large quantities

It produced large quantities of high quality iron.

There are large quantities of kidney vetch on the site.

Calcium is an essential element needed in large quantities.

small quantities

The American witch-hazel is also present in small quantities.

Calculus is usually developed by working with very small quantities.

In small quantities it can aid animal growth, but is toxic in large doses.

limited quantities

It was later sold in stores in limited quantities.

The F1 grenade was first produced in limited quantities by France in May 1915.

These singles were available as physical compact discs, often in limited quantities.

significant quantities   (かなりの量)

Dialysis will not remove Cefixime in significant quantities.

Human breast milk also contains significant quantities of cholesterol.

Only lignite (brown coal) and potash salt (Kalisalz) are available in significant quantities.

vast quantities   (膨大な量)

Railroads, for example, consumed vast quantities of steel.

The process of making charcoal demanded great skill and vast quantities of trees.

For World War II, the company was again called upon to supply vast quantities of Wellington and thigh boots.

great quantities   (大量)

It produced corn of all kinds, hemp, flax, tobacco, and great quantities of liquorice.

The works of Dante and Petrarch were translated into Azerbaijani and published in great quantities.

In Death Valley, coyotes may consume great quantities of hawkmoth caterpillars or beetles in the spring flowering months.

larger quantities

Importing larger quantities than this can carry severe penalties.

By some accounts, the coin was created so larger quantities of stamps could be purchased.

Possession and distribution of larger quantities can be punished with up to 15 years in prison.

quantities of water

Coal to chemical processes require substantial quantities of water.

Power stations that burn coal also consume large quantities of water.

They get the necessary quantities of water from both fruit and from tree holes.

physical quantities

All physical quantities characterizing the continuum are described this way.

The set of units of the physical quantities involved in a problem correspond to a set of vectors (or a matrix).

For example, although torque and energy share the dimension , they are fundamentally different physical quantities.

sufficient quantities

This can also cause lung damage if present in sufficient quantities.

It formed part of the Royal Navy base and contained stores of food, water, and clothing in sufficient quantities for a large fleet.

smaller quantities

Lighter latigos in the 3-7oz range are also manufactured, although in smaller quantities.

The "B" model was the major production model, with the "A" and "C" produced in much smaller quantities.

Benin sells its products mainly to France and, in smaller quantities, to the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, and India.