Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

put up   (Hospedarse)

Temporary walls were put up until the next phase.

Macquarie Film Corporation would put up the rest.

The titles were put up for sale to other publishers.

put together   (juntar)

It was put together with Aria in one tax district.

In 2006, Vilma put together another solid season.

The quire is a group of several sheets put together.

put forward   (presentar)

Another theory was put forward by Archibald R. Lewis.

Ilham Aliyev also put forward his candidacy.

The concept was also put forward for a final time in 1896.

put down   (suelte)

Tiles cannot swap positions after being put down.

He helped put down another coup on September 27.

It was put down by government troops within two weeks.

put an end   (Poner un final)

This put an end to the second spell of iconoclasm.

Finally, Apollo came to put an end to this cruelty.

As a result, she had to put an end to her education.

put in place   (poner en su lugar)

At 6 p.m. curfew was put in place for the same day.

This was put in place in an effort to improve attendance.

Recuperative measures were put in place and largely worked.

shot put   (lanzamiento de peso)

In 1955 she set a national record in the shot put.

He retained the shot put title in Barcelona 1992.

He entered two events, the shot put and discus throw.

put forth   (poner adelante)

It was originally put forth in an IEEE paper in 1990.

While numerous proposals were put forth, the building survived.

Vilenkin put forth one such scenario.

put in charge   (puesto a cargo)

He is the teacher put in charge of the concours.

Vladimir is put in charge of all the local partisans.

Stuart Davis was put in charge of forming its committee.

put on hold   (poner en espera)

In April of that year the decision was put on hold.

This Metro extension has been put on hold indefinitely.

The band was devastated, and the album was put on hold.

put to death   (dar muerte a)

The three wives of Udayaditya were also put to death.

He replaced the consul and had several senators put to death.

All three defendants were put to death.

not put   (no poner)

Player cannot put bet the Don't Pass or Don't Come.

This did not put an end to the still-contentious issue.

The plant is a free-floating and does not put down roots.

then put

It was then put it in a glass case for exhibition.

The data diskette was then put in the second drive.

The blame is then put on Sathya who ends up in jail.

put on trial   (llevar a jucio)

A reformed Magneto is arrested and put on trial.

Zofia Marchewka was arrested and put on trial.

Pereyns was put on trial on religious charges.

put back   (volver)

The financial system was put back on a stable basis."

The turret was never put back into operation.

He was also repeatedly put back to Jong NEC.

put pressure   (Pon presión)

They put pressure on Arana to improve operations.

This put pressure on the government to solve their differences.

This put pressure on the Australian defence which in turn collapsed.

put off

After this experience Bill Forsyth was put off making films.

Aleksei, however, was not put off.

The ladies are put off that neither one is engaged to someone named Ernest.

put into service   (poner en servicio)

The HNLMS "Walrus" was put into service two years later.

It was put into service for experimental combat duty in 2003.

"Shannon" was quickly put into service.

put aside   (poner a un lado)

The hands are put aside and each receives 3 new cards.

Gold coins with a total face value of $6 were put aside for assay.

Following her marriage, she decided to put aside her career for a while.

put to sea

On 22 April, she put to sea bound for Japan.

However, "Chesapeake" appeared to be ready to put to sea.

Three days later, she put to sea bound for European waters.

put through

The test is 45 minutes long and is put through a machine.

The band was put through to bootcamp round.

However this plan was never put through.

decided to put

We decided to put those words into this song.

The judges decided to put Quickenden through to bootcamp.

Later, Franklin Stern decided to put the paper up for sale.

put on display   (poner en pantalla)

She was then put on display at Exhibition Place.

The train was then put on display for the press at St Pancras International.

No operational B-2s have been retired by the Air Force to be put on display.

put into operation   (poner en funcionamiento)

In 1981, Yak-42 aircraft was put into operation.

The CD was put into operation in January 1942.

It was put into operation on August 31, 2012.

put into place   (poner en su lugar)

This campaign ended before it was put into place, with his assassination.

