main purpose   (主目的)

In Europe the breed's main purpose is to produce milk.

The main purpose of Gibraltar Dam is domestic water supply.

The main purpose is to collect money for several charities.

primary purpose   (主な目的)

Its primary purpose has been to prevent tribal war.

In [[farce]], the comedy is a primary purpose.

The primary purpose of a clock is to "display" the time.

purpose built   (専用の)

The chassis is a purpose built space frame.

Great Mt Sugarloaf houses the purpose built transmitter site.

This was the first purpose built bathrooms factory in the world.

general purpose   (一般的用途)

These ships are also general purpose in nature.

The general purpose lanes continue to operate toll-free.

It is developed as general purpose series of 78K Family.

original purpose   (元の目的)

So it still fulfils its original purpose even today.

The original purpose of the tower is unknown.

The original purpose of the receipt was enhanced fraud protection.

sole purpose   (唯一の目的)

He created the guild for the sole purpose of killing other players.

Many own a motorhome for the sole purpose of traveling south in the winter.

The sole purpose of an eloi's life is to take care of and reproduce with men.

same purpose   (同じ目的)

Some fish store oils or lipids for this same purpose.

In plants, starch is used for the same purpose.

Upon her release she talks to Jem with the same purpose.

whose purpose   (誰の目的)

"Bevar Bornholmsk" is an organization whose purpose is to preserve Bornholmsk.

These had launchers for eight large-diameter missiles whose purpose was initially unclear to NATO.

In 1637, construction of a fortress at Konotop began, whose purpose was to protect the newly acquired province.

stated purpose   (述べられた目的)

The stated purpose of the law was to increase the safety of the procedure.

Its stated purpose is to advocate for justice and accountability for international crimes.

The inquiry's stated purpose was to "safeguard the interests of sub-contractors in the sector".

special purpose   (特別な目的)

A third type of map is known as an "orienteering," or special purpose map.

In constitutional law, appropriation is the assignment of money for a special purpose.

In 2015 HUBOZ was liquidated with some other militsiya detachments of special purpose.

dual purpose   (兼用)

The mounts were of the dual purpose, open-base-ring type.

Eel and elver passes have a dual purpose.

They can serve a dual purpose as an anti-submarine warfare escort.

specific purpose   (特定の目的)

Previously each room had a specific purpose.

They are generally unique and exist for a specific purpose.

This right has a very specific purpose.

purpose of providing   (提供する目的)

It is a personal armor suit, designed by Sousuke for the purpose of providing aid in tactical situations.

In 2006, Lifeson founded the Big Dirty Band, which he created for the purpose of providing original soundtrack material for "".

A sonar beacon is an underwater device which transmits sonic or ultrasonic signals for the purpose of providing bearing information.

intended purpose   (意図された目的)

Tires vary enormously depending on their intended purpose.

Overhall this naval force had little success with their intended purpose.

The process of conversion depends on the specific situation and the intended purpose.

express purpose   (明確な目的)

The express purpose of the trust was to fund Fang Zhouzi's activities.

The prison was used by the British for the express purpose of exiling political prisoners to the remote archipelago.

In 1957 the Community Theatre Guild was formed with the express purpose the renovation and preservation of the Opera House.

new purpose   (新しい目的)

In 2012 Licudi opened new purpose built Law courts in Gibraltar.

Before long he finds a newfound love, played by Mary McDonnell, and a new purpose there.

The Engine was manufactured and built at the new purpose built facility in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

true purpose   (真の目的)

Elsie confronts Charlotte about the true purpose of Westworld and Charlotte kills her.

He claims to have known Nest's mother, but his true purpose for being in Hopewell is to track and defeat the demon.

One can only find out its true purpose when one becomes the Brahman as the 'Brahman' is all the knowledge one can know itself.

purpose of creating   (作成の目的)

In 1882, he donated of land east of the city for the purpose of creating Wade Park, which was named in his honor.

