leadership qualities   (指導者の資質)

He has leadership qualities and never leaves the project unfinished.

Hutton was quick to recognise the leadership qualities in Walker and saw him as his potential successor.

Unfortunately, however, Manin did not have the leadership qualities that might have led to enduring independence.

aesthetic qualities   (美的品質)

The winegrowing landscape also expresses great aesthetic qualities, making it into an archetype of European vineyards.

Wooden doors – including solid wood doors – are a top choice for many homeowners, largely because of the aesthetic qualities of wood.

Horbury Hunt's work is also of importance in establishing the state-significant aesthetic qualities of the cathedral at an intimate level.

personal qualities   (個人的な資質)

All biographies praise his personal qualities, calling him a simple, considerate, intelligent man.

The egotist has an overwhelming sense of the centrality of the 'Me', that is to say of their personal qualities.

His practice grew quickly because of Combe's personal qualities – his ability to listen, and his exceptional professional courtesy.

good qualities   (品質が良い)

I may also have good qualities and bad ones."

He had good qualities and bad.

They talk of good qualities".