The new version was put into place and then seemed to have been withdrawn.

In 1998, a new system was put into place called the Bowl Championship Series.

put all

So today, I want to put all those rumors to rest.

He was asked to put all rules in a positive form.

he put all his time, energy, vitality, knowledge to do it.

put into effect   (poner en efecto)

Its recommendations were only put into effect after the Stockade.

As bishop he put into effect the reforming decrees of the Council of Trent.

On November 28, 1966 a constitution was created, signed, and put into effect.

able to put   (capaz de poner)

The pilot was injured but was able to put the aircraft down in a ploughed field.

Firefighters were able to put the fire out without anyone sustaining serious injuries.

He was known for being magnanimous, deep thinking, and able to put up with indignities.

put a stop   (Pon un alto)

Sisko refuses, unwilling to put a stop to the visions.

To put a stop to slave-trading and raiding.

It is the player's task to intervene and put a stop to it.

later put

Tickets for meet-and-greets were also later put on sale.

It later put down the Basmachi movement and killed Ibrahim Bek.

Andy O'Hare would later put them in his top ten picks of the year.

put more

This inspired her to put more videos on YouTube.

I put more of myself into that bridge than any other bridge."

Buchanan put more than $5 million of his own money into his campaign.

put to use

After the war the locomotives were put to use for civilian purposes.

The research has been put to use in both practical and esthetic ways.

After the war, the locomotives were put to use for civilian purposes.

first put

In a buyout, the company is first put up for auction.

These tragedies were first put on the stage in the time of Claudius.

The Christmas Tree is first put up and decorated on the morning of the 24th.

put to work   (Poner a trabajar)

The men were to be put to work on projects to improve the park.

His plan was put to work afterwards.

Yet, in the developing missionary colony his architectural skills were also put to work.

put into practice   (poner en práctica)

However, it was not always put into practice.

Some of the Bruce Report initiatives were put into practice; others were not.

Such was the theory which Schweitzer sought to put into practice in his own life.

put the game

Vick put the game away with a 55-yard run with 1:34 left.

In November 2013, IGN put the game's sales at 22.7 million.

Every night before I went to bed, I'd put the game on tape.

never put

The turret was never put back into operation.

It was, in Kanazawa's case at least, never put to the test.

However this plan was never put through.

put into production   (poner en producción)

The first line was put into production in April 1941.

The D.XI was not put into production.

Also in mid-2014, the flagship LaFerrari was put into production.

did not put

This did not put an end to the still-contentious issue.

He did not put on dress outside the sanction of simna (i.e.

Still, the Singer venture did not put an end to franchising.

wanted to put

I wanted to put that fear back in hip hop.

There just wasn't one version that we felt that we wanted to put on the album."

He wanted to put the emphasis on Bayonne Ruling Bayonne, not Jersey City politicians running Bayonne.

put before

I found like a satanic icon that I could put before the movie starts.

It is now expected to be put before the legislature for deliberation and approval.

Mozart’s playing had great weight, and he read at sight everything that we put before him.

put themselves

He said that the Arevaci, Belli and Titti would put themselves in his hands.

They selflessly put themselves in jeopardy to protect the lives or property of others.

finally put   (finalmente poner)

]Embrace have finally put their flag firmly at the summit.

In May 1910, the two routes were finally put into operation.

The Kara Koyunlu captured Mardin and finally put an end to Artuklu rule in 1409.

immediately put

This loyalty was immediately put to the test.

Warner Bros. immediately put the film on the fast track, attaching Neal H. Moritz as producer.

Thus Dick Whittington's cat was immediately put to the test, chasing and destroying the rodents.

put the number   (pon el numero)

Armenian organizations put the number around 2,500.

Several scholars put the number of executions at about 250,000.

However unofficial number put the number of victims at 300 dead.

again put

Quickly repaired, it was again put down on the 15th to depth at .

In 2014, the Min "fanglei" was again put on auction by Christie's.

