İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

high quality   (yüksek kalite)

It produced large quantities of high quality iron.

These tips can be used for high quality STM images.

The translations are of a uniformly high quality.

quality of life   (yaşam kalitesi)

The disease deteriorated his quality of life rapidly.

Education and proper care can improve quality of life.

a better car, bigger house, better quality of life, etc.)

water quality   (su kalitesi)

Surface water quality is generally good to fair.

However, during the races the water quality was good.

The lake fisheries and water quality began to decline.

poor quality   (kötü kalite)

A poor quality diet will curtail mohair development.

Coal in Italy was scarce and of poor quality.

There was too little land and the crop was poor quality.

air quality   (hava kalitesi)

It is also used for air quality models.

Better respiratory health is associated with cleaner air quality.

The entire hospital was ventilated artificially to improve air quality.

quality control   (kalite kontrol)

There's certainly no quality control."

His top priority is quality control.

The ISO 9001:2000 quality control system was introduced at the plant.

improve the quality   (Kaliteyi iyileştirmek)

A special diet can improve the quality of life for afflicted dogs.

Higher magnetic fields can improve the quality of NMR measurement data.

It has undertaken various works to improve the quality of military ammunition.

higher quality   (daha yüksek kalite)

Extra RAM allowed for longer and higher quality samples.

It is considered a higher quality food than the black-foot ʻopihi.

The standard allows higher quality transmissions or more television channels.

good quality

However, observers note a good quality of translations.

In that year 40 tons of good quality copper was produced.

The habitat consists of the fringes of good quality forests.

sound quality

The headlining act by Megadeth was criticised for poor sound quality.

Mixed by Paul Dakeyne for DMC, the sound quality of it was somewhat poor.

It allowed rock enthusiasts to enjoy the event with an improved sound quality.

quality education   (kaliteli eğitim)

The college has been imparting a quality education since its incorporation.

Namchi has more than half a dozen private schools with quality education (Mt.

The school imparts the quality education to the rural children up to class of 7.

low quality

Many martyrdom videos are self-produced and of very low quality.

encoding CD quality MP3 at a 352kbit rate using a low quality encoder).

Businesses that buy backlinks from low quality sites attract Google penalty.

quality assurance   (kalite güvencesi)

QLOC started doing quality assurance in January 2020.

Norad works to ensure effective foreign aid, with quality assurance and evaluation.

Bridge uses technology and roving quality assurance teams to track learning outcomes.

highest quality   (en yüksek kalite)

He says that the power of argumentation is its highest quality.

La Salette has been serving the Mallig Region the highest quality of education.

However, natural cocaine remains the lowest cost and highest quality supply of cocaine.

better quality   (daha iyi kalite)

a better car, bigger house, better quality of life, etc.)

It marks a shift to large scale and better quality production.

Diocletian restored the three-metal coinage and issued better quality pieces.

quality standards

All courses are taught in accordance with international quality standards.

The general contractor works with subcontractors to ensure quality standards.

In Van Beuren, Gillett attempted to introduce the rigorous quality standards of Disney.

improving the quality   (kaliteyi arttırmak)

To run pure research on improving the quality and quantity of education, 6.

Economic progress aimed at improving the quality of the life of the common man.

Gum concentrated on improving the quality of the performance and on refreshing orchestra's image.

image quality   (görüntü kalitesi)

The tip coating may also enhance image quality.

Consequently, the image quality is reduced.

Compression and image quality performance of Part 8 is comparable to PNG.

lower quality

This is linked to lower quality of life and can cause stress in relationships.

Cutting budget without adjusting schedule or scope will lead to lower quality.

Iron catalysts are preferred for lower quality feedstocks such as coal or biomass.

quality of education   (Eğitim kalitesi)

La Salette has been serving the Mallig Region the highest quality of education.

to discuss the quality of education, training issues and certain basic educational principles.

State schools are generally seen as equivalent in quality of education to private-sector institutions.

quality management

VDA 6.1 VDA 6.1 is a German quality management system standard.

It is mainly applicable to safety and quality management standards.