In the following months, members of the UCS supporters' group met with the purpose of creating a new Clydebank F.C.

The Maple Leaf reservoir was completed in 1910 with the purpose of creating a reservoir for residential and commercial water use.

no purpose   (目的なし)

The sheep serve no purpose for cultural ceremonies of any kind.

"Nibbana" is the final freedom, and it has no purpose beyond itself.

It has no purpose other than to serve the interests of its membership.

sense of purpose   (目的意識)

This can result in an erosion of a sense of purpose.

The virtue to be gained is a sense of purpose.

It can also give the adoptive parents a sense of purpose and completion.

purpose of making   (作りの目的)

Other axiomatizations have been suggested by various authors with the purpose of making the theory more rigorous.

The Nebraska Ceramic Club was organized in 1893 for the purpose of making an exhibit at the World's Columbian Exposition.

There was a small brickyard at Hope Hall for the purpose of making bricks solely for the maintenance of the estate building.

purpose of establishing   (設立の目的)

Beginning in 1981, he regularly led official expeditions with the purpose of establishing friendly contact.

The purpose of establishing this village was to provide suitable land for the Japanese immigrant to settle in Taiwan.

The purpose of establishing a women's institution was offering education to the women in restrictive families in Bangladesh.

purpose of building   (建築の目的)

For the purpose of building hydroelectric power plants, studies have been carried out on several places at the river.

In 2000, the Point Roberts Lighthouse Society was formed with the purpose of building a proper lighthouse on the point.

On May 21, 2013, the NFL approved a US$200 million loan to the Falcons organization for the purpose of building the stadium.

similar purpose   (同様の目的)

There are other ASCII encoding with a similar purpose.

The Cleminson system is not a true bogie, but serves a similar purpose.

In Riemannian geometry, the Levi-Civita connection serves a similar purpose.

purpose of promoting   (促進の目的)

This is supported entirely by the studio with the sole purpose of promoting local artists.

Silber denounced the group for "evangelism" and "homosexual militancy" with the purpose of promoting gay sex.

Willi Hennig Society The Willi Hennig Society "was founded in 1980 with the expressed purpose of promoting the field of phylogenetic systematics."

other purpose   (他の目的)

Catcher pouches could not be used for any other purpose.

I don't think he started it for any other purpose than notoriety.

The color in this case acted purely as a symbol, and served no other purpose.

real purpose   (本当の目的)

Kowalski drives to drive, with no real purpose for doing what he's doing.

Still, the real purpose for which these cadres were put into place is that suggested above.

The real purpose of this car was to test several improvements originating from Kar Kraft, Shelby, and McLaren.

purpose in life   (人生の目的)

She had left a note stating that she saw "no purpose in life" now that her children had grown up and left home.

"Silas Marner" is symbolic of Ronnie’s desire to feel more wanted by others - to feel he has a purpose in life; a mission.

The necks of the animals were often broken, an indication that their sole purpose in life was to be sacrificed as offerings.

common purpose   (共通の目的)

The basis for prosecutions was said to be the doctrine of "common purpose."

The sense of team spirit, fraternity, and common purpose appealed to Camus enormously.

He emphasises that 'culture precedes performance' and the importance of common purpose.

initial purpose   (最初の目的)

The initial purpose of developing the techniques was to enhance the wild population that was being depleted by commercial fishing.

CESRA's initial purpose was to promote the development of a European instrument for solar radio observations, the Joint Interferometer Project (JIP).

Earlier newspaper profiles of Yamashita, however, state that the initial purpose of his visit was to teach Asian spatial design at Prairie State College.

serve the purpose   (目的を果たす)

"What Kind of World" would serve the purpose of tackling both arguments.

Divisions serve the purpose of simplifying conference scheduling during the regular season.

A private English boarding school has also been established to serve the purpose of the "nouveau-riche".

different purpose   (別の目的)

There are several variations each with a different purpose.

During World War I the railroad served a different purpose.

The compensating system was applied to horns to serve a different purpose.