In 1994 it was again put on public display, in front of the Marble Palace.

quickly put

"Shannon" was quickly put into service.

Mathis Jr. turned pro in 1991 and quickly put together 12 wins.

The Ruston diesel locomotive was quickly put into service laying track.

order to put   (para poner)

", which the Fidenates interpreted as an order to put the Romans to death.

Jacob mortgages his home and business in order to put Robert through college and medical school.

Isaac Caldiero was the last to compete and needed the 3-point win in order to put Team USA on top.

put away

They were separated because their father was mentally unstable and put away.

Atwood began "Cat's Eye" in 1964 but put away the novel until the late 1980s.

said the song was "a bit of a laugh, with a good lyric about the amount of nosh the lads put away in the States".

often put   (poner a menudo)

This often put Trelawny in a difficult position as the captain of his boat.

In this context the quiz was often put in the background to favor these moments.

Lieutenants often put on mass similarly to, though not as extensively as, lords do.

put in command

In 1950, he was put in command of the infantry.

Luck was put in command of the remains of 21st Panzer Division.

Col William Sterling King, formerly of the 35th Massachusetts Infantry, was put in command.

eventually put

He is eventually put on trial and is sentenced to execution.

ISIS eventually put a bounty out for Hamoud and he was forced to leave Raqqa.

The mules struggled in the harsh environment and all were eventually put down.

tried to put

AIM tried to put out the flames, but a bucket brigade was inadequate.

"But, I tried to put my own little spin on it and made it really upbeat.

I just tried to put everything I could into it, and I'm real proud of it.

put into use   (poner en uso)

The building was then put into use as Estonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This flag was put into use on 1 October 1924 and was flown until 30 July 1951.

In 1932, the department was using vehicles and had the first radios put into use.

put into action   (poner en marcha)

He ruled that the law could not be put into action.

It is not long before they are put into action.

Battlecruisers were put into action again during World War II, and only one survived to the end.

helped put

He helped put down another coup on September 27.

His talents helped put the University radio station on air in 1922.

Tom helped put Louie away but does not know about his present whereabouts.

want to put

So today, I want to put all those rumors to rest.

Any songs you want to put on it, you can put on it.

Notaro did not want to put out the album at first, but C.K.

put under house

Upon his release however, he was put under house arrest.

de Souza was briefly put under house arrest in the aftermath.

In response, Gao lost his legal license, was put under house arrest, detained, and was reportedly tortured.

estimates put

Recent estimates put the basin area at , and .

Current estimates put "Kronosaurus" at around in length.

2018 estimates put Connecticut's population at 3,572,665.

put event   (poner evento)

In 1966, in Dortmund, she placed first in the shot put event.

In the 1968 shot put event, she became the first woman to throw for more than 19 metres.

Moore competed in the 2016 Rio Paralympics placing fifth in the Women's F33 Shot put event.

shot put event   (evento de lanzamiento de bala)

In 1966, in Dortmund, she placed first in the shot put event.

In the 1968 shot put event, she became the first woman to throw for more than 19 metres.

In the women's severe to moderate quadriplegia/cerebral palsy shot put event, she threw a distance of 5.85 metres.

trying to put

We're trying to put our litter in our neighbour’s garden."

Crews remained on scene for several days trying to put out hot spots.

Sethe said that she was "trying to put my babies where they would be safe."

managed to put   (logró poner)

He managed to put the city in order and improved the performance of the police.

In the fourth quarter, Mare managed to put the game away with a 28-yard field goal.

He and Wheeljack managed to put Skywarp to flight, but he promised to return with reinforcements.

put a lot

People of this religion put a lot of emphasis on dreams.

I've put a lot of punk orientated riffs back into it again.

We put a lot of stock in trying to recruit the local-area kids."

ever put

However, never had he ever put a foot in Europe before 1873.

He was given responsibility for the largest army ever put into the field up to that date.

Bosley Crowther described it as, "whoop-de-doo ... one of the finest ever put on the screen."

attempt to put   (intento de poner)

"Prince Henry" came alongside the ship in an attempt to put the fire out, however the attempt was unsuccessful.