It also provides them with the managerial skills for productivity and total quality management.

overall quality   (Genel Kalite)

If the lesions are severe, the overall quality of life is devastating.

However, he felt that the overall quality of the film could have been better.

However, the overall quality of evidence as per GRADE criteria was low to moderate.

quality of service   (hizmet kalitesi)

To do this, a target is set for the grade of service (GoS) or quality of service (QoS).

ATM traffic contracts form part of the mechanism by which "quality of service" (QoS) is ensured.

NexGen offered both storage quality of service (QoS) for managing performance and service levels.

quality and quantity   (nitelik ve nicelik)

Scientists are developing strategies to enhance silk quality and quantity.

To run pure research on improving the quality and quantity of education, 6.

Harlan was famous for the quality and quantity of the seed collections he brought back.

quantity and quality   (miktar ve kalite)

The quantity and quality may vary according to personal taste.

Since then, the university has grown both in quantity and quality.

The work to control both the quantity and quality of the water they use.

quality of care   (bakım kalitesi)

CIA can be used to address quality of care or corporate integrity issues.

So providers need to assess patients’ health beliefs and practices to improve quality of care.

This model was developed to both safe money and quality of care, under the supervision of a nurse.

best quality

Such systems produce, arguably, the best quality video images.

Synthetic amethyst is made to imitate the best quality amethyst.

And all the soil of best quality.

audio quality

In addition, the audio quality was improved and modified over previous releases.

Several users reported on Motorola's forums about degraded audio quality after the Android 9 "Pie" update.

Compared to the original "Bayonetta's" 150 tracks, "Bayonetta 2" has 183 tracks with higher audio quality.

service quality

He is also a specialist and expert witness on service quality issues.

The industry side effect is an overall drop in revenue and service quality.

Weak product line-up and below par service quality were the reasons for the poor showing by GM in India.

production quality

Both displayed a big leap in recording and production quality.

All three films were criticized for their low production quality.

Such clauses make it difficult to put on a show and/or limit production quality.

product quality

The rents and the product quality were strictly regulated.

She advised her team at SPANX to focus on product quality over profit margins.

The advantages are larger capacity, reduced fuelwood consumption, and better product quality.

build quality

Its design and build quality have also been praised.

The excellent keyboard shows up other ultrabooks, and the rugged build quality is reassuring.

"Photozone" noted the newer VR model has a better build quality than the earlier non-VR model.

improve quality   (Kaliteyi arttır)

Education and proper care can improve quality of life.

Education and proper care have been shown to improve quality of life.

To improve quality, mapmakers developed fine chisels to carve the relief.

very high quality

Boel achieved a very high quality in his work.

The work of the sculptors is of very high quality, mainly in the play of drapery.

Several reviews closed remarking that the game's content was of a very high quality.

provide quality   (kalite sağlamak)

With a view to cater future load, provide quality, reliable energy supply and reduce losses MSEDCL formulated a Rs.

Brooke chose the business name because it was his 'bond' to his customers to provide quality teas, hence Brooke Bond.

The Education For All act or EFA is a global commitment to provide quality basic education for all children, youth, and adults.

quality improvement

Kahn and the FAH represent their members on health policy issues like health care reform and hospital care quality improvement.

These are pragmatic trials, participatory action research, effectiveness-implementation hybrid trials and quality improvement studies.

GCCC has been accepted for the continuous quality improvement accreditation model by the national Academic Quality Improvement Project.

video quality

Participants scrutinize the recording in evaluation of both its gameplay and video quality.

The proposal stated that this was to allow for improved video quality and to support the Rec.

Compared to Quad, Type C had a smaller size, comparative ease of operation (vs. 2 inch) and slightly higher video quality.

same quality

There was a need to transform the fireworks display in a show of the same quality.

Nevertheless, the zeroth law of thermodynamics says that they all measure the same quality.

They want the consumer to experience the same quality regardless of location or franchise status.

environmental quality

It regulates economic development, transportation, and environmental quality in the region.

In matters concerning environmental quality, the authority is subordinate to the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment.

They also perform functions in the areas of environmental quality control and the operational phase of a chemical plant.

quality issues

He is also a specialist and expert witness on service quality issues.

