He purchased a small trading post from Andrew Jackson "A.J."

Leland immediately purchased a small factory on Detroit's west side.

In 1873, Monet purchased a small boat equipped to be used as a floating studio.

already purchased

The project was already purchased for syndication but lasted only two seasons due to sliding ratings.

When he goes to Dwight to purchase one, he finds that Darryl (Craig Robinson) has already purchased the last one.

The Home Farm and associated lands were sold to the Montgomeryshire County Council, who had already purchased the Brynllywarch Estate.