The Apaches then slit the throats of their horses in an attempt to put out the fire after they ran out of water.

In 1953, the Belgian company, Minerva, bought an F.11 in an attempt to put it into production, but even this project failed.

put to rest

In the Twins' third inning any thought of a pitchers' duel was put to rest.

"Tenure will put to rest the notion that this is a pick-up orchestra," Spisto said.

He was put to rest at Chamboli Cemetery in Kitwe and was survived by a wife and five children.

put the ball

Our number nine put the ball to Fred who flicked it back to Vic at four.

The score was 1–1 when Orient's goalkeeper Alex Cisak put the ball behind from Hancox's cross.

He started the match and put the ball into the back of the net in the 20th minute of the match.

put on hiatus

The band was put on hiatus in 2014.

The show premiered on January 6, 2009 on ABC and was put on hiatus May 19, 2009.

In a Sponsor-Only video, Burnie Burns stated that "RT-ES" would be put on hiatus.

put onto

The single version of "Joe's Garage" was put onto Zappa's best-of "Strictly Commercial".

She opined that the writers were cruel to Mary with endless heartbreak put onto the character.

The fixed wing was put onto a flat, wide fuselage that also provided an effective lifting surface.

soon put

Xiao Yan, however, won victory after victory, and soon put Jiankang under siege.

Caesar's forces launched a fierce counterattack, and soon put the Belgae to flight.

As the tests went on with full success, the weapon was soon put into active service.

just put   (sólo hay que poner)

I just put it down and decided, I've had enough of this.'

"I just put that in to make it hard."

Let's just put a bullet in his head at a pizzeria in the first 45 seconds.'"

plans were put

Pune's development plans were put on hold till normalcy was achieved.

On the cessation of hostilities plans were put in place to decommission HMS "Valkyrie".

Various plans were put forward to concentrate all Dundee's railway facilities in a new central station.

subsequently put

He was subsequently put into retirement in 1991 and this marked the end of his career.

Her Dickin Medal and collar were subsequently put on display at the Imperial War Museum as part of 'The Animal's War' exhibition.

However, this proposal was subsequently put aside in favour of a bridge crossing the river at Vila Franca de Xira, north of Lisbon.

put his name

In February 2008 Lotu-Iiga put his name forward for the National Party selection for the Maungakiekie electorate.

He put his name to various pro-Soviet declarations from 1931 through to the 1939 "Open Letter of the 400", which defended Stalin's regime.

Alongside 54 other signatories, Price put his name to an open letter published in The Guardian on the 15 September 2010, stating their opposition to Pope Benedict XVI's state visit to the UK.

project was put

On 22 April 2008, the government announce that the project was put on hold indefinitely due to high cost.

The Mission Bridge project was put into action in May, 1969, with the dredging of the Fraser River's banks.

Titled "Return to the Planet of the Apes", the project was put on fast track and almost entered pre-production.

government put   (gobierno puesto)

In August 1999 the local government put a stop to any development plans.

A 2008 estimate by the Dairi government put Dairi's population at 271,983, with a sex ratio of 99.43.

In the following years, the city and German government put a great deal of effort into restoring and reunifying the and networks in Berlin.

enough to put

A few years before his death, he felt healthy enough to put in an 80-hour week.

Sports Illustrated considered the catch notable enough to put Stallworth on the cover of a subsequent issue.

The marshals only had small extinguishers that was not enough to put out the inferno and Laine perished in the fire.

not to put

An' I begged you for the love o' God not to put nothin' between me an' August.

The fighters after releasing the girls warned their parents not to put them in school again.

Unlike the Anita Hill book, Brock decided not to put anything in the book that he could not corroborate.

arrested and put

A reformed Magneto is arrested and put on trial.

Zofia Marchewka was arrested and put on trial.

Fikri Sönmez was arrested and put into prison.

put upon

Mr. Welles has put upon the screen a motion picture that really moves.