This approach further mitigates risks and increases visibility of quality issues.

This target was not fully achieved and water quality issues were frequently in the media.

data quality

A data quality firewall guarantees database accuracy and consistency.

A data quality firewall acts similarly to a network security firewall.

Also in 2006, GXS acquired product data quality service provider, UDEX.

superior quality

Cuyp's drawings reveal him to be a draftsman of superior quality.

"P-funk" also came to mean something in its quintessence, of superior quality, or "sui generis".

When compared with Zebu bulls, Canchim bulls produce the same number of calves, but heavier and of superior quality.

providing quality   (kalite sağlamak)

Respected as leading institution providing quality education, CAU has sped up the pace of innovation in local education.

SSMC has been providing quality education to the students by providing access to modern education facilities and affordable fees.

JLC school and JET school providing quality education to children from LKG to Matriculation, also two Government schools are there.

picture quality

Overall picture quality is intended to be comparable to VHS video.

It would be several years before any other system could even begin to compare with it in picture quality."

In the case of LCD and OLED displays, initial picture quality when they were first adapted wasn’t as good.

artistic quality

Leutze's portraits are known for their artistic quality and their patriotic romanticism.

On some of the coins, which are of lower artistic quality, Herakles is crowned by a small Nike.

Sports experts have commented positively about beauty and artistic quality of this landscape work.

excellent quality

It is famous for its excellent quality of tobacco production.

The low-phosphorus ore from both deposits is excellent quality, with 54% iron on average.

The sour cherries grown in Afyon are of excellent quality because of the ideal climate they're grown in.

enhance the quality   (kaliteyi arttırmak)

DQS identifies and implements initiatives to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery.

A 2009 study at the University of Ulster found that having sisters, as compared to brothers, can enhance the quality of an adult's life.

This means that females kill and consume males, sometimes after sperm exchange, in order to enhance the quality and number of her offspring.

top quality

Every year the festival brings in top quality entertainers.

The ETA 2892.A2 is a newer design dating to the 1970s and fitted with top quality components.

Clementine, plants grow well and produce top quality fruit regularly and in large quantities.

access to quality   (kaliteye erişim)

Steil supported initiatives that froze tuition and increased access to quality, affordable education.

To ensure educational justice and integration, the government must ensure that the poorest families have equal access to quality education.

Focus of this school is primarily to provide education to rural children who would otherwise find difficult to get access to quality education.

improved quality

A few short clips were shown at the news conference, showing their improved quality.

After the war, the need for an improved quality of care as well as increased education for military medicine was highlighted.

The metallic lines offer much improved quality of line eliminating the buzz and noise associated with the old earth return lines.

quality products

The area is mainly agricultural and a large variety of high quality products are produced.

Yongning County is an agricultural county, with abundant resources and high quality products.

It became known for high quality products that competed successfully with any imported articles.

inferior quality   (düşük kaliteli)

Some view opopanax grown in cooler climates as being of inferior quality.

"Hori" carpets are of looser weave and inferior quality and as such, are generally widely affordable.

In the DVD release of the film, both numbers – taken from a 16-millimeter print of inferior quality – are included as bonus features.

level of quality

This level of quality for movie animation would take hundreds of years to create on a home computer.

The overall level of quality remained good throughout the show, but it didn't rise to any great heights."

As technology advances, there is typically a level of quality, safety and reliability that increases exponentially with time.

quality problems

Hydraulic debarking has declined where water quality problems have arisen.

Sound quality problems, resulting from difficult or uncontrollable flow phenomena, can not occur.

In recent years the lake has suffered from water quality problems including shoreline erosion due to boating and blue-green algae blooms.

fine quality   (kaliteli)

He is a courageous player and that is a fine quality to have.""

His contribution to American poetry is small but of fine quality.

Ardfinnan tweed gained a reputation for fine quality and variety.

lack of quality   (kalite eksikliği)

The lack of quality food angered braceros all over the U.S..

The learning score is low because of lack of quality teachers and no proper formal teacher training.

According to an editorial by "The Boston Globe", the cheating exposes a lack of quality in Government 1310.