Black men during this time had to establish their own identity, which may seem impossible due to all the limitations put upon them.

Sternschuss, for example, described the pressure that was put upon members of the group not to include figurative elements in their art.

not be put

He ruled that the law could not be put into action.

Dysprosium fires cannot be put out by water.

The latter, being more favorably sited on high ground, could not be put out of action.

forced to put

CIC Energy was forced to put the project on hold after investing over C$100 million.

This caused a mixed reaction, with people objecting to being forced to put up decorations.

The town businesses owned by Jews were also forced to put signs up marking that they were owned by Jews and preventing future business.

only put   (solo poner)

Its recommendations were only put into effect after the Stockade.

Wood celebrated by smoking his pipe – he was a lifelong smoker who only put aside the habit for the Olympics.

When the current hardware state is unknown to the CPU it can only put it into a known state by sending a new command, which may result in the state changing.

going to put

1 target – we're going to put everyone behind it."

We're going to put ourselves out there.

She was going to put into the Western Islands to effect repairs.

when put   (cuando puesto)

It produces a positive result of blue when put through the oxidase test.

E448–E457, the mechanically similar "Scotch Arthurs" proved disappointing when put into service from May 1925.

The theory, however, faced numerous challenges when put into practice, as provincial governments moved to protect their own interests.

put ashore

Naval howitzers were put ashore in battery, manned by seamen.

Mate George Petty became ill and was put ashore at Lødingen on the 26th.

He was put ashore and taken to Coraki Hospital, where he died the following morning.

put and discus   (poner y discutir)

He entered two events, the shot put and discus throw.

In track and field he participated in shot put and discus.

, she holds Women's F35 world records for shot put and discus.

stay put   (quedarse quieto)

left- and right-infinite), left reset, and "stay put instead of left).

Rimmer goes to get up, only to be shouted at by the others and told to stay put.

Religious minorities were expected to stay put in the states they found themselves residing in.

put in prison   (ponlo en prision)

Baháʼu'lláh was put in prison.

He was put in prison at Upper Fort Garry and was released in February 1870.

They are put in prison.

put on sale

Tickets for meet-and-greets were also later put on sale.

Limited editions of the art were made by Ford and put on sale.

In 2012, Chesworth House was put on sale for offers over £7 million.

put it back   (ponerlo de nuevo)

And by good example, put it back in all walks of American life."

Each punch rod also had a spring to put it back in place after punching a hole.

When they have problem using it, they ask them to put it back to its previous state.

began to put

At this point, Bradman began to put in place more attacking field settings.

Prince Metternich's anti-liberal programs began to put Hoffmann in situations that tested his conscience.

And even non-warm weather schools started to recognize baseball's potential and began to put considerably more emphasis on it.

put in jail   (poner en la cárcel)

This time, Liu Tongxun was put in jail for a long time.

He was put in jail for 3 and a half years.

Tracked down to his house, Alex is arrested and put in jail.

goal to put

After failing to make another first down, Nick Volpe kicked a 21-yard field goal to put the Argos up 4-0.

The Tide continued its drive to the Gamecock 8, and Leigh Tiffin kicked a field goal to put Alabama ahead 10–0.

He was not without attacking use either, setting up Ronaldo's semi-final goal to put Brazil through to the final.

help put

Each actor needed four people to help put on the battle suit.

Duffill dove to sea level to help put out the flames and turned back.

The same people who help put together the coffin also help decorate the funeral.

team put   (equipo puesto)

One more field goal by each team put the score 10–6 at halftime.

The whole team put in a great performance and debutants Leon Hook (2), Mark Price and Jamie Robinson all scored tries.

used to put

He used to put an awning over the boat and sleep in her.

Exports can be used to put data from Hadoop into a relational database.

Ikonomopoulos had set up a gym at home and used to put extra hours of training there.

simply put

A braille embosser is, simply put, a printer for braille.

Once you can spell fluently, simply put a short pause between words.

Depreciation is, simply put, the expense generated by the uses of an asset.